The marketing industry is among the most tolerant of technological and social change. Although, as busy marketers, we make an effort to limit the amount of time we spend searching the internet for relevant information, we are encouraged to look to our inbox for a place to turn for quick, easily digestible communications. Instead, we are continually inundated with promotional emails that offer us very little value. Let’s take a look at some of the top marketing newsletters.


The best marketing newsletters to subscribe to:



LOCALiQ is one of the UK’s digital marketing firms with the fastest growth. We provide industry-leading technology along with unmatched local expertise. We are able to provide local businesses with the best digital marketing thanks to our nationwide team of experts. What does the LOCALiQ newsletter contain? Without giving away too much – highlights of our top-performing blog posts each month, illuminating B2B marketing data, updates on the new and improved LOCALiQ products and much more. You will not regret signing up!

LOCALiQ State of Digital Marketing Report

State of Digital Marketing Report 2024

Exclusive insights and data from the marketing strategies of over 500+ UK business


2. The Mention Memo

You’ll receive a fun little newsletter every week with witty commentary, helpful free resources, and cool gifs about hot marketing topics like Instagram Stories to Facebook marketing. Additionally, you’ll receive useful advice, shortcuts, and free tools that you can apply to your own marketing plan.


3. Content Marketing Institute

You won’t find many better newsletters than Content Marketing Institute when it comes to content marketing. The brand’s founders noticed that there were a lot of unanswered questions about content marketing on the internet soon after the company’s mid-2000s launch. Since then, the desire for knowledge has only grown stronger, and the Content Marketing Institute’s significance has increased yearly.


4. Ariyh

It can be difficult to decide which marketing strategies to try because there are so many conflicting tips and techniques floating around online. We should A/B test and track everything, in an ideal world. In the world, we don’t have time for that, especially for smaller teams. This weekly newsletter has a distinctive, straightforward, but efficient structure. You’ll get a fresh piece of research-based marketing advice every week from the top business school in the world, all of which have conducted objective, peer-reviewed studies.


5. TL;DR Marketing

TL;DR is the newsletter for you if you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss way to stay on top of the latest news without getting side-tracked. The acronym TL;DR gives a really brief summary of the key points, including the most recent developments in social media, SEO, paid media marketing, and more. If you want to keep up with the most recent market trends and changes while still trying to protect your focus, this daily newsletter is highly recommended.


6. Geekout by Matt Navarra

Geekout is a must-subscribe if you engage in any kind of social media marketing or community management. This well-liked, free weekly newsletter compiles all the most recent information about social media platforms, including news, tools, tips, and tricks.


7. Please Advise

The team at Top Hat curates a daily marketing newsletter called Please Advise. As a daily call to action, consider Please Advise. It is divided into 3 easy sections. Try, look and do. What’s best? It’s jam-packed with the knowledge you’ll actually use, and it reads easily with just a swipe.


8. Growth Hacks Weekly

The weekly delivery of top-quality, practical growth marketing hacks in this newsletter truly lives up to its name. Who said TikTok doesn’t work for B2B? MarketingMax also shares interesting marketing news and bonus resources, including those from his own TikTok account.


9. The Menu

The Menu offers daily recipes, interviews with top operators and marketing advice. It is succinct and covers a variety of important subjects in no more than five minutes.


10. The Daily Carnage

Full-service agency Carney+Co. focuses on design and development for browser, desktop, and mobile platforms. Through its Daily Carnage, a hand-picked list of the best marketing content delivered to your inbox daily, the agency is equipping marketing professionals with excellent knowledge, best practices, and the most recent industry trends.


11. Intercom

The newsletter from this specific brand, Inside Intercom, appears to be consistent with the overall focus of the business, which is customer relationship management. You can read all the most recent news in customer service, product management, and other topics in this once-a-week email. There will typically be a focus on these themes because Intercom is a customer service app and allows complete integration between various ports of communication, but they also offer content marketing advice.


12. Moz Top 10

It’s likely that you’ve heard of this name. Moz has amassed thousands of subscribers over the years, and a portion of this support has come from a newsletter that is distributed twice a month. Everything you read from Moz will be trustworthy and will likely continue to educate marketers for many years to come, covering everything from SEO to news in the world of digital marketing.


