Marketing for specialist clinics can be difficult. Hear in Hagely trusts LOCALiQ with their digital marketing campaigns and here is why…

Company Background

Hear in Hagley, Hear in Wombourne, and Rubery day centre are family-owned, completely independent hearing specialist clinics, offering bespoke hearing solutions. They use state-of-the-art equipment to examine ears thoroughly and test their customers hearing with a series of beeps, tones, and speech to get a full picture of their hearing ability and how they can best help.

LOCALiQ are running a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign for Gayhurst School, to generate leads & raise brand awareness. We also run a Facebook Retargeting campaign which works in line with the SEM to gain interest on a longer basis.

Client Background

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your role within the business?
The business has been going for just under three years and in that period, we have grown from two staff to twelve and increased from one clinic to three plus our training academy. I’m the Managing Director of all three clinics, Hagley, Wombourne, and Rubery.
Initially, we had the same person dealing with the marketing, which worked reasonably well in the beginning, we had a strong relationship between us. However, when the pandemic hit, it all broke down. The previous marketing team lived far away so it became difficult having to communicate everything via email. There was no continuity in terms of style, and I wasn’t getting what I was expecting, for instance, we hadn’t cut costs rather our costs had increased. It became apparent that there was a lack of unity and there was a lot of back and forth emailing which was becoming frustrating and time consuming.
I decided it was time to knock it on the head, and that was when we switched to LOCALiQ. It was a worry and a gamble when I decided to change the team who were handling my marketing and Google account it seemed to have worked straight away. Marketing is not my specialty, I’m an audiologist so I want someone who knows what they are doing to do it for me, so working with LOCALiQ has lifted a lot of pressure.


What were the main challenges you faced before working with LOCALiQ?
I didn’t realise that the previous marketing team passed our account onto a junior associate, meaning that my initial link had gone, and we were no longer being treated as a priority. That is when the faith and trust went for me, and I felt the relationship broke down because I couldn’t depend on it to be done right without quadrupling what I was already paying.
What I like about LOCALiQ is that I can see the value for money, and I haven’t had to be involved as much, apart from proofreading ads and wording which is perfect for me. I feel that I can trust that the marketing is working and being treated as a priority without having to micromanage.

The Solution

How did you find out about LOCALiQ and our digital marketing services?
We were originally doing print advertising with Newsquest, and then we were introduced to the digital side. The contact at Newsquest had attempted to introduce it to me as soon as we opened but because I was already involved with another marketing company, I expected them to deal with it. When I realised our marketing wasn’t being prioritised or looked after how I wanted, I decided to switch to LOCALiQ.

Hear in Hagley client quote

What are the main key performance indicators (KPI) you use to understand if things are performing well?
Our main KPI is on the number of appointments we can book.

Since working with LOCALiQ have you been able to track any savings in terms of time?
Yes, I’ve been able to spend more time with my clients. I also take one day a week to do admin-related tasks which gives me time to look into things I need to be doing behind the scenes.

What advice would you give others who might be considering LOCALiQ to be their digital marketing partner?
Yes, I say do it! I’ve already recommended it to two of my colleagues so far who are looking into it. I’ve also recommended it to someone who I’m currently mentoring as he is opening his own business later on this year.

How would you describe the culture and strategies put forward at LOCALiQ?
It is a very relaxed and humour-filled culture. The team are all very professional and definitely know what they are talking about. The difference from our previous marketing partner to now is just off the scale in terms of professionalism, knowledge, and confidence. It is still early days for us but working with LOCALiQ has all just been very positive.

Hear in Hagley client quote


If you are a clinic and would like to learn more about how LOCALiQ can help you with your digital marketing get in touch with our experts. We’d love to talk to you about our services, intelligent technology, and tools which deliver fast and effective results.

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