Social Media Campaign Content Advice To Grow Your Audience

It is time to get serious with your marketing content for social media. It is time to think beyond reels, IGTV, lives and stories (to name just a few social media marketing features), because anybody and everybody can use those! They are old news.

So! What social media content can you create to really elevate your marketing and brand awareness, outshining technology-driven social media algorithms, and grow your audience on social media?

Here are our favourite social media strategies and social content tricks to get you out of a social media rut, and help you get noticed in a saturated market and your business niche.

Social media content marketing strategies

  1. Exhibit individual industry thought leadership.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 50 followers or 500k, you can use social media and content to establish your authority and power within your marketplace.

2. Use social media to start conversations and share your opinions and advice on subjects relevant to your business niche.

So for example, if you are a University, you could offer a social media advice service to help potential prospects choose whether or not a particular course is right for them.

Demonstrate your industry knowledge by offering commentary on relevant industry news and offering insights. Use your content to educate, innovate, advise or inform. Consider, what ideas has no one in your vertical thought of before?

By doing the latter, you’re going to cement yourself as a leader within your market and be recognised as a go-to within your industry.

Customers are going to go to the business which demonstrates the most expertise, skill and knowledge that they can get with their budget.

3. Illustrate your expertise through tutorials

Practical, hands-on tutorials and demos, or interviews and microblogs, are fantastic ways to show off what you can do, and audiences absolutely lap them up as we are wired to learn!

Anyone can do this no matter what their business vertical is – an estate agent could demonstrate how to maximise the space; a plumbing company could share ways to prevent a toilet blockage!

Give social media users a reason to follow you by offering them beneficial content that adds value, helps them or serves a purpose. As author Gary Vaynerchuk stated, “Marketers are on social media to sell stuff. Consumers, however, are not. They are there for value.”

4. Highlight the benefits and features of your products and services

Your social media profiles are your stage, and it’s always your time to shine!

Don’t just show the world your products and services, emphasise their benefits and what makes them different. Why are your products better than the next persons? What makes your family law service better than the next firm’s? Why is your restaurant experience better than your competition? How do your products and services offer your customer some sort of glow-up?!

Your product or service needs to be better and different from your competitors, or no one’s going to choose it. So, show your audience why they are so special in your social media content.

Savvy businesses on social media utilise their chosen platform’s features, eCommerce, tools, and captions to emphasise the greatness of their products and services.

5. User-generated content

UGC will always be unique to your brand and tailored to your business – no other business will be able to replicate it.

Community-made content is fantastic for showing your audience what their loyalty and custom means to you, and it generates feelings of inclusivity and community amongst your online following, which is essential for building and growing a loyal customer base.

Share your customer’s photos, videos and ideas regularly on your social media feeds – user-generated social media content also encourages new potential customers to join in the conversation, and builds relationships with them too – people follow people.

6. Value-led content

As Facebook mastermind Arielle Gross says, “there’s never been a better time to put social good at the core of business.”

Tell the world your ideals, beliefs, and values, and how your business helps other people – whether that’s your employees, your customers, your local community, or a cause. This positions your business as authentic and purposeful – two qualities that construct everyday people to grow to love brands and what they stand for.

7. Capitalise on emotion

Think about what stirs positive emotions within people. Everybody loves nostalgia, for example, and they can also relate to everyday life problems and the minor dramas that come with it. The more likable and relatable your business is the more sales and leads you’re going to acquire. Consider what emotion you want to stir up in your online audience and create content that does this.

8. Develop content that motivates, entertains or inspires

There’s a reason why quotes, stories and memes are so popular on social media! Humans love being cheered up, motivated and encouraged, so if you can create content that does this, you’re onto a winner.

If being entertaining, motivating or inspiring doesn’t suit your business, think about what you stand for and what other purpose you can serve to add value to your audience – whether that’s teaching, comforting or helping – the list is endless, and everybody can add value, no matter what their niche!

9. Avoid ready-made, done for you social media content

It’s ok to get ideas from sources such as Pinterest, but really you should be creating your own social media content rather than using ready-made social media content templates and the like, as your own material is going to be much more authentic and representative of your business. Whilst borrowing ideas is fine, ready-made social media content is stale, lacks personality, and is too generic to suit your company.

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