Whether you’re starting a small business, or running a fully-fledged one, you’ll always be looking for ways to work smarter and for tools that can help increase productivity. With the advancement of technology, there’s never been so much choice for businesses. We have compiled a list of the most useful apps for small to medium businesses in this blog.

All of these provide important functionality while also delivering value for money. The best part? Many of these can be downloaded to mobile and tablet devices meaning it’s never been easier to work whilst on the move.


Why do you need apps and tools for business?

Rather than manually collating information and relying on paper trails, modern technology allows for real-time delivery and flow of information. This allows for immediate, dependable, and secure access to the company data and information. It also allows for a level of collaboration between team members that may have not been possible otherwise.


What are the benefits of apps and tools for small businesses?

As previously mentioned, collaboration can be a huge factor in the success of a small business. As a result, you’ll want to deploy a reliable set of tools that allow greater freedom in sharing files, reaching other members of staff and storing data. Another point to consider is the rise of virtual workplaces and remote working. The apps and tools listed below will allow your business to operate beyond the traditional workplace setup. These tools can help improve the day-to-day operations of a business, and the impact can be observed throughout the entire organisation. Some of the areas which are can benefit include:



Marketing tools and apps can deliver significant insights into customers’ data, these tools can help lighten the load of a smaller marketing team and help contribute to the production of qualified sales leads.



Modern accounting apps and tools can assist you in keeping track of transactions and the movement of money coming in and out of your business. These apps do not require you to be a financial expert and will often provide useful tutorials to get you started.



Teams can work smarter, not harder, with the help of productivity apps and tools. They can aid in gaining momentum and overcoming procrastination, both of which have a significant impact on overall performance.



With the help of communication apps and tools, teamwork is improved, and productivity is increased. Also, teams that stay connected, collaborate better and feel like they have a better workplace culture.


Project Management

The primary goals of project management apps are to keep track of teamwork and get the optimum level of productivity. Small businesses can benefit from project management apps and solutions because they ensure a balanced workload for teams and allows tasks to be completed on schedule.


The best small business management apps

Now is the time to consider your options. Choose from the below apps and tools to help you run your business successfully:



apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Connecteam. Image Source

Connecteam is an employee app that brings together everything a business needs from the field to the office, all in one place. You can link your team, manage day-to-day operations, increase employee experience and engagement, and move your business forward with the touch of a button. Connecteam has it all, from the moment an employee starts onboarding to daily communication, time tracking, job scheduling, and operational procedures.

Your employees will be more productive and informed as a result of this. You also have full visibility of what is going on at all times. Connecteam offers fixed monthly plans, but you can start with the free plan to see what the small business management app is all about!



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| EmailAnalytics.Image Source 

EmailAnalytics is an app that visualises a team’s email activity, enabling users to examine key productivity KPIs like emails sent, emails received, and average email response time in a single glance. Managers can easily keep track of their team’s workload and efficiency with the app, which integrates and executes all of the calculations for them and sends them a daily or weekly email report. Pricing starts at £12 per person each month, but they also offer bulk discounts for teams of five or more people, with prices as low as £5 per user per month.


SAP SuccessFactors

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| SAP SuccessFactors.Image Source 

SAP SuccessFactors makes it simple to engage and manage your whole workforce. The ability to connect all of your employees so that they receive critical information and process no matter where they are is a major feature of SAP. It provides self-service capabilities for managers, employees, and HR, ensuring that everyone is on top of critical tasks. “You can automate your people process, enhance visibility and efficiency, and transform your business turning strategy into action every day, using its HCM feature” according to the business. This small business app costs £63.79 per user, each year if you’re interested.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Workday.Image Source

Workday offers a unified HR and financial platform for small businesses, allowing you to make smarter decisions based on data rather than guesswork. You can quickly engage all of your staff with this software, and it can be customised at any time. As a manager, you have complete control over Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), allowing you to plan, recruit, and develop employees with a single click. This simple small business tool easily guides your employees from the first day to the last.


The best apps and tools for small businesses 2022



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| 15Five.Image Source

It is not a task to be taken lightly when it comes to performance management. Employees require motivation. And it doesn’t happy very often on its own. 15Five is a performance management programme that helps your staff perform at their best. It enables individuals to connect on a personal level. All sorts of collaboration through 15Five are done privately.

Key Features:

• 360-degree feedback.

