Snapchat for Business Marketing

Using Snapchat as a marketing tool will open your business up to a fresh audience of engaged millennial and Gen-Z users and new potential customers.

If you’re wanting to build an inclusive community around your brand, Snapchat is your golden ticket – it offers a level of connection and exclusive content to your followers, and masters a sense of inclusion that no other social network manages to through the channel’s multitude of masterful, customer-centric features.

Here’s how influential Snapchat is amongst its young millennial and Gen Z audience today.

  • The app continues to grow meteorically and is expected to hit 17.1 million users by 2024.
  • More than 70% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old
  • Snapchat users are 63% more likely than non-users to have purchased a product online on a mobile device in the past month. Snapchat users are ready to buy and make online decisions, meaning that it’s a lucrative advertising platform of choice for small businesses.
  • Snapchat users open the app an average of 30 times per day! That’s giving your brand a lot of chances to be seen.

So, if you’re wanting to reach a fresh, young, and connected audience, using Snapchat for business is a no-brainer.

Snapchat for small business

You ask, how can Snapchat take your business to the next level? Let’s see…

  • Snapchat offers exciting, creative tools for building scroll-stopping ads, giving advertising campaigns the edge.
  • It is a highly functional platform for agile marketing, performance measurement, and campaign adjustment.
  • The network is powerful – it is used by 265 million people every single day, giving your business a huge reach.
  • Snapchat helps positions your business as a human, authentic, relatable, and personable brand through its inclusive features and nature – by offering your audience exclusivity, you’re generating inclusivity.
  • An ideal network for refreshing or even overhauling your brand image and reputation to encourage new prospects
  • You can build an engaged, loyal community around your business which strengthens your brand encourages customer loyalty, and increases sales
  • Snapchat advertising campaigns are built on a cost-effective CPA model (only pay when a conversion is realised), optimising your marketing budget
  • Teenagers and young adults are most open and receptive to social media marketing messaging, making Snapchat a fantastic app to reach and convert them.

Snapchat marketing strategy

Snapchat stories are exactly what they say on the tin! They allow companies to curate crafted stories around their business, generate community, connect with online Snapchat users, and increase engagement around their business.

Through the powerful, customer-relationship building medium of social storytelling, Snapchat is a fantastic way to tell business stories which explains why so many small businesses find the network an effective element of their social media marketing strategy.

You can use Snapchat stories and features to tell and share stories in the following ways;

  • Daily runnings of your business
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes content
  • Products in development, product previews and sneak peeks
  • Q&A’s with employees and business partners
  • Event streaming
  • Guides, how-to’s, demonstrations and tutorials
  • Q&A’s with your audience
  • User-generated content (gold dust!)

If you can engage people, and you can humanise your business and be customer-centric, you are going to find it much easier to grow an online social media following and convert online followers into loyal customers.

Snapchat events marketing

If you are wanting to market your event online, Snapchat is a wonderful way for generating an exciting build-up. Utilise the app and its features to promote and stream your event using the following Snapchat strategies;

  • Create your own geo-filters and branded filters
  • Run a count-down to the event to build up the hype
  • Generate excitement by asking event organisers and volunteers to share snippets and previews of the event organising and set-up
  • Share exclusive content and sneak-previews in the lead-up to your event
  • Offer a VIP-level access or incentive to your following
  • Leverage Snapchat influencers relevant to your niche
  • Share user-generated content during and after your event
  • Stream and share your live event
  • Host Q&A’s during your event to accelerate conversations, promote your event further and amplify your content
  • Encourage your attendees to follow you. Snapchat’s Add Nearby feature enables businesses to add groups of people in the same location as you. Use this feature to easily add users in-person at your event.
  • Ask event attendees to share your event to their stories as well, using your promotional geo and brand filters
  • Market your event highlights on Snapchat afterward
  • Download all stories from your event to create a Snapchat memory and have content you can reuse and repurpose

Snapchat events marketing can be done organically or through a paid advertising campaign, and a combination of both can be extremely powerful and effective at building awareness around your brand and driving up attendee numbers to your online and offline events.

Advertising on Snapchat

Paid-for Snapchat advertising will elevate your business alongside your existing, organic Snapchat marketing campaigns and content.

Advertising on Snapchat will catapult your business in front of thousands of potential new customers, and you can choose what audience targeting you require, using demographic targeting pre-sets such as locations and age groups, as well as behavioural targeting – targeting by interest and online behaviours.

Here are the types of Snapchat advertising campaign formats available to you:

• Single Image or Video Ads – Snapchat’s single image or video advertising format might be its oldest, but it is the foundation the app has built its success on for a reason. Single image and video ads are quick to build and incredibly impactful due to their fully immersive, captivating full-screen experience. Take over user screens with this tried and tested format.

• Collection Ads – If you’re wanting to drive sales and conversions, Snapchat’s intelligent collection ad feature gives businesses the opportunity to bring audiences closer to their products and services with a visual, captivating online catalogue-like experience.

• Story Ads – If you want to tell a story to build relationships with new audiences and create a community around your business to drive conversions and customer loyalty, Snapchat’s Story Ads are the perfect solution. Immerse online users in your brand by offering an enchanting, creative narrative and image or video-story experience.

• Lense AR Experiences – Excite Snapchat users with an augmented and interactive experience within the app through the production of compelling AR experiences that allow audiences to play and be entertained by your brand.

• Commercials – Up your content marketing game and deliver the advertising message you need to achieve your business goal and generate measurable results with Snapchat’s captivating commercial feature. This is marketing, modernised.

• Filters – Branding is a major part of any successful marketing strategy and Snapchat’s filter features offer the opportunity to enhance your branding and visual appeal. This will boost your brand awareness and business’ recognisability in an instant.

Snapchat marketing and LOCALiQ

Finding a Snapchat marketing agency and devising a Snapchat marketing strategy is no easy feat.

At LOCALiQ we run dynamic Snapchat marketing and advertising campaigns for small businesses and brands wanting to take their business to the next level, refresh their image and reputation.

We will tailor our solution to suit your business needs and will execute an inventive, original and methodical Snapchat ad campaign to achieve your business goal, whether that’s a larger reach and amplified brand awareness, increased website clicks, boosted engagement, and online community or elevated online conversions.

Using our proprietary first-party and mosaic data, we can apply detailed, in-depth audience targeting to your adverts and you can see your Snapchat advertising campaign results and leads in real-time with our functional Client Centre, which is accessible 24/7 and gives you full visibility, analytics, insights, and reportage on your marketing campaigns.

To find out more about advertising on Snapchat and social media marketing with LOCALiQ, talk to one of our social media specialists today.

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