Instagram has launched its searchable map for both Android and iOS. This new map feature enables users to discover popular locations and business destinations and is set to be a game changer for both business and regular user accounts.

New searchable map launched on Instagram allowing users todiscover nearby local businesses and allows filtering by categories

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How Instagram’s new map feature is a gamechanger for search

While a lot of searches start on Google, nearly half of Gen Z are already turning to TikTok and Instagram for searches, however, Instagram’s map feature could change the way that Gen Z searches for something. The new feature allows users to explore and search for specific categories such as restaurants and cafes in a particular geographical area. This can include information from local businesses as well as influencers and other users including information about a particular business or tourist attraction.

With millennials and Gen Z trusting the opinions of influencers as well as valuing new and informative content, they no doubt will be excited to see what this new feature offers.

The new feature will allow users to explore. Instagram added that:

“The dynamic, searchable map allows users to have a more personalized and immersive experience when discovering popular locations and businesses and to see what’s nearby, via tagged posts, stories, and guides shared by the Instagram community. Users can also find relevant locations on the map when searching certain hashtags.”

Users will be able to filter location categories to narrow a search, as well as save locations to a collection to revisit in the future. They can even share places with friends or groups via a DM.

With impressive stats such as almost 60% of Instagram users adding that they find themselves more interested in a brand after seeing it in a story and ¾ of Instagrammers acting on at least one ad, this is big news for businesses hoping to be discovered on Instagram. We highly recommend that all businesses ensure their location details are up to date so they can be found easily on location-based searches. Additionally, businesses should also work hard to get their users to tag them in their posts, as we already know, UGC is king!


How do I use the map feature?

Thankfully, this is an easy feature to use for both individuals and businesses. For businesses, you can use the location stickers on both posts and stories and Instagram will add that to the search results.

The map supports searches using hashtags and you can explore by tapping on tagged locations in the feed or stories. Additionally, you can type the name of a business or city on the map.

Instagrams Twitter post - New map, who dis? Now you cna find popular locations around you or filter by categories like cafes or beauty salons

Image Credit: Instagram on Twitter


The new map features are available new if you have the latest version of Instagram downloaded.

While we think Instagram maps will initially benefit the hospitality, beauty and tourism sectors greatly, it is worth all businesses getting on board now. If Instagram maps are highly successful, then this could become another important local listing site and the go-to information searching site for Gen Z.


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