Easter is just around the corner and, as a business, you’ll no doubt be thinking about your Easter social media campaigns. If you’re looking for inspiration for great seasonal content then read on, we’ve got some eggcellent ideas to help you create engaging content (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!).


LOCALiQ’s top tips for Easter campaigns

Social media is a great way for businesses to build brand awareness. Through engaging Easter content, promotions, and campaigns, businesses can enhance their visibility, reaching a broader audience. The interactive nature of Easter-themed posts can help create a sense of community around the brand, promoting active participation through contests, giveaways, and shared experiences. Social media can also serve as a strategic platform to showcase Easter promotions, flash sales, and exclusive deals, effectively driving traffic and increasing sales during this festive period.

Here are a few Easter marketing campaign ideas you can use to reach your target audience.



1. Easter giveaways

If you’re looking to generate some engagement across social media, giveaways can be a great way to do this. It may even lead to some UGC from winners further down the line.

Virtual Easter egg hunt
Easter would not be complete without an Easter egg hunt. You could hide an Easter egg in a photo and ask people to find the egg to win a prize.

Easter egg decorating contest
Host an online contest where followers can showcase their creatively decorated Easter eggs. Ask them to submit photos or short videos for a chance to win Easter-themed prizes.

Guess the amount
Fill a clear jar with Easter eggs and share a photo. Followers can guess the number of eggs in the jar by commenting. The closest guess or random draw from correct entries wins a prize.



2. Use social media to generate Easter sales

Social media is a great way to promote your products and services, get creative with Easter themed posts that showcase your online (and offline) offering.

Easter gift guides
Create curated Easter gift guides featuring your products. Categorise items based on themes such as “Easter Essentials” or “Gifts for a Joyful Spring.” Share these guides across social media channels to inspire purchasing decisions.

Limited-time offers
Generate a sense of urgency by introducing limited-time Easter promotions. Use countdowns or limited stock messages to encourage followers to make a purchase before the offer expires.

Easter product showcase
Create visually appealing posts or videos showcasing your Easter-themed products. Highlight their features, benefits, and any special offers or discounts.



3.User-generated content (UGC)

UGC is seen as the most authentic type of content. You can have a dedicated hashtag where you ask people to submit themselves using your product or even making something. This content can then be shared on your channel as Easter social media posts.

Customer testimonials
Request and feature customer testimonials related to your Easter products or services. Authentic reviews can build trust and influence potential customers to make a purchase.

Easter outfit showdown
If you’re a clothing retailer, then you could ask followers to showcase their Easter outfits, whether it’s for a special event or a cosy day at home. This not only generates UGC but also provides an opportunity for your audience to share their style preferences.

Easter décor show-and-tell
If your business offers homewares or specialises in home improvements you could ask followers to do an Easter themed show-and-tell of their home. This could include table settings, floral arrangements, or any creative ways they’ve incorporated your products into their Easter décor.



4. Free downloadable resources

Depending on your business, free downloadable resources are a great way to attract people to your website from social media.  If the resource allows a user to make something (a recipe for example), then getting them to share the results on social media allows for some fantastic UGC that you should interact with (a like, comment or share – although only share with permission from the original author).

DIY Easter craft templates
Offer templates for Easter-themed crafts that users can easily download and use. This could include instructions and printables for creating Easter cards, egg decorations, or even homemade Easter baskets.

Easter planning checklist
Provide a downloadable checklist to help users plan and organise their Easter celebrations. Include items like shopping lists, preparation timelines, and tips for hosting a successful Easter gathering.

Easter gardening guide
For businesses related to gardening or outdoor activities, create a guide on planting and caring for Easter-themed plants or flowers. Include tips on choosing the right flowers and creating a vibrant Easter garden.



5. Employee Content

Why not include your employees in your social media posts? You could ask them what they like most about Easter and upload a video of their answers. You could also ask employees to showcase their favourite seasonal product. Alternatively, why not give your viewers and exclusive behind the scenes look at your business?

Behind-the-scenes preparations
Give your audience a sneak peek into how your team is preparing for Easter. Share behind-the-scenes footage of product assembly, packing, or any special efforts you’re making to celebrate the holiday.

Easter charity challenge
Encourage staff to participate in charitable acts during the Easter season. This could be anything from a sponsored indoor cycle to a bake sale. Share updates on your social media about the progress of the event and the amount you were able to raise.

Favourite seasonal product
Ask staff members to share recommendations or highlight their favourite seasonal product.



6. Opening hours

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep your customers updated about your opening hours! Over the holiday period, your opening hours may change. Ensure you update all the relevant channels and share your revised opening hours for the Easter period, especially as there are bank holidays to consider.


You should now be bursting with ideas for your Easter campaigns, here are our top tips for creating engaging social posts:

  • Write concise and engaging copy – Make sure you check for any spelling/grammatical errors before you post!
  • Include a call to action – Whether you’re directing followers to your website, or asking them to like and share, make sure the action required is clearly explained in your social post.
  • Add emojis – Make text-heavy posts more visually appealing (just don’t go too overboard with them).

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