Scalable Solutions for Marketing Agencies
and Partners

At LOCALiQ, we simplify offering digital marketing services to your clients, allowing you time to excel in your strengths. We’ll elevate your business by broadening your digital solutions and channels, helping your clients attract new customers across Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.

PPC and social marketing solutions
for your agency.

Enhance your agency with our PPC and social management platform – drive better results for clients across Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.

Is your business ready to grow?

Work with LOCALiQ and take your business to new heights by expanding the paid advertising services available for your clients so they easily attract new business with our paid search and social campaign management software.

Grow your business without the additional staff costs?

Running in-house campaigns can be tricky, but our scalable search and social marketing software and digital experts will help support you and your clients. We ensure your agency runs well so you gain more business.

Running several campaigns at once?

Struggle to operate efficiently without a streamlined process? Our PPC and social platform seamlessly migrate your existing client campaigns while providing you with the resources to run their campaigns over multiple channels.

Are you looking for an additional revenue stream?

Earn up to 15% of your clients’ monthly spending and access a scalable platform that drives results for your clients while generating additional revenue for your agency.

Why use LOCALiQ?

LOCALiQ’s online solutions for marketing agencies and partners streamline campaign management, increase profitability and reduce operating costs.

What sets us apart?

  • Experience award-winning technology, top-tier products and access to marketing experts
  • Our award-winning PPC and social media AI software optimises paid ads with data-driven insights for more conversions at less cost
  • Effortlessly streamline reports from all platforms, conveniently monitor marketing performance in one place 24/7
  • Save time and money – no added technology, infrastructure, staffing or operating costs
  • Enjoy a new, healthy revenue stream with your existing clients
  • Pure fulfilment model: We have no contact with your clients; it’s just you
A team of marketers reviewing their paid advertising campaigns in a marketing meeting

How can LOCALiQ benefit your agency?

Get help with all of your digital marketing needs. We offer personalised support, educational resources and innovative technology to help you and your clients.

Dedicated support team

  • Get an army of experts committed to your agency’s success
  • Sales enablement experts help grow your business and serve as your primary contact
  • Marketing execution specialists launch and optimise your campaigns for scale and efficiency

Tools and resources

  • Generate proposals
  • Get proprietary data and insights
  • Receive business development support and a marketing programme strategy
  • Take advantage of sales engineering, decks and other tools


  • Simplify setup with a single piece of code for tracking calls, leads and traffic
  • Combine reporting, call tracking and CRM functions into one platform
  • Leverage open API movement for seamless integration with other systems

Sales enablement support

  • Get a dedicated support team to enable your digital programme
  • Receive training programmes for ops teams, sales staff and anyone in between
  • Gain access to proprietary research databases and versatile materials

Get the most out of your client’s marketing investment.

We value transparency, and to help you feel safe with your client investments, we created Client Centre, an all-in-one marketing analytics tool.

  • Single lead dashboard
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting
  • Email marketing automation

We're proud to be recognised

LOCALiQ digital marketing agency awards logos
LOCALiQ digital marketing agency awards logos

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