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Stand out online with our local SEO services. By partnering with us, an affordable full-service local SEO agency, we will help your business to increase its local leads and sales within your area.

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Advertise your services and attract local leads with LOCALiQ – your local SEO agency, specialising in local SEO packages to businesses across the UK.

Our SEO consultants will work closely with your business to ensure your local presence is fully optimised online, keeping you front and centre of your local searches.

Our local SEO services cover a range of options for your business – including creating and optimising your Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business), managing your local business listings and online directories, on-page SEO, online reviews and much more.

Contact us and grow your local presence online – with LOCALiQ, your local customers are always within reach.

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What is local SEO?

Local SEO improves the search engine visibility for local businesses within the local or nearby search results.

It is an essential part of the digital marketing mix for businesses, helping you to promote your services to local customers by boosting your online visibility across Google Maps, Google’s apps and online directories.

Unlike traditional SEO, local SEO targets “___ near me” location-specific keywords to help your pages rank higher for specific areas, counties, towns and cities.

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"Natasha and her team have impressed me with their knowledge. Our SEO ranking continues to grow and develop with impressive statistics to back up their efforts. Our business is rapidly becoming the dominant player within our market"

John, Director – Pet Flaps UK

"I've had a real kick seeing us above most of our competitors when we were previously nowhere to be seen. I can see you guys have done a grand job - I trust you know what you're doing. Your work has been superb - I can't fault it anyway"

John, Chief Executive – Pacitti Jones

"It has most definitely been very, very impressive on the numbers. I monitor them daily and am very happy with what I'm seeing. More and more product search terms are resulting in good rankings"

Matthew, Director – Ultimate Gaming Paradise

Our local SEO services.

There are so many factors to our local SEO services, but we offer a prioritised approach and continual development to get the best results. Citations, schema and Google reviews all affect optimisation – however, they are just the start for your business.

Our experts are experienced in local SEO, ensuring you appear for your customers’ local searches while keeping your Google Business Profile and its suite of applications up to date.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is the key to any local SEO campaign. Our consultants will claim, verify, and optimise your profile so you appear within Google Maps and your local search results.

Local Keyword Research

Our team of SEO experts will uncover location-specific keywords for your business (for example, “electricians in Manchester”) and tailor popular keywords so they match your top-level business information (“electrician X phone number”).

Analytics & Reporting

Every SEO campaign relies on analytics, and local SEO is no different. Our team of consultants will track your website, local keywords, traffic, and conversions, reporting on your campaign’s progress every step of the way.


Keeping your online citations correct and updated is crucial for local SEO. We will ensure your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) are accurately displayed across your website and local business listings, making it easy for your leads to contact you.


Improve your online visibility with our local business schema mark-up service. Often overlooked in local SEO, our consultants will ensure your website stands out from the crowd, helping the search engines to understand your products or services and rank you higher in the search results.

Reviews & Off-Page SEO

A crucial part of local SEO, your online reviews are a free and powerful way of building your reputation while displaying your business as a trustworthy source. We will work on these for you – enhancing your off-page SEO by acquiring authoritative, high-quality backlinks.

LOCALiQ Free SEO Audit for your website

Free SEO Audit

LOCALiQ Free SEO Audit for your website

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Local SEO consultants with partners to prove it.

Our team is recognised for maximising customer success and driving growth through high-performing campaigns.
Google Partner Badge
Meta Business Partner
Microsoft Advertising Partner

Local SEO consultants with the partners to prove it.

Our team is recognised for maximising customer success and driving growth through high-performing campaigns.
Google Partner Badge
Meta Business Partner
Microsoft Advertising Partner

Why is local SEO important for your business?

With more than 40% of all Google searches looking for local information, the rewards and potential are huge for your business.

Here are a few of the benefits available:

  • A strong online presence locally and in the community
  • Higher search engine results for local searches
  • Increased organic traffic to your website
  • A higher number of phone calls from local customers
  • More in-person visits to your business location
  • Increased sales revenue and repeat business
  • Higher search engine rankings for your web pages


After all, Google is the go-to search engine for customers to discover your business, services, opening times and contact details.

With an optimised local presence and Google Business Profile, your customers won’t overlook you – our local SEO services will help you stand out online.

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Why is creating a Google Business Profile a priority for local SEO?

Creating a Google Business Profile is essential for local SEO success, a key ranking factor for your local SEO efforts.

By claiming and verifying your Google Business Profile listing, search engines can green-light your business’s existence and authenticity.

Once optimised, Google will automatically export your business information across its suite of products, including Google Maps, local 3-packs, Google Shopping, SERP carousels and Google Search.

Partner with LOCALiQ, and we will help you to claim, verify and optimise your profile so you can enjoy the benefits below:

  • Provide accurate business information & rank in Google’s local 3-packs
  • Gain customer trust and drive engagement
  • Manage your reputation and boost your online credibility
  • Appear within Google Maps and the SERPs for your local searches
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Professional SEO services created for your website.

We consider all aspects of SEO and will utilise a combination of on-page, off-page, technical and local SEO techniques across your site.

By working with our team, you will have peace of mind knowing that SEO best practices are always being adhered to and that we will be on hand to navigate any future changes in SEO trends.

