Keep your online sales growing with Facebook Shops, a feature that allows businesses to sell their products through the social platform.


Facebook Shops, similar to our eCommerce package, was launched in May 2020 giving businesses the option to set up a shop via their Facebook page. The aim was to give smaller businesses the option to easily start selling their products/services online whilst their physical stores were unable to open. Mark Zuckerberg has also suggested that Facebook Shops will remain useful once the pandemic has passed, saying “I do think we’re going to continue living more of our lives online, and doing more business online”.

Different from Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shops focuses solely on businesses and is built for them in mind. Users are able to purchase products from different Facebook Shops as this feature supports payment transactions, and if customers aren’t comfortable paying over Facebook, they can be redirected to the business’s website/eCommerce platform. It acts more like an online store within a company’s Facebook page, rather than a product listings site like Facebook Marketplace.

These Facebook Shops pages can be customised with a cover image and accent colours, and featured products can be chosen to highlight key items, whilst the rest of a business’ product catalogue can be uploaded to show their full offering. Users can find a business’ Facebook Shops page through browsing for their profile, or through Facebook Stories or ads. Potential customers will have opportunities to share items they’re interested in with friends and family, making it simpler to discuss gift ideas.

It’s important for Facebook to do all they can to help support the smaller businesses that utilise their platform, particularly with the current situation having such an adverse impact on the economy. One of the reasons why it’s in their best interest is because of the number of small businesses that pay for Facebook’s advertising services. Although, Facebook has said “small fees” will be charged to the business using its Facebook Shops service on each product purchased.

For information on how you can promote your business through Facebook, or how we can help you set up an eCommerce site to go with Facebook Shops, speak to us today.

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