Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency or a social media expert does not mean you have to hand over your social media accounts, lose all access and control, and sign your name in blood!

When you use a social media agency, you still have full access to your social media accounts (never trust anyone who tells you otherwise) as much control over your content and strategy as you want, and complete visibility on your social media marketing activity.

Many business owners run their own social media accounts, and many do it well also. However, you shouldn’t dismiss the advantages and ability a social media agency or social media specialist can provide. After all, if you want your car repairing, you could bodge it yourself, or you could hire a qualified mechanic who is going to do a much better job in comparison.

Hiring a social media specialist

We have broken down common business worries and woes when hiring a social media expert.

  1. If I hire a social media specialist, will I still have creative control?

You will get sign-off on all your social media agency’s creative assets that are built for you – it’s your business after all.

The advantage of using a social media agency is that you will have images, videos, visual social content, social audio content, and so on, made for you to the highest standard, by qualified and experienced designers. It’s great that you have free tools such as Canva that you can use, but if you are wanting a completely polished, on-brand feel, a social media agency is going to be able to provide that for you.

A social media agency can create a lot more assets and content for your social media than you can alone in a lot less time, meaning your business will have a higher posting frequency on social media, resulting in a bigger audience, greater engagement and increased sales.

2. Will a social media agency understand my business?

When a new business chooses to work with a digital marketing agency and social media specialists, they will undergo a thorough consultation of which the agency will immerse themselves in understanding your company, your values, the challenges you face, your product and service catalogue, and your goals.

Your chosen digital marketing agency will work hard to build a strong, close working relationship with you, and will hold regular strategy and performance meetings with you.

They will work with you to achieve your business goals through social media advertising and marketing – and whats more, they’ll be able to guide you on the right approaches to reach your objectives, removing all guesswork you’ve previously had to do.

3. Can I still use my social media accounts when I hire a social media expert?

Unless you’d prefer to leave it all in the hands of your chosen digital marketing agency, then absolutely! We would be worried if you couldn’t – they are your business accounts, and you own them.

4. What will a social media agency do differently to me?

You may be great at manning your own social media accounts, but why go for silver when you could go for gold?

A social media agency is made up of qualified and experienced social media marketing experts who understand how to build a presence on social media, grow audiences effectively and quickly, build connections with audiences, convert customers, and use technology, insights, and data to inform your social media strategy.

Whilst you may already post engaging content, a social media agency will apply strategy, structure and planning to your social media marketing, amplifying your brand awareness.

Furthermore, you’ll have access to technology and data that you otherwise wouldn’t, which will give you invaluable insights into your business, your customers, and your online presence, which you can then use to inform your other marketing strategies.

5. What services do social media agencies provide?

Social media and marketing agencies can do a lot more than you can alone. Common social media specialist services provided by marketing agencies and experts are:

Find out more about how to choose the right marketing agency, or the benefits of using a marketing agency.

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