The social media landscape and digital marketing world adapts and changes continuously, so if you want to get ahead, we advise that you brush up on your social media marketing knowledge regularly.

Here are our favourite – and FREE! – social media courses that are accessible online, any time, and some can be done at your own pace, whilst others require certification and examinations (don’t be shy of those ones though – awards and certifications always look good on your CV & LinkedIn profile!)

Our pick of the best free social media courses

1. Deep Dive Into Social Media – Google’s Digital Garage

We are an industry partner of Google, but that isn’t why we are recommending them as a go-to resource for free learning! Google are at the forefront of their industry and they offer a wealth of learning resources and certification opportunities from display advertising to analytics to search ads. All are free opportunities, but if you want an in-person experience, you will be able to book onto their workshops which are held in London and Manchester and will be open later in the year.
Their ‘Deep Dive Into Social Media’ course provides online learners with meaty content that is broken down into bitesize chunks, covering long-term social media plans, advertising on social media and things brands should never do on social media.
Furthermore, when you sign up to Google Digital Garage you can create and personalise your own learning plan.

2. Digital Skills: Social Media by Accenture on Future Learn

Future Learn is an amazing website for learning new subjects – from jazz piano to documentary making and everything in between – with courses curated by established institutions, award-winning bodies, industry leaders – such as Advertising Week – and top Universities. Future Learn offer a wealth of free digital marketing and social media courses which you can complete at your own pace over a few weeks. You can also purchase certificates upon course completion.
However, our top choice for an accessible free course is Digital Skills: Social Media by Accenture, which will teach you how and why you should use social media effectively for business, at your very own pace.

3. Social Media Marketing webinars on Eventbrite

Eventbrite offers fantastic online workshops and conferences curated by social media and marketing experts and companies. Some are free to join, and as they only take an hour or so, they are definitely worth jumping on. We love to jump onto relevant marketing industry webinars on our lunch break, and whilst such webinars don’t offer accreditation or physical/accessible course content, they are a great way to update yourself on the digital market landscape quickly.

4. UK University MOOCs listed on MOOCs List

MOOCs are free online courses designed and led by leading Universities. University of Leeds and University of Edinburgh offer a great range, but our go-to social media MOOCs are;
Why We Post: The Anthropology of Social Media by University College London
This course is fantastic for getting into the head of a social media user. Once you understand the psychology and anthropology behind social media land, you will be able to market your business more effectively.
Create A Social Media Marketing Campaign by University of Leeds
Another fantastic course you can complete at your own pace over a fortnight covering the best social media platforms and features to curate and execute your own amazing social media campaign.

5. How To Create Great Online Content by Institute of Coding

Whilst this course isn’t niched social media, you aren’t going to achieve success on social media without fantastic content. This free course is a fantastic place to start learning about creating social media content and story-telling that is effective in driving conversions and building an engaged audience.

6. How To Build Your Personal Brand on TikTok by Influencer Marketing Hub

If you’re in a bit of a flap about TikTok, you’re not alone! This free course should help you out, and it is led by a young entrepreneur Shelby Leimgruber, who has her finger on the pulse when it comes to millennial and Gen Z trends and marketing. The course covers building an audience on TikTok, developing brand personas and maintaining authenticity, as well as TikTok basics for newbies and novices.

7. Social Media Marketing by HubSpot

HubSpot’s free social media certification course covers necessary social media marketing topics such as raising brand awareness, measuring ROI, generating leads and driving sales via social media, and creating social content. This is a good all-rounder for any business looking to up their game. The course is 4:15hrs long and you’ll get a certificate at the end, woohoo! There are numerous quizzes packed into this course to test your knowledge too, so you need to pay attention.

8. Build Your Personal Brand and Sell Your Expertise Using Social Media by Social Creators

This course offers a 21-page personal branding guide to assist you in learning how powerful your brand personality and voice is in building your social media presence and selling your products and services. Offered in a 4-part video training series, you will learn how to develop your brand, speak to your target audience and market yourself well on a large scale.

9. Introduction to Social Media Strategy – Skillshare

Skillshare is a goldmine for learning, well, skills! The website is brimming with innovative speakers who lead fantastic courses, and whilst some of them require a fee, there is a wealth of free learning content on Skillshare too gain valuable knowledge from too. This course is suitable for marketing strategy novices, helping you to choose the right social media platforms and understand Facebook Ads.

10. Social Media Marketing by Oxford Home Study Centre

Another great freebie, this course allows students to work their way through this social media marketing course in their own time which is ideal for those with hectic, busy schedules! Furthermore, you are given tutor support and certificates. This is a great course to opt for if you are wanting to learn how to hit the social media sweet spot, and receive accreditation.

11. Facebook Blueprint Courses by Facebook

Facebook is one of our marketing partners. Everyone everywhere has heard of Facebook, and they are undoubtedly experts in their field – which is why their free courses are invaluable and are for those that really want to know their social media stuff. Some of their courses are pretty advanced and are paid for, however, there are lessons on Facebook Blueprint that are available for free and will really boost your marketing knowledge.

12. Instagram Marketing Challenge by Later

This is a unique tilt on online learning! When you sign up to Later’s Instagram challenge, over one week, Later will send you Instagram titbits to take your gram from zero to hero.
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