Find out how your search advertising results compare with industry averages.

LOCALiQ has launched an exclusive all-industry search benchmark report to provide businesses with industry-specific insights which help to contextualise overall campaign performance.

The data within the report has been collected from thousands of LOCALiQ paid search campaigns over the past two years.

Download the LOCALiQ 2023 UK Paid Search Benchmark report for insider information on:

  • The average search performance metrics across 17 industries.
  • Industry-specific patterns.
  • Key takeaways and trends from the data.
  • Expert recommendations to improve your search advertising results.

Metrics in this report include:

  • Average click-through rate
  • Average cost-per-click
  • Average conversion rate
  • Year-on-year changes

Discover the key search performance metrics to help you better assess, manage and maximise your campaign performance.

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