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We know how frustrating it can be when a marketing agency just doesn’t get it. The demands of the motor trade are unique, and its important your marketing partner of choice understands the challenges and uniqueness. Thankfully, at LOCALiQ MOTORS, we know a thing or two about the motor trade and automotive digital marketing.  

Our Story

LOCALiQ MOTORS was born out of the desire to help automotive businesses achieve online success. The automotive industry is like no other and to succeed online requires knowledge beyond digital expertise. You won’t get far without digital expertise, but you’ll get much further if you work with a business that has the automotive industry woven into its fabric.  

Meet our team behind the wheel of our powerful AI, they’re ready to steer you to online automotive success!

Dawn Sweeney
Dawn Sweeney


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Olivia Tate Localiq
Paul Cooper


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Olivia Tate Localiq
Bradley Dent


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Olivia Tate Localiq
Nick Marrow


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Julian Spalding


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Lucy Bacon


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Olivia Tate Localiq
Olivia Tate


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Yvonne Reilly


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Tania Healy


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Ashley Turner


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Rachel Digby


Creative, Caring, Coffee Lover 

Recognised by industry-leading partners

Our team is recognised for maximising customer success and driving growth through high-performing campaigns.


Agile and Nimble
Change is inevitable, not least in the motor trade. Sometimes it’s not ideal to wait until the end of the month or end of the quarter to change your marketing focus. We get it!

That’s why we work in the most nimble and agile way to respond quickly to new trends, business goals, and market forces so your advertising always reflects your current objective.

Pragmatic and Strategic
The scatter gun approach to online advertising has had its day. The digital world has levelled up and automotive digital marketing is no different. That’s why we carefully plan and devise a strategy specifically to your business and its needs. We appreciate that each business is different and there’s no one size fits all solution. We’ll work with you to get underneath the bonnet of your business and create an automotive digital marketing strategy destined for success.
Committed to Communication
The secret to all good relationships is communication. That’s why it’s a non-negotiable at LOCALiQ MOTORS. Both internally between team members and externally with clients, we prioritise open lines of communication to ensure everyone is always in the loop and on the same page. At LOCALiQ MOTORS we adapt to your culture and ways of working to integrate ourselves within your business.
Open to New Ways of Thinking
There’s no room to be stuck in your ways when it comes to automotive digital marketing. We regularly challenge our methodologies, processes, strategies, and tactics to ensure we remain on top of our game.
Always Learning
Always learning is the unofficial mantra to both our teams and our technology. The team are constantly looking at innovative ways to deliver best-in-class digital marketing and are always learning. Our powerful AI is no different. The more data we feed it, the more experienced and optimised it becomes, meaning constantly learning ways to improve campaign performance.

The moment you think there’s nothing left to learn, is the moment you start going backwards.


Forever Transparent
Some clients prefer to just the see the headline stats, others like a deep dive into the nitty gritty of campaign performance. We’re more than happy to provide both. We pride ourselves on the highest level of transparency from campaign set up to reporting and everything in between.

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