The critical component of any digital marketing strategy is search engine optimisation (SEO). Fortunately, there are many SEO courses available to help you progress from a beginner to an expert.

While some courses require payment, some are free and ideal for SEO beginners wishing to expand their skill set.

In this blog post, you’ll learn:

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First off, let’s start with a little explanation. Search engine optimisation or SEO, is a collection of processes intended to enhance the visibility and positioning of websites in organic search results. A strong SEO strategy is necessary to increase both the quality and volume of visitors to your website. This is because organic search is arguably the most popular way for users to find and access online content.


The answer is anyone! However, SEO is a vast subject, so be prepared to dedicate time to your learning. Once you feel confident in your knowledge, you can start to implement what you have learnt and experiment with different approaches.


Numerous online courses have been created to assist people and businesses with learning SEO methods. Next, we’ll talk about the value of SEO courses and why you should think about completing one:


1. Keep ahead of market trends

It can be difficult to stay up to date with the most current SEO trends as it is a field that is constantly changing. However, there are often courses that provide an in-depth look at the latest updates, allowing you to take action quickly to ensure your SEO strategy accommodates the changes.


2. Understanding the fundamentals of SEO

An SEO course can help you understand the essentials of SEO, including keyword research, on-page and off-page optimisation, link building, and analytics. These fundamental elements will help you create a successful SEO strategy and, in turn, hopefully, help increase your visibility across the SERPs.


3. Getting knowledge from experts

SEO experts with years of experience in the sector are frequently present in these courses. These professionals can provide you with knowledge and techniques that you might not find elsewhere. Additionally, the instructor is often available for questions and feedback, which can help you understand the topics more fully.


4. Increasing website traffic

With an SEO course, you can learn how to optimise your website to boost its ranking in search engines and increase organic traffic. More sales, revenue, and business growth can be achieved through this traffic.

So, whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or enthusiast for digital marketing, taking an SEO course can help you tap into SEO’s potential and propel your company to success!


The top 10 SEO-focused free online marketing courses are listed below.

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1. SEO Masterclass Series (LOCALiQ)

Join us for a journey through the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with our three-part webinar series designed to empower business owners and marketers.

Unlock the secrets of SEO at your own pace and take control of your online success. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting, our 3 part series caters to all skill levels!


🔍 What to Expect:
✅ In-depth SEO strategies
✅ Proven optimisation techniques
✅ Hands-on practical insights
✅ Q&A sessions with industry experts


Details of the course:

  • 3 lessons in 3 webinars
  • 45 minutes per webinar


🔍 Session 1: Mastering SEO Fundamentals – Discover the foundational elements of SEO.

🔓 Session 2: Unlock Local SEO Strategies – Gain practical insights to excel in local search results.

Session 3: Dominating the SERPs: Advanced SEO Strategies – Explore a showcase of free SEO tools.


Ready to dominate search rankings? Click here and start your journey to boost your website’s visibility!


2. SEO Certification Course (HubSpot)

Free Online SEO Courses| HubSpot.Image Source 

HubSpot, a company that creates marketing and sales tools, consistently considers the demands of marketers. In addition, it offers an SEO Certification Course. It goes over the fundamentals of SEO, such as assessing your present website, creating backlinks, and conducting keyword research.

Details of the course:

  • 6 lessons
  • 26 videos
  • 5 quizzes
  • 3 hours and 51 minutes


3. SEO Training Course: Learn How to Get Organic Traffic from Search (Ahrefs)

Free Online SEO Courses| Ahrefs.Image Source 

Ahrefs, a supplier of SEO software solutions, provides a free course for SEO beginners. Starting from inception, this course walks learners through the fundamentals of keyword research, page optimisation, and basic technical SEO while outlining why SEO is crucial.

Details of the course:

  • 14 lessons in 4 modules
  • 2 hours


4. Semrush SEO Crash Course with Brian Dean (Semrush)

Free Online SEO Courses| Semrush.Image Source

Visit Semrush’s SEO Crash Course with Brian Dean if you want to learn from an SEO professional. This free course gives you priceless knowledge of the basics of SEO.

You can benefit from Brian Dean’s vast expertise and understanding and the fact that this course is free is a big bonus!

Details of the course:

  • 5 lessons
  • Less than an hour to complete


5. SEO for beginners (Yoast)

Free Online SEO Courses| Yoast.Image Source 

Yoast is a popular SEO tool among website developers, bloggers, and WordPress users as a highly beneficial plugin. It provides you with real-time feedback based on your content and what practical things can be done to improve your website.

If you’re looking to learn from a business that specialises in SEO and has also assisted millions of users in improving their Google ranking, then don’t miss out on this course!

Details of the course:

  • 20 bite-sized videos from an instructional video
  • Quizzes
  • PDF files
  • Certificate of completion


6. Introduction to Google SEO (Coursera)

Free Online SEO Courses| Coursera.Image Source 

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Google, the most widely used search engine. You will also learn how SEO is ever-evolving and what to anticipate going forward.

You will go through SEO strategies and tactics that are used to direct more organic search results to a particular website, along with the measures you have to take to avoid Google penalties!

Details about the course:

  • 4 courses
  • 13 hours
  • Certificate of completion


Don’t forget to take a look at the LOCALiQ SEO webinars for further insight into SEO.


7. SEO for Beginners (Great Learning)

Free Online SEO Courses| Great Learning.Image Source 

This course by Great Learning is designed for those who know very little about SEO. You’ll gain knowledge of analytical techniques and the benefits of using SEO for your business.

If you quickly need to learn about search engine optimisation and are limited on time, this course is ideal!

Details about the course:

  • Lifetime access (learn anywhere at any time)
  • 1 hour
  • Certificate of completion


8. SEO Unlocked (Neil Patel)

Free Online SEO Courses| Neil Patel.Image Source 

This video-based course with Neil Patel teaches the core concepts of SEO and content marketing.

It includes worksheets like the personal goal worksheet to motivate you to complete the course, which will help you stay on track. The SEO specialist also provides further resources via external links.

Details about the course:

  • 8 lessons
  • 3 phases
  • 7 weeks


9. Content-Led SEO with Brian Dean (Semrush)

Free Online SEO Courses| Semrush.Image Source 

Another free course from Semrush, this one is Content Lead SEO with Brian Dean. This lengthier free course is designed for content writers who wish to take their initial step into the world of SEO.

Dean will teach you how to create content that performs well in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Details about the course:

  • 28 online classes
  • 4 hours


10. What Is SEO? Learn SEO Basics and Optimise Your Website (Udemy)

Free Online SEO Courses| Udemy.Image Source

There are numerous free SEO courses available on Udemy’s platform. This specific SEO basics tutorial aims to give marketing managers, business owners, and people just entering the sector an introduction to search engine optimisation.

Details about the course:

  • On-demand video
  • 2 hours and 17 minutes


Don’t forget to take a look at the LOCALiQ SEO webinars for further insight into SEO.


Enrolling in one of these courses is an excellent investment for both businesses and individuals. It’s vital to continually develop your knowledge of SEO as best practices can change so quickly.

The process of learning difficult SEO topics doesn’t have to be difficult for you. Our SEO experts at LOCALiQ are here to help, if you’d like more help or advice on SEO then contact us today.


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