The Drum Awards Festival is in full effect broadcasting live to the world from The Drum Labs, in central London.

At the annual celebration recognising the finest achievements in marketing and media, LOCALiQ’s Head of B2B Marketing, Brandon Griffin, served as a judge for the awards program and is sharing everything you need to know about the annual celebration.

What is the Drum Awards Festival?

The Drum Awards Festival consists of 15 award ceremonies, hosted at The Drum Labs, recognising the industries best campaigns and the creative minds behind them.


How prestigious are The Drum Awards?

The Drum Awards are organised by The Drum, a leading global publisher for the marketing and media industries. More than 1 Million readers look to The Drum for actionable insights, guidance, and solutions for content marketing, business promotion, leadership development and agency growth.

Not only is winning a Drum Award an industry feat itself, but it also positions businesses for broader global recognition. The annual World Creative Rankings, which benchmarks the most awarded agencies, advertisers, and campaigns of the previous year in the ad industry’s major global award shows, are compiled by analysing the performance of campaigns recognized in 19 major industry awards programs, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, Clios and The Drum Awards.


What are The Drum Award categories?

There are 15 award categories and ceremonies in The Drum Awards Festival. Here’s the full list of the categories and a link to see the 2023 nominations and results for each award program.

  1. The Drum Awards for Experience
  2. The Drum Awards for Search
  3. The Drum Awards for Social Media
  4. The Drum Awards for Design
  5. The Drum Awards for B2B 
  6. The Drum Awards for Media 
  7. The Drum Awards for Digital Industries 
  8. The Drum Awards for PR
  9. The Drum Awards for Social Purpose
  10. The Drum Awards for Creativity
  11. The Drum Awards for Out-of-Home
  12. The Drum Awards for Content
  13. The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising
  14. The Drum Awards for Metaverse
  15. The Drum Awards for Agency Business


When are The Drum Awards?

The best in class across the industry will gather for The Drum Awards on 27th November – 8th December at The Drum Labs, The Drum Lab’s event and film studio in central London to announce and celebrate winning campaigns and agencies.  If you can’t attend live, or miss your favourite awards ceremony, don’t worry! The ceremonies are live-streamed and available on The Drum website.


Who are the judges for The Drum Awards?

More than 900 industry experts review and award the entries into The Drum Awards. Judges include top marketers from PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Ikea, Jaguar Land Rover, Mars, Glossier, Droga5, WPP, Publicis, Dentsu and more.

This year, LOCALiQ’s Head of B2B Marketing, Brandon Griffin, joined the world-class panel of judges. Click here to read his takeaways from judging and attending the B2B Awards.

You can find a list of judges for each competition here.

Can any business win an industry award?

Winning an industry award often depend on various factors—innovation, creativity, and the ability to solve marketing challenges effectively. It’s not just about participating; it’s about presenting a campaign or strategy that stands out among the best. Achieving recognition through industry awards requires a blend of strategic insights, innovative approaches, and a deep understanding of your audience’s needs. While challenging, it’s certainly possible for businesses of all sizes and industries to bring home prestigious awards when equipped with the right strategy and execution.


Can LOCALiQ help us create award-winning campaigns?

Leveraging creativity, innovation, and strategic insights, LOCALiQ navigates the landscape of marketing challenges with finesse.  Our expertise lies in crafting campaigns that not only make an impact but also resonate within the competitive arena of industry accolades.

LOCALiQ has a proven track record of excellence, with client campaigns consistently acknowledged across esteemed industry award programs like The Drum, UK Search Awards, and the international Search Engine Land Awards.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey towards award-winning excellence in digital marketing, contact us today.

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