• Customisable dashboard.


Basic: £5 per user per month.

Plus: £10 per user per month.


Adobe Creative Cloud 

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Adobe Creative Cloud.Image Source 

Let’s get down to business. Today, digital marketing is the thing. And to come up with interesting designs, you need to have the proper tools. Adobe Creative Cloud is a high-end digital design suite that includes a collection of mobile and desktop apps and services providing photography, design, web development, and much more. Many experienced designers believe it to be the gold standard for digital design.

Key Features:

• Market-leading editing options.

• A large number of built-in tools.


Individuals: Monthly fees start at £7.

Business: Starts at £25 per month.

Students and Teachers: Monthly fees start at £15.

Schools and Universities: Starts at £12 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| AngelList.Image Source 

A recruitment tool is the next essential piece of software for start-ups and small businesses. Since it is quite a costly task to hire people, small businesses cannot afford to do it the traditional way. However, thanks to technology, we now have apps for everything! If you are looking for a job, there’s an alternative to LinkedIn: AngelList. AngelList is more than simply an angel investment platform, it is also a valuable recruiting tool for start-ups and small businesses, as well as a goldmine for top talent. 36,000+ of the world’s top start-ups have used AngelList to build their teams, from inception to post-IPO.

Key Features:

• Easy to navigate.

• Amazing interface.


Basic: Free.

Source: £150 per month.

A-List: 20% per hire.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Asana.Image Source 

Asana is a complete business solution and another project management tool for small businesses. This programme is one of the most critical tools for small businesses to employ to keep their teams focused on defined goals, projects, and operational tasks of a business, which is in the growing stage. It is one of the most important and widely used project management tools in the market.

Key Features:

• Interactive interface.

• Easy to use.

• Popularity in the business world.


Basic: Free.

Premium: £8 per user per month.

Business: £19 per user per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Automate.io.Image Source 

Automate.io is an easy-to-use and low-cost platform for combining cloud apps and services to create simple workflows. It enables users to automate sales, marketing, and other business tasks in a fraction of the time. The most essential feature of Automate.io is that it is simple to use and does not require any technical expertise or practice.

Key Features:

• One-to-one integration.

• Cross-functional workflows.


Basic: Forever Free Plan.

Start-up: £37 per month.

Growth: £75 per month.


Beaconstac QR Code Generator

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Beaconstac QR Code Generator.Image Source 

Look no further than Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator if you are looking for a QR code generator. This application allows you to create a dynamic QR code that can be easily changed to meet your needs. For example, adding a logo or even changing its colour. These codes can be added to packaging, posters, leaflets, business cards, and even menus because they are trackable. As a result, it aids in the proper optimisation of the marketing effort.

Key Features:

• Transaction tracking.

• Optimising marketing campaigns.


Basic: Free 14-day trial.

Starter: £3 per month.

Lite: £9 per month.

Pro: £31 per month.

Plus: £75 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| BionicWP.Image Source

BionicWP is a fully managed WordPress hosting and management service that relieves users of the burden of website maintenance. It comes with many fantastic website administration capabilities that no other hosting provider currently offers. Unlimited website modifications, guaranteed page performance scores, complete website monitoring and reporting, malware scanning, core WordPress updates, hack-promise, and a website staging environment are just a few of the features available.

Key Features:

• Unlimited website edits.

• Constant monitoring and reporting.

• Hack proof promise.

• 90-day offsite backup.

• White label hosting solution.

• Core, theme, and plugin updates.

• Daily malware scanning.


Basic Plan: £21 per month.

Multi Website: £17 per month.

20+ Websites: £11 per site per month.

Unlimited Edits: £19 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Buffer.Image Source 

You may have heard the phrase “social media” more than any other in the last decade. Social media presence is required for all businesses, regardless of their size. Buffer is the most effective tool for increasing a small business’s social following and growing its brand. It is responsible for creating, scheduling, and distributing social media content that engages users on all major social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Key Features:

• Analytics and insights.

• RSS feeds connectivity.


Pro: 7-day free trial then £11 per month.

Premium: 14-day free trial then £49 per month.

Business: 14-day free trial then £75 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Calendly.Image Source 

Calendly is your best friend if you own a small business and want to organise meetings without the hassle of emails. Calendly works with current Outlook, iCloud, Google, and Office 365 calendars to automate tasks using Zapier and Salesforce.

