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LOCALiQ Motors can help boost traffic to your website and create leads for your business.

Delivering traffic to your website is easy with LOCALiQ Motors

Our results go beyond impressions and clicks, we deliver valuable, quality leads.

We know that building your online presence is important and the first step in delivering results, but we also know dealers need quality, tangible leads.

LOCALiQ Motors are more than just a stock-listing platform, we are digital marketing experts with a solutions range that includes Targeted Display Campaigns, Social Media PPC Campaigns, Stock Listings and Print Advertising.

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  • LOCALiQ MOTORS | Print Advertising

    Did you know that print advertising can bolster your digital marketing strategy? Don’t underestimate the power that our local print titles have with highly engaged local communities.

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    LOCALiQ MOTORS | Print Advertising
  • LOCALiQ MOTORS | Paid Social

    Social media is a great way to reach an even bigger car buying audience, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram or both. Our creative team of marketing professionals can help you target the right customers and discover the power of social media advertising.

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    LOCALiQ MOTORS | Paid Social
  • LOCALiQ MOTORS | Stock Listings

    At the heart of LOCALiQ Motors is our dedicated motors platform with an active car buying audience of over 500,000 digital users every month. Get your stock in front of an in-market audience that is ready to buy.

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    LOCALiQ MOTORS | Stock Listings
  • LOCALiQ MOTORS | Display Advertising

    Deliver your brand message to a car buying audience, locally and nationally. Through our huge online network, you can get your business in front of as many buyers as possible.

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    LOCALiQ MOTORS | Display Advertising


Searches for ‘car sales’ increased 60% globally year on year.


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