eCommerce businesses were already seeing strong market growth, particularly with advancements in digital technology making it easier for people to shop online.


It has now been suggested that Covid-19 will have a lasting positive impact on the continued growth of eCommerce businesses. According to an article by Econsultancy, UK retail prices dropped by 2.4% in May, the largest drop since 2006. This drop is thought to be driven by non-essential retailers as a method of enticing shoppers to continue to purchase products, despite the economic uncertainty this pandemic has brought.

Although prices of non-essential items have dropped, it isn’t thought to have much of a negative impact on those businesses that have reduced their prices. This is due to eCommerce retailers having fewer overheads to pay for. The creation and maintenance of a website that supports online purchases is going to cost much less than the rent and maintenance of a brick and mortar store (and let’s not forget the cost of electricity bills too!).

As a result of lockdown forcing non-essential shopping to be made online, 2 in 5 UK shoppers say they will make more online purchases once lockdown ends. Those aged between 25 – 36 are most likely to increase their online shopping habits, whilst 31% of 56 – 65-year olds have also vowed to increase their online spending habits once the pandemic has passed. Older consumers are now embracing shopping with eCommerce businesses 15% more than in previous years. This rise in new audiences willing to shop online is likely to accelerate the growth of eCommerce substantially, and for a long time after the outbreak has passed. In comparison, only 6% of shoppers claim they will make more of an effort to shop in-store once lockdown eases completely.

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