Key Features:

• Customisation options.

• Integration with popular apps.


Basic: Free.

Premium: £6 per user per month.

Prop: £9 per user per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Canva.Image Source 

Canva in addition to Adobe is a popular design platform among DIY creatives. Beginner designers and marketers may use Canva’s drag-and-drop tools to create attractive, premade templates that make it simple to turn content ideas into professional designs. Canva makes it possible for everyone to create great graphics, whether it’s a photo collage or a social media mockup.

Key Features:

• Social media graphics.

• Customisable branding.


Basic: Free.

Pro: 30-day trial then £8 per month.

Enterprise: 30-day trial £23 per month.


Client Centre

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Client Centre.Image Source 

For businesses that wish to make more effective marketing decisions, LOCALiQ Client Centre is the software to employ. Our marketing professionals are there for you every step of the way, assisting you in contextualising data and improving your strategies. The Client Centre provides on-demand reporting, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to see how your campaigns performed, how many conversions were completed, or how many new clients were acquired. Organise your marketing activities on your phone, tablet, or desktop to ensure that no opportunities go unnoticed.

Key Features:

• Analyse business performance through a single platform.

• Evaluate campaigns.

• Analyse results whenever and wherever.

• One tool has multiple uses.


• Free with Client Packages.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Colorcinch.Image Source 

Colorcinch is an intuitive web-based photo editing software for entrepreneurs, photographers, graphic designers, hobbyists, and more! Colorcinch is perfect for making stunning graphics in a matter of seconds. You won’t need to spend time on tutorials to learn how to use the tool because of its simple and clear UI. It is instant and no need to register. Colorcinch is the place to go for fine-tuning and complex editing on your photos. You can use hundreds of other filters, masks, and overlays in addition to the AI-powered effects. You can also use its extensive selection of premium vectors and icons to create your artwork, which is ideal for social media marketing!

Key Features:

• A wide array of one-click artistic effects, filters, masks, and overlays.

• Access to a library of 50,000+ premium vector icons and graphics.

• Intuitive UI built for everyone.


Basic: Free.

Plus: £4 a month or £3 if billed annually.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| ConvertKit.Image Source 

Next, is an app that has a few more customisation options than other tools. With its fully configurable designs and embeddable forms, ConvertKit is used to send emails that stand out, allowing you to collect email addresses directly from your website and turn readers into subscribers. It also tags subscribers depending on their interests, assisting in audience segmentation and delivering the correct message at the right time.

Key Features:

• Automation.

• Email designer.


0-1K subscribers: £22 per month.

1-3K subscribers: £37 per month.

3-5K subscribers: £60 per month.

You can also contact CovertKit’s official customer care centre for pricing on enterprise solution packages.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Doodle.Image Source 

Use Doodle to schedule business meetings more quickly. It allows you to organise meetings with outside partners on the fly without having to inquire about availability. You don’t have to keep your guests up to date because Doodle does it for you by updating the meeting’s various statuses and availability regularly.

Key Features:

• Custom design and branding.

• Glance view.


Starter: £3 per month.

Pro: £5 per month.

Team: £23 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Dropbox.Image Source 

Dropbox is the next product on our list of small business tools. Cloud-based tools, as good as Google Drive is, aren’t for everyone. Dropbox is a substitute for it. It’s a fantastic solution for designers and developers that need to share massive, complex files.

Key Features:

• Efficient syncing.

• Automatic backup.


Individual Plus: £8 per user per month – 2TB.

Individual Pro: £13 per user per month – 3TB.

Teams Standard: £9 per user per month – 5TB.

Teams Advanced: £15 per month – Unlimited.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Evernote.Image Source 

Use Evernote to keep track of your everyday tasks. It was one of the first in this category, and it still has a lot to offer. It allows you to bookmark articles, save online pages, and clip PDFs to the app. It employs a pre-made template to create a business plan or a comprehensive research report.

Key Features:

• Offline notes.

• PDF annotation.


Basic: Free.

Premium: £6 per user per month.

Business: £11 per user per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Flock.Image Source

You might be wondering why these tools are important when everyone in the office has a mobile phone. Real-time discussions and seamless collaboration are available with team messaging software. Flock is known to be the greatest small business software for team collaboration since it is more than simply a messenger. It serves as a business cooperation hub, allowing for speedier communication. Flock lets you connect with your team via direct and group messaging, video conferencing, secure file sharing, company directories, and bespoke team mailing.

