Marketing doesn’t have to be a big production, particularly if your business is just starting out. If you start with the basics, the rest will follow.


For small local businesses, or businesses just starting out, marketing isn’t always top of mind. I think it’s assumed that marketing is always a big expense, which isn’t necessarily the case. There are many free or cost-effective ways of marketing your business, which will help generate awareness and drive leads to purchase your products/services. For any tools that do cost money, it’s always best to understand the benefits and think of it as an investment.

Here are some of the basic marketing tools available for new or small businesses not wanting to break the bank, but still promote what they have to offer:


Do you have a website?

A great place to start with marketing your business is online. Ensuring you have a website will make it easier for audiences to find your business, and it gives them an opportunity to research your products/services. A good website will have easy navigation, a simple yet stylistic layout, with engaging content and concisely written copy. Although a good website does cost money, it might not be as much as you think, and it is a great investment that will allow you to do more than just explain what your business has to offer.


Can potential customers find your information online?

Other than through your website, how easy is it for audiences to find your business information online? Most search engines now offer for businesses to set up a listings page highlighting your business information such as location, phone number, email address, website and opening hours etc. This information is featured on search engine results pages when someone searches for your business, and when words relating to your business are searched locally, this information will be featured on a map. Not only does having this make it easier for potential customers to find your basic information a lot easier, it also boosts your website’s search engine rankings for local searches.


Are you getting social?

As well as being absolutely free, creating social media profiles on the platforms that suit your business will go a long way with new and existing customers. Social media allows you to post a wide variety of content to the customers that count to your business, whether that’s videos, images, articles or offers. Social media platforms are also useful if you did want to advertise your business using paid-for methods. With a variety of trusted targeting and budget setting options, it’s definitely a cost-effective way of placing your business front and centre of the audiences that are most likely to convert into a customer.

Understanding the basic marketing tools available to you, and utilising them as early as possible will help your business get the head-start it may need for success in a competitive market – whether that’s finance, entertainment, retail, healthcare etc.

If you’re not sure where to start, or would like any help and advice, contact us today to find out more about LOCALiQ’s marketing solutions.


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