Our latest webinar, “Facebook Audience Targeting Simplified: Get Higher Quality Leads for Your Business”, was our most popular webinar to date, with a high number of registrations and live audience attendance. Thank you from all of us at LOCALiQ for signing up and attending.

We appreciate you taking the time to ask questions and would like to provide you with the answers. Your Facebook Audience Targeting Webinar Q&As can be found below, or if you prefer to watch it on demand, please click here.


Q: Does Mosaic/Experian cost to use?

A: Becoming a licensee to use Experian’s Mosaic Profiling tools does have associated costs. Some digital agencies, like LOCALiQ, have a license to the platform and can use the software to help aid and support their customer’s marketing strategies. Whilst many agencies charge a consultation fee for these types of services, LOCALiQ will run this analysis free of charge for digital marketing services clients. We often extend this offer to businesses we are looking to partner with and present our findings from Mosaic Profiling at the proposal stage of our consultation, without charge.


Q: How do you use Mosaic/Experian and targeting data, to fine-tune and adjust Facebook Audience Targeting?

A: Primarily there are two methods, which can be used independently or collaboratively. Once the analysis has been undertaken, we can:

  • Identify tight geographical areas that have the highest density of target primary and secondary customers based on trusted third-party research and behavioural data, and then look to specifically target these locations only – thus eliminating “wastage”.
  • Use the behavioural, interests and other findings within each sub-category to specifically target Meta users who are interested in relevant topics or match the segmentations.


Q: Do the LOCALiQ sales reps have a checklist to ask the customers the information that they require to make a Facebook campaign?

A: For our digital marketing services business, all clients that we work with go through an onboarding process with both their sales representative and an account manager from our services team who becomes responsible for the fulfilment of the campaign. During this call, we have a conversation with the client about audience targeting, creative execution and other things like tracking and reporting. The sales process for our publishing business is slightly different, in that the salesperson takes sole responsibility for having a similar conversation with the client. All salespeople are encouraged to be consultative, although we do provide guidelines to support our staff through this process.


Q: We advertise with Archant currently and the Facebook adverts we currently do are by their paper titles – is this going to change now Newsquest have bought Archant and can attract other potential customers?

A: Part of our social media offering is allowing our advertisers to harness the trust ability and reputation of our news brands across both the Archant and Newsquest portfolios. All advertisers will now benefit from being able to showcase their message across both portfolios following the merge. Please speak to your local salesperson about this and they will be able to advise. Outside of dual-branded promoted posts, the acquisition and merger with Archant now allow advertisers the opportunity to benefit from lead generation through social media – which is a very different tactic. If you are interested in how, you can generate leads through digital marketing, ask your LOCALiQ sales representative about a free Digital Marketing Services consultation.


Q: How do I generate more leads?

You can generate leads in several ways, and we would recommend running an ad to allow you greater control over who will see your ad. Facebook will serve your ad to those who would be interested in your offering. This allows you to get a higher percentage of high-quality leads.


Q: What are the different types of audiences you can target?

A: You can set up one of three audience selection tools:

  • Core Audiences: Define an audience based on criteria such as age, interests, geography and more.
  • Custom Audiences: Get back in touch with people who have engaged with your business, online or off.
  • Lookalike Audiences: Reach new people whose interests are similar to those of your best customers.


Q: What are some of the ways I can customise my audience?

A: You can customise your audience using a variety of methods. You can segment them via their demographics (such as age, location, and gender) as well as psychographics such as their hobbies, interests and likes.


Q. Why is it important to select the right objectives for my Facebook Ad?


A: When setting up your Facebook Ad, one of the first things you will be asked is to select your marketing objective! Think carefully about what you want your ad to achieve. Is it direct conversions? Do you want to build your audience? Or is it something else you wish to accomplish? For your ads to reach the right audience, you need to get this section perfectly correct!


Q: Have I set the right budget parameters?

A: It takes some trial and error to get your budget right as it can be quite hard to predict how far your budget can get you! We recommend starting with a low budget and seeing how your ad performs over the course of a week, you can then increase your budget, on your own accord.


Q: How can you grow your Facebook following organically other than just posting?

A: Posting is one of the best ways to grow your following. However. Make sure you do a variety of posts (sales posts, conversation starters, competitions etc). Also, respond to comments your followers make. You can also answer questions on online Forums to help build authority and followers.


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Facebook audience targeting simplified

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