Key Features:

• Admin controls.

• Integrated search.


Basic: Free.

Pro: £3 per user per month.


Flock Video Conferencing

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Flock Video Conferencing.Image Source 

A video conferencing app is another useful tool for small businesses nowadays. Video conferencing software makes remote work simple and, to be honest, enjoyable. With that in mind, this article seeks to provide you with additional possibilities in addition to the market leaders. Flock is equally adept at providing video conferencing services as it is at providing exceptional messaging app services.

Key Features:

• File sharing.

• High quality.


Basic: Free.

Pro: £3 per user per month.


General Assembly 

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| General Assembly.Image Source 

General Assembly is blind to a wide array of job growth opportunities. Managers can, for example, staffing, hiring, grooming, and a variety of other variables. In addition, this platform focuses on today’s most in-demand talents, such as web development, data, design, digital marketing, and business. Over 40,000+ businesses have benefited so far as a consequence of the General Assembly’s continuing efforts. The overall user response to this software has been nothing short of positive.

Key Features:

• Alumni collaboration opportunities.

• HR skills development.

• Career counselling.

• Collaboration opportunities.

• Multi-solution platform for stakeholders and team members.


• Varies depending on the course.


Google Workspace

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Google Workspace.Image Source 

Small businesses can use Gmail to get a personalised email address and access to Google’s full array of business products and admin tools, which can help them improve their communication.

Key Features:

• Confidential mode.

• Google Apps Sidebar.


• Free 14 day trial then £5 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| GoDaddy.Image Source 

GoDaddy provides more than just a website-building platform, it also provides everything you need to start and maintain a successful, memorable online business. The app provides a variety of low-cost hosting services that feature sophisticated online marketing tools as well as individualised customer service.

Key Features:

• Unlimited data transfer.

• Easy use.

• Buy domains and hosting.


Web Hosting: Starts at £4 per month.

WordPress Hosting: Starts at £5 per month.

Business: Starts at £15 per month.


Google Drive

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Google Drive.Image Source

Businesses run on documents. Companies have been documenting every activity since the advent of technology. As a result, document sharing and storage have become essential tools for small businesses It’s not a simple task but Google Drive can help. This fantastic application is completely free, and it may be used by anyone who is new to the internet. Google Drive facilitates cooperation by allowing files to be exchanged in real time.

Key Features:

• 15 GB space.

• Works best with other Google apps.


Basic: Free – 15GB.

G Suite: £4 per month.

Google One: £2 per month – 100 GB. £3 per month – 200 GB. £8 per month – 2 TB.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| HelloSign.Image Source 

HelloSign makes it easy for small businesses to quickly sign documents or request signatures from up to 2 people in any order or all at once. When the document is finished, everyone receives a copy in their inbox. Check on the status of your document with status notifications that keep you informed throughout the process.

Key Features:

• Amazing templates.

• Flexible workflows.


Standard: £10 per user per month.

Enterprise: £17 per user per month.


Help Scout

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Help Scout.Image Source 

Help Scout is an all-in-one platform customer support tool for small businesses that helps them convert and support their customers. It also enables you to accomplish a variety of tasks related to running a business from the ground up. The app includes email and chat support, as well as multi-channel features that aggregate customer data and activities to ensure a positive customer lifecycle experience.

Key Features:

• Customer satisfaction ratings.

• 40+ integrations.


Standard: £15 per user per month.

Plus: £26 per user per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Hootsuite.Image Source 

You can also use Hootsuite, a powerful social media marketing tool for small businesses. Hootsuite is a popular platform that provides all-in-one social media management and helps small businesses improve their social media presence. It makes sure that customers are thoroughly engaged by automating the scheduling and delivery of social media posts, as well as comments and replies, around the clock.

Key Features:

• Easy integrations.

• Efficient monitoring.


Pro: 30-day trial then £22 per month.

Team: 30-day trial then £97 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| HubSpot.Image Source 

Small businesses must retain customers in order to survive. CRM and marketing technologies for small businesses are required to achieve this. With the help of HubSpot’s CRM software, marketing, customer service, and sales tools are brought together under one roof. It links everything you need to know into a central portal for stakeholders to access, with important features like analytics, lead generation, and automation.

Key Features:

• List segmentation.

