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Explore our automotive digital marketing services and discover how LOCALiQ MOTORS deliver cost-effective results driven by smart-marketing technology.

Drive leads directly to your business.

LOCALiQ MOTORS is a smart-marketing platform that specialises in automotive digital marketing services.

We help businesses remove the over-reliance on third-party platforms by nurturing and developing their automotive digital marketing channels.

With the help of our technology, we deliver data-driven digital marketing campaigns that are proven to get results. We specialise in Paid Search, Paid Social, Display Advertising, and Search Engine Optimisation.

LOCALiQ MOTORS - Automotive Digital Marketing Specialists

Automotive digital marketing case studies.

Discover real-world examples of companies like yours that have taken their automotive digital marketing
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Used Cars


836 leads.

Increased lead generation.

Every ad counts – our client gained over 800 leads using our Facebook ads service while reducing their overall spending with a car marketplace.



CPL reduced by 64%.

Our smart-marketing technology reduced our client’s cost per lead by 64% within three months while successfully increasing their brand awareness.



500,000 impressions in one month.

Cross Media campaigns.

Utilising our search and social ads, we generated 500,000+ impressions, 9000+ website visitors and 216 leads in just one month for our client.


The Future of Automotive Marketing

What to expect in this on-demand webinar:

In this webinar, we will discuss how our on-demand automotive marketing service can provide you with fast and effective digital marketing solutions over a short-term period, giving you the agility and flexibility to react quickly to changing business needs.

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If you’re in the automotive industry, we can help you maximise your automotive digital marketing performance. Whether you’re a new or used car dealership, a service centre, or a finance company, we have experience driving success in all aspects of automotive digital marketing.



We love helping new car dealerships succeed online.

From large multi-branded motor groups to brand-specific dealerships, LOCALiQ MOTORS has the expertise and technology to drive more direct enquiries and take your marketing activity to the next level.



Whether you have 40 used cars or 400, this isn’t our first rodeo.

We deliver results-driven automotive marketing, that generates high-quality used car enquiries; direct to your dealership.

In addition, your vehicles will be listed on the leading stock website Exchange and Mart to maximise your visibility and lead generation.



It’s not just vehicle sales we specialise in.

We’ve helped a variety of automotive businesses including MOT test centres, car financing, car detailing, and repair shops increase enquiries and bookings.

We do this by putting your business in front of your target audience at the very moment they need your services.

What makes our automotive digital marketing so smart?

With the power of AI and a wealth of aggregated campaign data, every automotive marketing campaign is data-driven. That means no guesswork. We use tried and tested formulas that achieve the best possible results.

Better still, our platform is constantly learning, so you’ll see the best results today, tomorrow, and in the future.


We're proud to be recognised

Localiq Award Winning Agency
Localiq Award Winning Agency

Exchange and Mart.

Boasting over 200,000 stock vehicles online and 700,000 monthly website visitors, Exchange and Mart is the perfect place for dealers to list their vehicles. Rich with heritage, Exchange and Mart has evolved from the ‘nation’s favourite’ classified ads magazine to a major player in the vehicle stock platform world.

Engaging with new and emerging audiences through relevant advertising, Exchange and Mart provide dealers access to a varied and unique audience.

LOCALiQ MOTORS - Exchange and Mart

Discover dealerships we’ve helped grow.

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Smart technology, measurable results.

There’s nowhere to hide, and that’s how we like it. With Client Centre, you have real-time access to your results. Track your leads, check the performance of all marketing channels, and even listen back to sales calls. We believe automotive marketing campaigns are only as good as their reporting; that’s why we have the best.

Plus, transparent reporting combined with our proprietary, industry-leading smart-marketing technology makes it easier to allocate your budget to successful channels and networks. Cross Media Optimisation by LOCALiQ demystifies cross-platform online advertising to help you maximise your budget and deliver real ROI.

LOCALiQ MOTORS - Google Premier Partners

Certified by the best in the business.

