On 7th September we held our webinar AI in Marketing: What Your Business Needs to Know About Bing. As you can imagine, we received quite a few questions, so we’ve compiled a handy Q&A to provide the answers.


Q: What other ways can AI be used in marketing other than Chat GPT?

A: Like Google, Bing has its own AI tool like Chat GPT. Bing’s AI tool is like having a research assistant and creative planner by your side. You simply ask your question – the more complex your question, the more detailed the replies. You can even use the image creator to create images for your campaigns.


Q: How can AI best help advance a digital marketing campaign?

A: AI tools can analyse the performance of your past campaigns and identify patterns, so you can make more effective marketing campaign decisions. You can even use AI to help write and optimise copy for your campaigns. You may have several keywords you want to target, and AI can help write captivating copy with those keywords in mind.


Q: How do we keep up with AI and other companies that are bigger than us?

A: The marketing landscape is constantly updating and changing and the same can be said for AI. When it comes to keeping up with your competitors, make sure you do regular competitor research. With AI, whenever there have been any major updates on the tools, the makers usually say so.


Q: How can new Bing help me achieve my marketing goals?

A: Using Bing’s search feature, you can ask it any number of questions and you’ll be able to see the links to the sources that Bing used to create its’ answer. Bing was one of the first AI-powered chats to do this. This AI-powered citing tool can, in turn, help you get more traffic to your site.

AI can also help you to automate some tasks as well as help you produce more relevant ad creatives and text copy.


Q: Why should I use Bing when Google has a bigger market share?

A: We are not saying to use Bing over Google. We are saying to use both! Bing may only have a 4% share, but it still has over 100 million active users, of which, 71% are over 35 with those aged 45-54 having the largest portion of users at 20%. If your business is targeting a Gen X/Baby boomer market, then Bing would be a great place to go.


Q: Is Bing cost-effective?

A: Obviously, you will have a smaller target audience, however, when we look at paid advertising Bing is a great option. Your average CPS (Cost-per-click) and overall cost will be much lower. More and more businesses are using Bing for this reason and that number could increase over the coming years especially as Bing offers a brilliant search experience. Why not test it for a short period and see if you get results?


Q: Should I use Bing to list my business?

A: Yes definitely. Much like Google’s Business Profile, you can claim your listing by completing your business profile on Bing and they will send you a PIN to verify your address. This can be to your physical address. You can also hide your address on Bing if you need to (for instance if you run a business from home and do not want to give out your home address).


Q: How do you think the role of a marketeer will change as AI technology advances and becomes more ingrained in the role?

A: A lot has been said about AI stealing people’s jobs, etc. However, it is unlikely that this will be true for all marketers. Ai is still unpredictable and still requires users to fact-check answers for accuracy. That said, AI can help marketers with automating tasks, so they are free to work on other projects.


Q: Bing sometimes displays a ‘You’ve reached the conversation limit for today’ notification, will this stop users from continuing to speak to the chatbot?

A: Bing Chat has a limit of 5 sessions and 50 chats per day. Once you have reached your limit, Bing Chat will not respond to further enquiries.


Q: Do you need a separate budget for Bing ads or do LOCALiQ automatically attribute a budget if you are running a PPC campaign with LOCALiQ?

A: When we run ads for you, we allocate your budget in four ways:

Google Local, Google National, Bing Local & Bing National

All this happens behind the scenes. We allocate a higher percentage of the budget to local searches and as Google still has the market share of search, we put more of your budget into Google over Bing.


Q: Is there a Bing equivalent to GA?

A: Whilst there isn’t anything similar to Google Analytics, you can access Bing Webmaster Tools which is like Google’s Search Console and focuses on your website health and site performance in search.


We hope you enjoyed our webinar AI in Marketing: What Your Business Needs to Know About Bing, if you were unable to join us for the live event, then you can watch it as part of our on-demand series here. If you want to know more about our AI-powered tools that can be used to lift your marketing, contact us today.

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