Whether you want to generate awareness, improve the quality of leads, or increase product/service purchases, integrated campaigns using both print and digital aspects can play a major role in supporting business growth.


1.    Some audiences prefer digital, some prefer print

There is no doubt that with the increasing developments in technology, audiences consuming information are likely to do it through digital means. However, there are still people who prefer to read the news and learn about the latest trends through print mediums (I can’t imagine Vogue magazine is going away anytime soon). The likelihood is that although it’s so easy to find information for practically anything online, some people need a break from the flood of businesses competing for their attention with digital adverts. Another point to mention is that there are still areas in the UK without internet (the horror!), or where internet is very limited (think train and air travel, as well as very-rural locations), so if you’re targeting busy commuters, print as well as digital marketing activities can greatly improve business exposure.


2.    Reinforce your brand’s message

Using the wide variety of media types available to promote your business will help reinforce your brand’s message. Discovering an advert or an article about your business in print, and then seeing another on social media (or vice-versa) can generate intrigue from audiences and lead to increased web traffic or social media page views. This is more likely to happen if your message is clear and consistent throughout all promotional materials online and in print. Using multiple content types (blogs, videos, articles etc.) with similar calls-to-action will also help emphasise messaging.


3.    It’s data-driven, so you know what’s working

If you run your marketing campaigns through a partner (such as LOCALiQ), then you’ll be able to have a clearer understanding of how your campaign is going and the return on investment you’re generating. Yes, each advertising platform you use (digital and print) will offer data that could show you how many clicks your ads have received, or (if you’re lucky) how many calls you received as a result of a newspaper article or print advert. However, with LOCALiQ, you can get all of this information and more, consolidated into one dashboard for easy viewing. You’ll be able to see if audiences are new leads or repeat customers, as well as the length of time they spent on your website and which pages they viewed, offering you the opportunity to target them again with an advert specifically tailored to what they were interested in on your website.


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