We are thrilled to announce that LOCALiQ UK has been honoured with the 2023 Rising Star of the Year Award at the Europe Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards. This prestigious accolade recognises partners who have shown exceptional dedication and accelerated focus in collaboration with Microsoft Advertising.

Update: LOCALiQ Awarded 2024 Global Rising Star of the Year

LOCALiQ: Microsoft’s Advertising Partner Award Winner – Rising Star of the Year Category


Business Challenge & Opportunity:

LOCALiQ identified a significant opportunity to help UK businesses leverage the power of Microsoft Advertising Network, particularly Bing, to maximise their search marketing investments. Through insights from the UK State of Digital Marketing Survey, we recognised the need for increased awareness and support for Microsoft Advertising among SMEs.


Goals & Strategy:

To tackle this challenge, LOCALiQ implemented a comprehensive strategy:

  1. Increased internal knowledge through live training sessions with Microsoft professionals.
  2. Developed sales collateral and content to promote Microsoft Advertising Network capabilities.
  3. Created educational content, including webinars and blogs, to deepen marketers’ understanding of Microsoft Advertising.
  4. Helped UK businesses understand how to optimise for an increased ROAS.

Implementation & Results:

LOCALiQ Bing-focused webinars garnered 750,000+ impressions, 1,000+ unique page views, and assisted in closing several deals.

Additionally, our Bing related blog content achieved 65,000+ search impressions. The strategic shift resulted in a remarkable +667.08% YoY increase in Microsoft Advertising Network spend, reflecting a strong partnership and revenue growth.

LOCALiQ’s dedication to educating the market and driving business growth exemplifies rising star status and strong partnership with Microsoft Advertising. Through innovative strategies and measurable results, we have made a significant impact on the adoption and effectiveness of Microsoft Advertising Network among UK SMEs.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft Advertising in empowering businesses to achieve their marketing goals.

If you’d like to know more about Microsoft Advertising and how we can help your business, contact us today for a free consultation.


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