We’re a Meta Business Partner, Google Premier Partner and an exclusive Exchange & Mart Partner. Badges of authority reflect our expertise and the outstanding results we’ll achieve for your dealership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LOCALiQ Motors?

LOCALiQ Motors is a smart-marketing platform specialising in automotive digital marketing services, helping businesses in the automotive industry remove over-reliance on third-part platforms by nurturing and developing their digital marketing channels. We work with all areas within the automotive industry, from new and used car dealerships, to vehicle finance companies and everywhere in between.

As a Google Premier Partner, a Meta Business Partner, and a Microsoft Advertising Elite Partner, you can rest assured that your campaigns are in the hands of a name that you can trust.

What services does LOCALiQ Motors provide?

We specialise in Paid Search, Paid Social, Display Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation. We can enhance your marketing efforts, whether your goal is to increase organic traffic to your website, turn likes into leads on social media platforms, boost your online visibility, or achieve a combination of ideal outcomes for your marketing campaigns.

What makes LOCALiQ Motors different to other automotive marketing agencies?

We know a thing or two about the automotive industry, we work with many automotive businesses including our sister company, Exchange and Mart, who have spent decades helping dealerships to advertise their vehicles. As part of the Newsquest Media Group, we have spent years delivering top-tier automotive content across our print and digital mediums to ensure that automotive businesses are expertly marketed to their audience.
Our digital marketing experts’ industry knowledge combined with our powerful AI technology will set your campaigns up for success.

How does LOCALiQ Motor’s AI marketing technology work?

Our technology identifies patterns in customer behaviour and preferences, allowing you to target the right audience with content that is relevant to them. AI quickly processes data from various sources, ensuring you have access to real-time insights into market trends, consumer behaviour and your campaign performance.

AI works tirelessly 24/7 to deliver you a consistent performance, predicting future consumer behaviour and anticipating the needs of your target audience. It’s efficiency and accuracy ensure you have the advantage against your competitors. With the ability to analyse vast amounts of data and provide consumers with a personalised experience, your customer engagement rate will never be better.

How is AI transforming car dealerships?

It’s no doubt that the automotive industry has seen some turbulence in the past years as consumers began to prefer digital experiences over in-person visits to dealerships. The automotive sector therefore needs to invest more in their digital marketing to meet the demand. This is why we recommend combining your existing data with our AI technology.
You can read more about how AI is transforming automotive marketing here.

Can I use your AI technology alongside my existing marketing agency or inhouse marketing?

Yes, we often need the help of your in-house marketing team to achieve your campaign goals. We will need to take their direction and knowledge of your brand to ensure our technology meets your targets. Your marketing agency or in-house marketing team will have more time to focus on the purpose of your campaigns, knowing that the insights and outcomes are handled by our technology.

How do you use AI in dealership marketing?

Automotive marketers can use AI to target the right consumers at the right time, via the right channels. Utilising predictive analytics, AI-targeted ads, AI-driven A/B testing and AI-powered marketing automation are ways you can boost your digital marketing efforts whilst maximising your budget and driving high-quality leads to your business.
See more here: How Generative AI is Transforming Marketing

How soon can I get a campaign started?

We work closely with your team to ensure all sign off is prompt, meaning we can have campaigns set up in as little as 2-3 weeks. This can be as little as one week once we are experienced with your brand and familiar with your goals.

How can your technology get around the recent special ad category targeting restrictions in Facebook?

Whilst we can set up ads to run without finance offers and utilise regular detailed targeting in Facebook, our AI uses the data collected from leads to create its own targeting and lookalike audiences – so the more leads we collect, the more the campaign optimises

Who do you currently work with?

We work with a range of motor companies whether that be some of the AM100 dealerships or down to smaller, independent used car dealerships, car finance companies or specific manufacturer servicing centres. We’re happy to help any business in the automotive sector achieve the results they want through our technology.

Let’s get started.

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