Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become one of the most important factors for creating business awareness.

It is no longer possible for the text-heavy websites of yesteryear to make a visible impact for consumers. With the technological advances in digital media transforming the way audiences consume information, businesses are having to get increasingly creative with how they ensure their products/services can be seen and heard by audiences.


So, what is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of using a variety of methods to boost the quality and quantity of website traffic, thus increasing the awareness of your business (that’s according to us, the digital marketing experts).


How does it work?
Different search engines will use different algorithms to match a single search to a variety of websites. Thing’s like keywords, multimedia content, and mobile optimisation are all factors that can be implemented into a website to boost its rankings. Social media, online reviews and inbound links (links to your website from other sources) are all external factors that can affect SEO too.

Creating an SEO strategy that incorporates a list of keywords and topics, a content plan, and a link building plan, will help you build the basis for increasing awareness and driving leads.

Understanding how your customers use search and absorb information will help you personalise your website more effectively. Knowing the search terms they use, and whether they prefer to watch videos or read blogs, can all be useful information when optimising your website and targeting content.


Why should you be thinking about SEO?
SEO ensures businesses are exposed to relevant audiences, so that everyone discovering your website has a greater potential for being a customer.

It has been noted that only 5% of websites not on the first page of search results, are viewed. This means it is exceedingly important to optimise your website and ensure it is ranked as best as possible, it also means there is increased competition between businesses to get onto that first search results page. This increased competition can quickly lead to your website becoming obsolete if you don’t keep up to date with SEO.

As everything is becoming more and more digitalised, the need for businesses to adapt their marketing methods to reflect this, is growing. It is no longer enough to rely on a website, a few leaflets, and word-of-mouth to market your business anymore (as it would have been 15 years ago). An integrated marketing strategy with a mix of print and digital adverts/information/profiles, will help ensure your business stays dynamic and reaches the right audience.

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