This client is a well-respected used car dealership, renowned for their Fiat 500 expertise and extensive range of top-quality used cars. Despite having an optimised automotive website, the business required help in generating direct leads.

  • 825,000


  • £7.39

    Cost Per Lead

  • 1152



To drive cost-effective, high-quality leads direct to the dealership.


With the business advertising across third-party stock platforms as well as running Google Ads campaigns, Chequers needed to diversify their marketing channels and connect with customers at different stages of the buying journey. In turn, opening them up to a wider, yet highly targeted audience.


Using Facebook Advertising, and in particular Facebook Lead campaigns, it was possible to help the business stand out from the crowd. Waxing lyrical over the Fiat Connoisseurs was no issue for our team who duly created a range of engaging creative and ad copy, doubling down on their expertise and differentiator.

Beyond the creative, there was the targeting. Laser focused, data-driven, SMART marketing. Using our proprietary AI technology, the team delivered a campaign that put Chequers Cars in front of an in-market audience. All without having to jostle for position with their competitors. The AI technology learns in real-time helping to reduce budget waste and deliver desirable outcomes each and every time.


With over 1150 leads generated, the campaign has been a massive success both in terms of volume and value returning a cost per lead of just £7.39. It worked so well, the campaign had to be paused to allow the business time to replenish stock!

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