What happens when a potential customer visits your website or searches for you but doesn’t take the next step to actually become your customer? You don’t want to miss out just because they didn’t contact you! They may have had to pick up their kid from school, answer the phone, or run to the restroom and didn’t have the opportunity to contact you right then.

Wouldn’t it be nice to give them a gentle reminder, like “Hey! Remember me? That business you were checking out earlier? Let’s connect.”

Luckily, you can do that with retargeting! You’ve probably been retargeted online before without even knowing it. This happens to me the most when I’m online shopping. I’m looking at a dress trying to decide if I should buy it or not — it’s really cute but do I really need another dress? No, I think to myself, and exit out of the site. Then, the next time I’m online, the dress is on the side of the webpage I’m looking at, haunting me. It seems like fate. I’ve been thinking about this dress all day, and now, here it is right in front me! I’m going to buy it.

That’s retargeting.

Here are three awesome retargeting tactics you need to know about and try right now.

Don’t Let Them Just LEAVE Your Website!

Like I mentioned earlier, we really don’t know why a potential customer left your website. It probably had nothing to do with you. We’re busy people — we’ve got a lot to do, and we may visit a website many, many times before actually contacting you. So, what can you do? Website retargeting is what you can do — or rather, what you can use to get people back to your website.

With website retargeting, a user is targeted with display ads (ads generally displayed — get it? — on the side or top of a web page) about your business, or even a specific product or service they were looking at, as they’re surfing the web.

This acts as a reminder and gives them a really easy way to get back to your website and what they were interested in there in the first place. And, great news: It works on both desktop and mobile devices so you can reach even more potential customers.

They’re Already on Facebook, So Why Aren’t You?

People are obsessed with Facebook. I don’t have any stats to back that up (this one might work, though), it’s just basically an accepted fact at this point. My parents are on Facebook, my grandparents are on Facebook, my coworkers are constantly asking me if I saw this article or picture so-and-so shared on Facebook. It’s everywhere.

Wouldn’t it be cool to pop up when your potential customers are using Facebook? Just like website retargeting shows display ads to people who have left your website and are browsing other sites, Facebook retargeting lets you do the same thing ON FACEBOOK.

Your potential customer is just scrolling along, liking their distant cousin’s inspirational quote status and uploading pictures of their dog, when they see an ad for your business. “Wow, wasn’t I looking at that business a few days ago? I better check them out again!” It’s like Facebook truly knows and understands them. And your business does, too.

Did They Search for You? Then They Need You!

How cool would it be to get in front of potential customers who didn’t even visit your website but just searched for something related to your business? Like, they search “Dentist near Plano” and didn’t click to your website, but then they’re browsing a web page and see a display ad for your business. Weren’t they just looking for a new dentist? And now, here you are!

With search retargeting, you can do just that. Get your business in front of people who only searched for something related to your keywords. It’s pretty cool.

You can also look at info that applies to most of your customers, like the area they live or their age, and target that audience with a retargeting campaign. So, with this, you’re able to get your business’s ad in front of those most likely to become your customer in the future.

Retargeting is one of those marketing tactics that just sounds kind of magical. And, it feels even more magical to the users seeing your retargeted ad — it just makes things easy. They were already searching for you, or for something related to your business, and then you appear right in front of them.

If you want to get started with this awesome display marketing tactic, we can help! Contact LOCALiQ today to see how we can get you in front of new and potential customers ASAP.

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