What are Facebook Smart Ads?

Facebook Smart Ads are a social advertising product created by LOCALiQ with smart optimisation. This means that your ads have automated optimisation (clever technology, basically!) on them to maximise their impact and achieve stronger results than they would without optimisation.

Smart Ads are fully managed Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, which strategically place your business in front of social media users who are most likely to convert and become your customers.

Our proprietary technology does what no human can by optimising your budget across multiple advertising chosen objectives – engagement, reach and contacts. Oh and one more thing – this solution is unique to us – Facebook does not even offer it!

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How do Smart Ads work?

Firstly, you decide on the goal you most want to achieve to propel your business forward. The goals you choose between are:

  • Engagement (increasing conversation and community around your business)
  • Reach (expanding your reach to targeted audiences likely to convert, building your presence)
  • Contacts (generating high-quality business leads).

We make the process easy and straightforward, so once you know what you want, you can carry on running your business whilst we, the marketing specialists, do the hard graft! Set up is quick and you have a dedicated account manager who monitors your campaigns, meaning that you’ll be up and running in no time.

We set up the campaign tracking (enabling us to measure leads, metrics, and conversions from your campaign) and optimisation begins when your campaigns are live.

Our system manages your budget and reallocates it to the campaign that is best delivering your goal.

You can then see how your campaign is performing and manage your leads in our Client Centre.


How does optimisation work towards each goal?


  • Campaigns with a Reach goal are optimised to deliver maximum impressions. To do so, broad audience targeting is implemented and the cost per impression (CPM) will be driven down. This is best for businesses wanting to raise awareness and expand their audience.


  • Campaigns with an Engagement goal are optimised to drive website clicks. Therefore, your adverts will be served to online users most likely to click through to your website using strategic targeting. This goal generates consumer activity on Facebook and Instagram in the form of clicks, shares, likes, reactions, comments and so on.


  • Campaigns optimised for Contacts are set up to generate and maximise calls, emails, and form fills. A campaign with conversion-based optimisation will drive down your CPL. If you are wanting a campaign specifically to drive leads, read more about our Facebook Lead Ads solution.


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