• Paid ad tracking.

• Social media integration and management.

• Meeting scheduling.

• Canned snippets.


Basic: Free.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| IFTTT.Image Source 

IFTTT (if this, then that) is a basic automation system that works amazingly well. IFTTT connects all of your favourite apps and services to give users an outstanding experience. It can, for example, convert leads into contacts by transferring data from one app to another.

Key Features:

• Easy integration with other apps.


Basic: Free.

Upgrade: £5 – £15.


Intuit QuickBooks

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Intuit QuickBooks.Image Source 

If the bookkeeping is excellent, small businesses can go a long way. The best type of data is the one that is easily accessible. Fast access to reliable data is ensured by good bookkeeping. For a long time, QuickBooks has been the holy grail of accounting software. QuickBooks is an all-in-one cloud-based accounting tool for everything from money management to bill pay and payroll operations, developed by Intuit for small and medium-sized businesses.

Key Features:

• Online banking and reconciliation.

• Integration with Google Maps.


Simple Start: £9 per month.

Essentials: £15 per month.

Plus: £27 per month.

Premium: £38 per month.

Advanced: £57 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Jobsoid. Image Source 

Jobsoid is an online application tracking system that provides a comprehensive recruitment solution for all types of hiring needs in all industries. It comes with a host of features, all of which are meant to make every step of the hiring process easier. Jobsoid offers a one-stop solution for everything from posting jobs on numerous job sites to handling the candidate application, from connecting with candidates to collaborating with your team. With Jobsoid, you can automate your employment process and enjoy hassle-free recruiting.

Key Features:

• Advertising jobs on various job boards and social media.

• Website and Facebook page integration.

• Customizable candidate application form.

• Sourcing candidates using the Chrome Plugin and manual imports.

• Campaign marketing (email) to your talent pool.

• Job-specific email address for automatic candidate assignment.

• Shortlisting candidates faster with AI-based Smart Filter.

• Customizable recruitment pipeline.

• Scheduling interviews.

• Generating reports.


Basic: Free versions and free trials.

Other plans: £37 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Loyverse.Image Source 

Loyverse is a point-of-sale (POS) tool for small businesses, another core operation for small firms. Customer analytics and inventory management are included in the free edition. It’s a very useful item to have. By storing and tracking customer data and providing suggestions on how to manage clients, the technology is aimed to streamline customer loyalty programmes. What is more vital for a small business than customer retention? These small company tools are especially beneficial to start-ups in their early stages.

Key Features:

• Sales analytics.

• Inventory and employee management.


Lightspeed package: £75 per month.

Shopkeep package: £52 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| MailChimp.Image Source 

Even today, email marketing is one of the most popular methods of promotion. Mailchimp is an all-in-one platform that helps businesses develop quicker. It is the industry’s premier solution for email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp is adaptable and may be used with a variety of marketing tools to help manage consumer connections.

Key Features:

• Automotive workflows.

• Built-in photo editing.


Basic: Free.

Essentials: £8 per month.

Standard: £11 per month.


Microsoft 365

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Microsoft 365.Image Source

Despite severe competition on price and features, Microsoft’s Office 365, recently renamed Microsoft 365, remains the top suite and must-buy for small businesses. For increased collaboration across teams, the Microsoft 365 Business app contains various capabilities, including email, calendar, contacts, and task management tools in one spot. The Outlook Calendar function, for example, allows users to organise team meetings without using the mail server or requiring calendar invitations. OneDrive is also available for online backups, keeping your data safe!

Key Features:

• Feature-packed.

• Online backups.


Basic: Free.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| MixMax.Image Source 

MixMax is the next product on our list of small business tools. This is an added bonus! Apart from having a memorable name, this app is ideal for small businesses. Keeping track of emails takes effort and is often inconvenient. MixMax is a browser extension that allows you to keep track of emails, schedule them, and use sequences and reminders. Unfortunately, the free version is restricted to 100 tracked emails and 10 scheduled emails per month, so if you communicate frequently by email, the subscription version is recommended. It’s worth it!

Key Features:

• Mail tracking and analytics.

• Custom templates.


Basic: Free trial available.

