We know that the targeting capabilities for certain marketing tactics have evolved at an almost alarming rate. About 10 years ago, smartphones were just bursting onto the market. Now, we’re constantly on our phones, using them for everything from a GPS, entertainment hub, and social connector. So, wouldn’t it make sense to target users directly through their phones? And to take it a step further, and target them through their phones when they’re in a specific area?

With geofencing, you can do just that. Geofencing is a powerful tool that can dramatically increase the number of mobile users who see your marketing messages and advertisements. Most importantly, they’ll see those messages while they’re near your location or a specific location you target, which increases the chances of them stopping by!

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a system that uses the GPS units in mobile users’ devices to detect when that device enters or leaves the area you select around your local business. Setting up the geofence parameters is surprisingly easy, in its most basic form, and as you learn more about what works best for your business, you can use more sophisticated geofencing techniques, like dynamic geofencing, which automatically adjusts the size and behavior of the geofencing around your location.

How Can We Use Geofencing in Marketing?

Using dynamic geofencing, you can expand your geofence area during slower times to reach more people, and narrow it when you’re busy and people have to wait. An effective geofence can also help you learn about the habits of prospective customers by tracking and reporting things like what times of day they enter and leave your area, and how long they spend at locations within the geofence. Geofencing marketing uses this type of data to send marketing messages while users are using specific apps to deliver invitations to visit your location while in the area, or reminders for people leaving the area without visiting.

What Can Geofenced Ads Do For Us?

Geofence-enabled advertising is another way to reach more mobile users, by delivering an advertisement or offer while they’re nearby. It’s a smart way to reach people who may not live or work near your local business, because, by delivering the right message at the right time, you may grab the attention of a customer who was on the way to a competitor. If you set up these ads to include immediate action buttons, such as a coupon offer with a redeem button, or a discount for booking a reservation or appointment with a “See you soon!” or “I’ll be right there!” button.

Geofencing Helps Your Local Business Capture More Customers

Geofencing marketing and advertising helps local businesses like yours reach and attract more mobile users daily, and over time, helps build a set of data that will tell you more about your prospective customers and how best to grab their interest and bring them in the door. An integrated suite of marketing solutions that includes lead management can help you capture information from your geofencing marketing to an integrated lead management inbox, and provide alerts to your marketing and sales teams when their attention is needed to help convert a new lead.

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