We're proud to be recognised

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Awards Panel
LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Awards Panel

Don’t just take our word for it.

We love sharing our customers’ success, and they love sharing their stories. See our latest local SEO case studies from several businesses and discover how they generated real growth with our services.

The Devonshire Clinic

113% CTR increase within one year.

Our excellent SEO and content marketing campaign helped our client attract new customers within a highly-competitive market, increasing website clicks by 69% compared to the previous year.

Pacitti Jones

3,641 Online conversions.

Our comprehensive strategy covered all four pillars of SEO, delivering brilliant results for our client and boosting their brand awareness within the local area.

J Hutchinson Butchers

2300% Increase in 5-star reviews.

Combining local SEO, web design and paid social, our client received 75 organic leads to his brand-new website while saving 10 hours of admin-related tasks per week.

Our local SEO resources.

Discover our latest webinarsblogs and resources below, covering the many areas of local SEO. Grow your local online presence today – optimise your Google Business Profile and local business listings for free with LOCALiQ.


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Create actionable steps to improve the local marketing strategy for your business.

Explore the different types of local marketing & how to achieve online success with LOCALiQ.

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A Guide to Local SEO

Rank effectively for local search queries relating to your business and services.

Learn how to grow your business with our guide to local SEO from the LOCALiQ marketing experts.

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SEO vs Local SEO

Discover the difference between SEO and local SEO and why they are crucial for your business.

We uncover how they work, their benefits and why you need both to stay visible online.

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What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

SEO focuses on improving your website’s search engine rankings, helping you appear for your targeted keywords nationally. Local SEO focuses on a much smaller area, such as your city or county – more localised traffic.

Essentially the main difference between SEO and local SEO is that SEO is geared towards optimising your content, while local SEO centres around optimising your content for location-based searches.

They both help to boost your website’s online presence, but they focus on different rank factors and positions in the search engine results pages.

How can I improve my local SEO?

There are various ways to improve your local SEO – the key is to focus on optimising content for your business location, ensuring your contact page and top-level information are up to date.

Check out our helpful tips below:

  • Claim, verify and optimise your Google Business Profile
  • Encourage your customers to submit online reviews about your business
  • Optimise your content for voice search and your website for mobile
  • Create content based on local news, events and keywords
  • Add your details to the online business directories and ensure they are consistent
  • Create a dedicated web page for each of your services

For more information, HubSpot’s local SEO guide is a great place to start.

Who needs local SEO?

Every industry can benefit from investing in local SEO services, but for some industries, this can be the difference in achieving marketing success in their area. These include:


  • Financial advisors, accountants and mortgage services
  • Plumbers, electricians, builders and home maintenance services
  • Doctors, dentists and chiropractic services
  • Solicitors, law firms and IT professionals
  • Bars, restaurants, B&Bs and hotels
  • Local shops and pet services
What does NAP stand for, and how does it help local SEO?

NAP is an acronym for Name, Address and Phone Number and ensuring these are accurate across your website and local business listings is crucial for local SEO.

Google places great importance on NAP consistency for their local search and local 3-pack algorithms, double checking your NAP information across the internet to verify your business.

Ensuring they are correct can positively influence your local rankings – Google values accurate information for its users and the search engine experience.

What are local business listings and why do they matter?

A local business listing is an online portfolio containing your top-level business information, including your name, address, phone number, opening times and web address. They are in local online directories, websites and across social media.

Google relies heavily on these listings (Google Business Profile, for example) to help find local businesses to include in their local search results.

By building your local listings, you are more likely to attract local customers and increase your rankings across the search engines for location-based searches. The listings will provide you with backlinks to your website, a crucial aspect of SEO.

Plus, the more opportunities to display your business exists, is open for customers and is locally well established, the more likely you will rank positively online.

What is a Google Business Profile and how can it help my business?

Your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is Google’s free marketing tool which allows you to manage how your business appears across Google’s network – Google Maps, Google Search and Google Shopping.

Once verified, your profile can help to create a level of trust amongst potential customers and will improve your presence across Google.

Plus, it is a tool for displaying top-level information, such as your address, phone number and opening times, a link to your website and photos, online reviews and even customer Q&As, so your customers can see your details quickly and easily.

Why is a Google Business Profile important for Google Maps?

Your Google Business Profile helps you to manage your online presence and how you appear in the organic search results. When your GBP is live, you are more likely to be considered a reputable business by local customers, as Google uses this information to populate the Local 3-Pack feature within the Maps results pages.

Google recently revealed businesses that add photos to their GBP listing receive 42% more requests for directions via Maps and 35% more clicks through to their website – compared to those who do not.

How do I optimise my Google Business Profile for local SEO?

Start appearing in your local search results with our handy tips below.


  • Keep your business information consistent online and make sure your business details (name, address and phone number) are correct when creating your listing
  • Choose a business category that aligns with your services as much as possible
  • Use the best photos for your business, displaying your employees, personality and products
  • Respond to every customer review (positive and negative) – Google uses your customer reviews to help determine your ranking for SEO
  • Keep your GBP listing updated whenever there are any changes to your business
  • Complete all elements of your profile (including special features, attributes and products, if applicable) and verify your location

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