Standard: £7 per user per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Omnisend.Image Source 

Omnisend is a small and medium-sized eCommerce marketing platform that specialises in email and SMS marketing. It provides significant capabilities to its customers that assist businesses to increase conversions and sales without spending extra time. These capabilities include automation workflows such as cart abandonment and order confirmation, which can include multiple channels like SMS and web push. This is a step above and beyond the usual email marketing tactics. It also includes in-depth consumer data, allowing you to not only create attractive emails and SMS messages but also determine which message to deliver to the appropriate person at the right time.

Key Features:

• Drag and drop email editor and library of pre-built templates.

• Various signup forms, including exit-intent, landing pages, the interactive Wheel of Fortune, and more.

• Flexible automation and powerful segmentation.

• Sales dashboard, campaign and automation reports, and advanced reporting.


Basic: Free.

Standard: £12 per month.

Pro: £45 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Placeit.Image Source

Placeit is a terrific tool if you’re looking for a platform where you can build all of your branding designs. You can create eye-catching graphics with more than 50K templates and a growing library of designs created by professionals every day. In minutes, you can create everything from logos and movies to branded photos for your social media campaign. Simply choose your favourite video design, edit the text, modify the background, shape colours, and add your photographs or video clips.

You may also build a short or long Instagram Story video by adjusting the playback speed and the number of slides. Because all of their movies are created by a professional team, you can count on them to be eye-catching campaign templates. When you’ve finished customising your template, simply click the download button.

Key Features:

• Unlimited downloads.

• Fonts and audio selection.

• New templates every day.


Basic: Free.

Unlimited: £10 per user per month. £58 per user per year.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| ReBrandly.Image Source 

Rebrandly is a link management service that shortens and brands links that are produced and shared online, hence improving brand visibility and link trust. When compared to generic links, using branded links can enhance your click-through rate. This is definitely worth considering for your social media links. This programme also has a sophisticated analytics component, allowing you to track your links and determine what types of material your audience prefers across all channels.

Key Features:

• Link analytics.

• UTM builder.

• QR codes.

• Editable destination URLs.

• Link retargeting.


Basic: Free.

Starter: £22 per month.

Pro: £52 per month.

Premium: £378 per month.

Enterprise: Customer plan.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| RescueTime.Image Source 

RescueTime helps you figure out how you spend your time, what tasks you spend it on, and when the ideal time is to do those things. Focusing on a single activity or work for an extended period of time is challenging, but it can give you a competitive advantage if done correctly.

Key Features:

• Automatic recording.

• Capture time spent in meetings.


Basic: Free.

Premium: 14-day free trial then £5 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Sellsy.Image Source

Sellsy is a useful solution for managing customer data. Combining data from numerous platforms and apps to make effective judgments is a big challenge in managing customer data. This is made easier with Sellsy. It’s a useful programme to have around because it has a range of features like time tracking, inventory management, and analytics tools.

Key Features:

• Convert quotes into invoices.

• Connect bank accounts.


Basic: Free trial available.

Full Version: £38 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Shift.Image Source 

Workstations are unquestionably essential for small businesses. Because their size already puts them at a disadvantage in comparison to larger businesses, efficient operations will help them survive in the market. When it comes to modern workstations for teams searching for maximum productivity and entrepreneurs looking for efficiency, Shift is the best option. Shift is a desktop application that allows you to manage all of your running apps, as well as extensions, social media accounts, and email accounts, all from one place.

Key Features:

• Easy integration.

• Mobile app available.


Basic: Free.

Advanced: £75 per year.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Slack.Image Source 

Slack is another fantastic app. It is one of the most often used tools in the corporate sector and among the most widely used tools for small businesses. Slack is similar to Flock, except it is a little more expensive than Flock. Slack, on the other hand, takes a more playful approach to team messaging. Its USP is its interface; any employee, whether they are new to Slack or have been using it for a year, can get the most out of it.

Key Features:

• Advanced search modifiers.

• Quick navigation.


Basic: Free.

Standard: £5 per user per month.

Plus: £9 per user per month.


Social Champ

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Social Champ.Image Source 

With a busy schedule, managing your social presence, navigating between tabs, and tracking activity can be difficult. But what if one tool can handle everything? Here’s where Social Champ comes in. An all-in-one social media automation tool that shares your budget-friendly struggles. Social Champ can assist with anything from content creation, scheduling, and publication to analytics, reporting, and much more. Social Champ is a devoted companion to all small businesses, allowing them to easily schedule, publish, and promote their business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

Key Features:

• Supports all major social media platforms, including Google My Business.