13. CopyBlogger

Keeping with the big names, CopyBlogger has one of the most devoted followings in the content marketing industry. Why is there such a large fan base for it? Because they provide an entire community to those looking for content marketing advice. CopyBlogger has resources for everyone; the newsletters are an extension of this. Whether you want to learn how to conduct market research, design a successful landing page, or write persuasive copy. CopyBlogger, has you covered.


14. Marketing with a Pop Culture Twist

According to Brianne Fleming, marketing should be enjoyable. Her articles are extremely enlightening and cover subjects like content creation and branding. However, they also contain pop-culture allusions that will make you nostalgic for the 1990s and all the boy bands that characterised that decade.


15. Stacked Marketer

You can get 5 days a week’s worth of carefully curated digital marketing news delivered to your inbox in less than 7 minutes each day. The key is consistency!


16. Zero to Marketing

Each month, Andrea chooses a website and details how he would expand it. This in-depth analysis can provide you with a lot of useful insights.


17. Playing Favorites

Have you hit a creative wall? Playing Favorites is a twice-weekly newsletter that Jay Acunzo, writes about producing work that resonates more deeply with both ourselves and others. Join the thousands of freelancers, business owners, and marketers from companies like LinkedIn, Adobe, and more.


18. GrowthHackers

GrowthHackers might be a good option for your subscription if you want to learn more about content marketing strategies that other services might not be willing to share. You’ll receive the best articles from their platform—which means that they were written by the community—in the newsletter. Since these articles cover topics like marketing channels, engagement, growth hacking, and product launching, you’ll be learning from someone who is just like you.


19. Social Media Examiner

Social media, of course, is extremely important for both our personal and professional lives. You have a newsletter that explains how to use social media in new and creative ways to generate leads, interact with customers, establish a brand, increase awareness, and accomplish other objectives with Social Media Examiner. Along with suggestions and guidance, you’ll learn about updates to specific platforms and how to modify your approach over time to maintain success.


20. MarketingProfs

Why do we suggest the MarketingProfs newsletter when they don’t focus on any particular market? Because it is released every day. MarketingProfs will send lessons, insights, and advice every single day, whereas other options on this list will only do so weekly, biweekly, or even monthly, and this can be helpful. If you’ve never heard of the platform, it serves as a resource for all marketers. This is a great place to go if you need articles, seminars, training, or any other kind of resource. They still have forums where all members can talk about their marketing experiences despite everything. In light of this, they are in a good position to provide significant lessons in a daily newsletter.


21. Unbounce

Look no further because Unbounce has you covered if you’re looking for a newsletter from a landing page expert that is all about landing pages. In order to create the best landing pages for their websites, users can start with templates and add overlays using the platform itself, which is a great landing page tool. They are experts in their field, and their newsletter is jam-packed with advice on creating landing pages, raising conversion rates, and other topics. It’s interesting to note that you can choose to receive the newsletter daily or only once a week. In either case, you’ll get updates on the market and suggestions for improving your marketing campaigns.


22. Almost Timely

Finally, we have Almost Timely, a publication that Trust Insights’ chief innovator and co-founder Christopher S. Penn has been putting out for a while. This is a once-weekly publication available to subscribers that focuses more on stories than news. You can learn little bits of knowledge that are useful when developing a marketing strategy by reading success stories. There is no better person to learn about these fields from than Penn, who is known to some as an authority in predictive modelling, analytics, and AI. Penn has quickly established a name for himself in the marketing industry, and after reading just one newsletter, you’ll understand why.


What are you waiting for? Sign up for them all today! You don’t have to waste time searching the internet and social media for insights when you can have newsletters like this delivered right to your inbox. You could sign up for two or three and have one come daily, one weekly, and another monthly depending on what you need. You’ll eventually discover the marketing newsletters that make you laugh and approach things more lightly, in addition to the ones that teach you the most. Open the newsletter when things in the marketing world start to get challenging and take in the author’s distinctive perspective on specific aspects of the business.


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LOCALiQ State of Digital Marketing Report

State of Digital Marketing Report 2024

Exclusive insights and data from the marketing strategies of over 500+ UK business

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