Incorporating any worldwide or well-talked-about event into your marketing campaign doesn’t only make your brand seem more personable, it also keeps it relevant.

With the rugby World Cup starting next week, we thought we’d share some top tips and advice for incorporating it and similar events into your marketing activities, as it can help create perfect content to engage audiences.



Everyone loves a good competition, especially if there’s a decent prize for the winner. Other than purchasing a prize, there aren’t any other costs involved, only if you want to promote the competition through paid ads (which itself isn’t a big cost either).

Some ideas might include customer sweepstakes, match predictions, or ‘guess how many’ type competitions (e.g. guess how many rugby balls it takes to fill our shop floor/warehouse etc). Prizes don’t have to be extravagant; they can just be a rugby shirt from a country of the winner’s choice, tickets to a national rugby match (obviously doesn’t have to be a World Cup match, especially since it’s hosted in Japan this year), or anything else rugby world cup related.

Social media is a fantastic way to promote competitions like these (providing you have a good couple hundred likes/follows for your business page – enough to build momentum). Getting people to share your competition post is a great way to build awareness for your business, especially in your local area. You can spread awareness even further by turning your post into a sponsored post and targeting it at everyone you consider to be your ideal customer audience.



To attract new customers, why not have offers on sporting-related products, products from the countries that are playing in the rugby world cup, or offers on products during the days your country is playing? Not only will this help boost sales, but advertising these offers on your website and over social media will increase awareness of your business.

Any type of limited-time offer or deal is a great way to entice new customers as well as re-engage existing customers with your products. If you don’t have the resources to apply offers for everyone who visits your business, there’s always another option of only applying offers to your most dedicated customers through an email campaign. This will not only make them feel like the valued customers they are, but it’s also likely to increase recommendations from them to family and friends.


Company Culture

If having an offer or competition doesn’t really suit your business or brand, why not just show your support for your team? Sharing images/videos of the matches being played in the office, or wearing team colours whenever your home country is playing, gives your business more of a personality. I’ve found that revealing your company culture does engage audiences and promote loyalty with both staff and customers.

Showing support for your team, whether it’s rugby, football, netball or any other sport, will help you connect with audiences on a more social level. In turn, this is likely to increase customer loyalty and repeat business.

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