• Easy and simple integration for all social media networks.

• Robust features including Auto RSS and bulk scheduling.



Professional: £7 a month.

Champion: £20 per month.

Business: £67 per month.

Agency: £136 per month.


Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Station.Image Source 

Station is another alternative available to small businesses. It’s referred to as a next-generation dashboard, and it assists you in controlling all of your apps. The application intelligently organises all of the available and utilised apps into distinct tabs. It also allows you to multitask across many accounts by opening websites in one place.

Key Features:

• Smart doc.

• Easy bookmark.


Individual: Free.

Team Plans: Available.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Stripe.Image Source 

You’re all familiar with PayPal. Here’s one of the best accounting tools for small businesses. Stripe is a payment processor that powers millions of small businesses in over 100 countries and practically every industry. Start collecting payments via card, ACH, or other popular payment methods instantly. Stripe offers out-of-the-box billing software for everything from per-seat pricing to metered billing.

Key Features:

• Funds reclamation.

• Consumer wallets.


Payments: £0 per month – 2.9% + £0.23 per transaction.


Test Candidates

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Test Candidates.Image Source 

With TestCandidates, you can make smarter recruiting decisions. It’s a simple and cost-effective approach for start-ups and SMEs to incorporate talent assessment into their recruitment process. Turn 100 candidates into a five-person shortlist by administering seven exams at both the foundation and advanced levels, ensuring that they are appropriate for everyone. You’ll have a comprehensive selection of tests to help you locate the people you’re looking for, including aptitude, behavioural, and personality assessments.

Key Features:

• Full test suite built by chartered occupational psychologists.

• Hire based on skills, not experience.

• Eliminate bias.

• Improve your hiring experience.

• Reduce recruitment costs with automation.


Basic: 5 free tests.

Business: £83 per month.


Time Doctor

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Time Doctor.Image Source 

You know what they say about time is money. For small businesses and start-ups, this is especially true. TimeDoctor is the programme that allows you to see how much time you spend on each activity or project, as well as keep track of how much time you spend on all of your activities. TimeDoctor is extremely accurate, which makes it simple to bill clients or pay employees based on time tracked.

Key Features:

• Online timesheets.

• Distraction alerts.


Basic: 14-day trial then £8 per user per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Titan.Image Source 

Titan is a modern small business email platform designed specifically for start-ups. It enables businesses to obtain a professional email address that is tailored to their website’s domain name and includes a wealth of customisation possibilities.

Key Features:

• CMS blocks.

• Commenting and rating.


Basic: Free 30-day trial then £1 per user per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Todoist.Image Source 

If you prefer automation over manual, you better consider this small business tool. Todoist is a simple task manager that is highly handy. This app is your best friend if you want to keep your job organised. It assists you in keeping track of your workday and scheduling and prioritising projects, allowing you to know what work is due next. Todoist also ensures that you don’t forget about critical things.

Key Features:

• Easy navigation.

• Integration with Gmail.


Basic: Free.

Premium: £2 per user per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Trello.Image Source 

Trello, along with Asana, completes the small business PM software, Trinity. This software enables us to collaborate with teams and assists us in visually organising and prioritising team projects, just like a professional expert or project manager. Its user-friendly interface and the use of cards are popular among businesses. Trello is preferred by the majority of small teams over any other product on the market.

Key Features:

• Engaging interface.

• No downloads required.

• Card records archive.

• Ability to add automated 3rd party extensions.

• Trello Gold free membership incentive.


Basic: Free.

Premium: £8 per user per month.


Troop Messenger

Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Troop Messenger.Image Source 

Troop Messenger is a group chat tool that keeps communication and cooperation among teams moving at the same speed whether they work in the office or from home. With this office chat application’s amazing features for remote team collaboration, productivity is no longer an issue.

Key Features:

• Allows guest collaborations – letting clients and vendors communicate for the short term.

• Myriad of features – incognito chat, advanced filters, recall, mute conversations, audio messaging, etc.

• Track and share live locations.

• Integrate tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and LDAP.


Basic: Free trial for 7 days.

Premium: £0.80 per user.

Enterprise: £4 per user.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Turis.Image Source 

Turis is a B2B insight and digital wholesale platform. While a web shop or online store is an important part of establishing a digital B2B setup, the shop is just a shell. To be effective, your webshops must include advanced capabilities that you are familiar with from wholesale ordering and B2B. Custom pricing, restricted access, contracts, payment terms, and other features are just a few of the options available. Turis is designed for ambitious businesses that wish to maintain control over their wholesale operations.

