“The Future of Automotive Marketing” webinar was recently hosted by LOCALiQ Motors. If you missed it or would like to re-watch it, it is available for you on-demand.

During the webinar, we discussed market observations, industry pain points, and the future of AI in automotive marketing.

In this blog, we wanted to provide answers to everyone who took the time to ask questions.

Here are some of the questions asked: 

Q: How can AI help us deal with increasing competition in the automotive marketing space?

A: AI can help by optimising ad campaigns, ensuring you stay competitive in auctions, and automating bidding for lower CPCs.

Q: How can AI help with the increasing complexity of websites in the automotive sector?

A: AI-driven tools like chatbots and live chat can enhance user experiences, while heatmaps and recordings help improve website design and user flow.

Q: In what ways is AI assisting in marketing and selling electric and hybrid cars?

A: AI assists dealerships in marketing and selling electric and hybrid cars by providing data-driven insights into effective marketing channels and strategies for reaching environmentally conscious consumers. AI also supports personalised messaging to highlight the benefits of electric vehicles, such as cost savings and environmental impact.

Q: How can your technology get around the recent special ad category targeting restrictions?

A: Whilst we can set up ads to run without finance offers and utilise regular detailed targeting in Facebook, our AI uses the data collected from leads to create its own targeting and lookalike audiences – so the more leads we collect, the more the campaign optimises.

Q: Who do you currently work with?

A: We work with a range of motor companies whether that be some of the AM100 dealerships or down to smaller, independent used car dealerships, car finance companies or specific manufacturer servicing centres. We’re happy to help any business in the automotive sector achieve the results they want through our technology. Click here to view some of our success stories.

Q: Can I use your AI technology alongside my existing marketing agency or inhouse marketing?

A: Yes, we often need the help of your in-house marketing team to achieve your campaign goals. We will need to take their direction and knowledge of your brand to ensure our technology meets your targets.

Q: How soon can I get a campaign started?

A: We work closely with your team to ensure all sign off is prompt, meaning we can have campaigns set up in as little as 2-3 weeks. This can be as little as one week once we are experienced with your brand and familiar with your goals.

We would like to thank everyone again for attending and interacting with the webinar. If you want to find out more about LOCALiQ Motors and how we can help your automotive business, contact us today.


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