The world has practically ground to a halt in the midst of the current pandemic, and whilst times are unusual for everyone at present, it’s particularly challenging for businesses to operate in the current climate.


Here are some ways businesses can adapt to the current challenges facing them today:


1. Update your website and social channels 

When customers are looking for up-to-date information about how your business is operating during the next month or so, the first places they’re going to look are your website and social media channels. Any changes to operating hours, product or delivery options, and information regarding how you’re keeping customers and employees safe should be featured on your website, and posted on your social channels (with regular updates – this is the time for overcommunication). It will also be particularly important to regularly check your social media to answer any queries customers (or any stakeholders) have.


2. Check your listings

Now is the time to make sure your local listings are up to date. If existing and potential customers are seeking information from your website or want to call to find out more about how your business is operating, it’s important to make sure these details are correct across all the platforms that hold them.


3. Is your SEO still running? 

It’s important to keep any SEO campaigns running throughout this unprecedented time. Whilst people are staying home, they’ll likely be spending more time online (for work or for play), so making sure your website is showing up on search engines will help lessen the impact of the current situation. Even if your business is closed for the time being, or you don’t have online delivery options, potential customers are still likely to take note of businesses they want to visit or purchase products/services from once this  is over (my list is already a page long).


4. Keep up to date

I’m sure this goes without saying, but it’s important to stay updated with the latest news regarding restrictions and information for businesses during the coronavirus crisis. Understanding how new restrictions/information from the government will impact your business will allow you to create new strategies to overcome these challenges. The sooner you understand what affects your business, the sooner you can create a plan to mitigate the negative impacts.

As much as it has become a cliché, we are all in this together (the whole world is in this together). Whilst times are uncertain, we hope these tips will go some way into helping you understand what can be done keep customers informed and keep your business as relevant as possible. If you would like more specific help or advice regarding how to keep your business in the minds of existing and potential customers, contact us today and we can arrange a video call.

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