It’s not just another wholesale marketplace where most brand-retailer connections cease after the first purchase. Turis are committed to long-term relationships and it has a lot of features that will help you create and maintain your retailer/buyer relationships. The first step in that trip is to provide your consumers with a straightforward order process, which is exactly what Turis provides!

Key Features:

• Your very own B2B shop where you are in full control.

• Implement your own visual identity.

• Custom pricing.

• Invite your retailers to shop wholesale in a password-protected space.

• Integrates with Shopify, HubSpot, WooCommerce, and more integrations.


Basic: Free version for new and smaller businesses

Other plans: Start at £91 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Wave.Image Source 

Wave App is the next tool on our list of small business tools. It is a multi-award-winning accounting programme. Let’s take a look at why. It’s geared toward small businesses, and the majority of its features, such as invoicing, payments, payroll, and receipts, are completely free. The ability to fully brand, create, and personalise invoices with advanced capabilities such as recurring billing and automatic payments is Wave’s finest feature. However, collecting payments via credit card or running payroll comes with a price tag.

Key Features:

• Payment tracking.

• Payroll management.


Basic: Free.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Wix.Image Source 

Wix is a website builder that provides you with complete control over how you create, design, manage, and develop your online presence. On a personal note, Wix has been used by a handful of close family members for their high school web development projects. So far, they’ve responded positively. Similarly, if you want to market your business, show off your project portfolio, or start an e-commerce store, Wix can help.

Key Features:

• Intuitive website builder.

• 100+ designer-made templates.


Personal: £10 per month.

Unlimited: £13 per month.

Pro: £17 per month.

VIP: £30 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| WordPress.Image Source 

Websites serve as excellent touchpoints. Customers will come to your business if you have a fantastic website. WordPress claims that its platform is used by 35% of all websites on the internet. And rightfully so! It has excellent templates for all types of businesses. It is one of the tools available to small businesses to help them establish an online presence. Choose from over 54,000 plugin options to help you promote your products, services, content, and more, including online storefronts, image galleries, search and analytics tools, payment platforms, and more.

Key Features:

• Full standards compliance.

• Easy theme system.


Basic: Free.

Pro: 30-day trial then £8 per month.

Enterprise: 30-day trial then £23 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| xTuple.Image Source 

By providing good integration possibilities, xTuple streamlines the entire value chain. It’s an open-source ERP system designed for businesses that manufacture and sell things rather than services. It comes with a powerful CRM and is completely free.

Key Features:

• Management of extensive data.


• Free.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Zapier.Image Source

Zapier connects over 1,500 of the most popular business applications and technologies, allowing you to focus on the most important activities. With the help of Zapier, data is automatically transported across applications using a central command. Furthermore, time wasted on repetitive chores is reduced, allowing more time to be spent on more enjoyable tasks.

Key Features:

• Fastest integration.

• Connect more than 2 apps.


Basic: Free.

Starter: £15 per month.

Pro: £38 per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Zoho. Image Source 

Zoho is another well-known and well-liked CRM software that caters to small enterprises. It connects organisations and their customers through an integrated platform that provides insight into each customer to all marketing, sales, customer support, and commerce departments. Using Zoho, your company can handle client relations more effectively and efficiently.

Key Features:

• SalesIQ.

• Email marketing campaigns.


Basic: 15-day trial then £9 per user per month.



Apps and Tools for Small Businesses| Zoom.Image Source

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing applications for small businesses, and there’s a reason for it. With Zoom’s free subscription, they can host an infinite number of one-on-one or group meetings with up to 100 people and a time limit of 40 minutes.

Key Features:

• HD audio and video.

• App marketplace.


Basic: Free.

Pro: £11 per host per month.

Business: £15 per host per month.


The finest small business applications, without a doubt, help boost productivity (for both you and your employees) and make your life as a small business owner more effective and simpler. We’ve compiled a list of the best small business applications above, and we’re confident that using any of them will improve your workday!


After all, there’s an app for almost everything these days. From storing ideas to sending bills to keeping track of time and setting a job schedule, there’s a lot to do. In this list of the best small business apps, you’ll find everything you need to take the weight off your shoulders.

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