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Long live print.

After an advertising service which is close to your business? Advertise in your local newspaper with LOCALiQ.

Our local, trusted publications are at the centre of thousands of communities across the UK.

Every day we deliver quality content to readers actively engaged in local matters, investing time (and money) in their community.

Whether you see yourself nestled alongside the award-winning journalism of your favourite newspaper or see your name in glossy, full-colour magazine advertising, we will place you in the right publication for your business.

A business owner happily checking their print advertising in the newspaper

"We used a combination of print, targeted digital display and bespoke Facebook solutions, which we found to be very effective as the business had feedback to suggest that some of the enquiries they had received confirmed that they had seen the advert either in the newspaper, on our local news sites or via social media"

The Bathroom Shop

A business owner reading the local newspaper to see the latest print ads in their area

How can print advertising help you?

Print advertisements will help you to generate high engagement with your audience while they read your publication – there are many more benefits:

  • Highly informative content for your customers
  • Less intrusive compared to online pop-ups
  • Print ads build trust with your audience
  • Targeted, flexible advertising opportunities
  • No expiry date for your ads, high-recall value
  • Cost-effective advertising tailored to your budget
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Recognised by industry-leading partners.

Our team is recognised for maximising customer success and driving growth through high-performing campaigns.
Google Partner Badge
Meta Business Partner
Microsoft Advertising Partner

Recognised by industry-leading partners.

Our team is recognised for maximising customer success and driving growth through high-performing campaigns.
Google Partner Badge
Meta Business Partner
Microsoft Advertising Partner

We're proud to be recognised

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Awards Panel
LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Awards Panel

Stay fresh with your audience.

Did you know a potential customer needs to see an advert at least seven times before considering a purchase?

Using multiple print ads in a single edition can keep you fresh with your audience and encourage them to search for your business in the future.

A business owner reading the newspaper in their local park

Enjoy control over your campaigns.

We value transparency. To ensure your investment is secure, we created Client Centre – a marketing analytics tool that lets you see campaign reports, view real-time results, listen to calls from potential clients and more.

  • View your leads in a single, easy-to-use inbox
  • Listen to customer and prospect calls
  • Review dashboards and concise reporting
  • Email marketing automation

Reach ABC1 consumers with our luxury lifestyle magazines

Connect with the prosperous ABC1 audience by advertising in our Life and Living magazine collection. These publications celebrate local businesses, community organisations, and guide their readers (both in print and online) to well-known and hidden gems, as well as events. They explore picturesque landscapes, showcase the finest available properties, and highlight top-quality produce.
Life Magazine portfolio

Life magazine portfolio.

Living, our luxury lifestyle magazine portfolio reaches discerning and affluent consumers. Its 12 regional magazines truly capture the essence of the regions they feature, highlighting all the wonderful aspects they have to offer.

Explore our Living Magazine portfolio

Living magazine portfolio.

The Life magazine portfolio consists of 12 notable publications with 2.8 million print readers across 18 regions. Local businesses, community organisations, and regional culture are presented to a primarily ABC1 audience.

Don’t just take our word for it.

We love sharing our customers’ success, and they love sharing their stories. See our latest case studies from several businesses and discover how they generated real growth with our services.

Gayhurst School

289 Leads converted.

Generating more than 440k impressions – our PPC and paid social campaign contributed to our client achieving their highest intake of students.

Crest Nicholson

160k Display & social impressions.

Combining the reach of our network, display advertising, and paid social, our client received more than 500 clicks to their website from first-time buyers.

Pet Flaps UK

466% Increase in conversions.

Our excellent SEO campaign helped our client become the go-to company within their industry, dramatically increasing their organic visitors.


What is print advertising, and how does it work?

Print advertising is a form of outbound marketing where you will use print media (newspapers, magazines, brochures, billboards and flyers) to advertise your services.

Your print ads can be via a text-based article, an image, or a mixture of both – your goal will be the same, capturing your audiences attention so they visit your website or local shop to find out more.

While this may seem outdated, its still an extremely effective way to reach your customers, especially the older demographic.

What are the different types of print advertising?

There are various print media opportunities for your business – here are the most common types available:


Local, regional and national publications, newspapers are an excellent cost-effective option for your business with their reach and low cost. Work with LOCALiQ and advertise your services to thousands of local communities across the UK.


Lets get creative – magazines provide the opportunity to promote visually appealing ads to your audience, catering to the specific niche of each publication.

Direct mail

Target a specific audience with a well-timed direct mail campaign, sending your potential customers brochures, letters and flyers through the post.

Posters and billboards

Attract your customers while they are on the move with poster advertising.


Advertise your services within a local directory (Yellow Pages), including your name, address and contact details.


Offer a brochure to potential customers or send them your publications directly, promoting your services and contact information.

What are the different print advertising methods?

There are various options within print advertising – here are the most common ad types:

Classified Advertising

Short, text-based newspaper or magazine print ads placed in a specific category. A cheaper alternative to the other ad formats, however, they contain less information.

Display Advertising

Text, images or sometimes both creatives. They can be placed anywhere within your chosen publication and tailored to your preferred size. They are more expensive than classified ads but will enable you to reach a wider audience.


A paid ad article featuring business-related content – such as your products and services. They are a great way of improving your visibility and helping you to build trust with the publications readers.

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