What is campaign optimisation?

Campaign optimisation is a marketing tactic an advertiser takes to increase performance from an advertising or marketing campaign. It allows advertisers to get the maximum results and impact from their advertising or marketing campaign.

One can optimise their campaigns for certain goals, such as website clicks, engagement, reach or conversions. If your campaign was optimised for website clicks, for example, the publisher would strive to deliver as many website clicks for as little cost as possible.

Publishers, such as Facebook, Bing and Google Ads, enable their advertisers to switch optimisation on when creating an advertising campaign, allowing them to choose which goal they would like to optimise their campaign for. Some companies and agencies, such as LOCALiQ, own their own optimisation technologies and systems which boost your campaign performance on publishers even further!

Publishers use technologies and intelligent APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to carry out campaign optimisation.

Conversion-based optimisation

When you implement optimisation capabilities into a campaign, you can choose which goal you’d like the technology to optimise for, such as clicks, reach, engagement, or leads/conversions. Conversion-based optimisation is also known as the CPA model (cost per acquisition) or CPL model (cost per lead).

Conversion-based optimisation means that smart technology within the campaign will work towards bringing in the most conversions for your campaign’s budget and duration. It’s basically using technology to maximise the effects and results of your campaign.

LOCALiQ’s marketing campaigns are optimised for conversions. Let’s explore how we optimise our search, social, and content campaigns for our clients.

Search engine marketing campaign optimisation

We run many search engine marketing (also known as pay-per-click) campaigns for our clients, and we optimise them towards bringing in the most leads, for as little cost per lead, as possible.

At LOCALiQ, we use our own unique API that integrates with Google and Bing to use conversion-based optimisation. We create and place a small snippet of HTML code, which is implemented into the header of your website. This links your Google and Bing SEM campaign to our optimisation system.

Our intelligent, proprietary optimisation technology automatically makes changes to your campaign, without guesswork or human interference, to ensure that your campaign is running at the most optimal level possible. Our SEM campaign optimisation includes allocating budget automatically to the keywords and search engines that are driving the most online conversions, such as form fills, emails, calls etc.

The CPA/CPL optimisation model aims to drive a lower cost per lead and higher ROI, through conversion-based optimisation, as opposed to optimisation based on clicks (that would be the cost-per-click model).

With our technology, your campaign’s keyword bids are optimised twice daily – the bids are increased on the keywords driving the most conversions and lowered on the ones that are not – meaning that our technology is making potentially thousands of changes to your campaign every day! Clearly, this is something that a human would not be able to consistently achieve.

Social Smart Ads and optimisation

As well as typical social media marketing, LOCALiQ also offers Smart Ads, which applies our optimisation technology to our client’s Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Smart Ads combines website traffic, lead generation and remarketing campaigns in one product, and our system will automatically drive your budget to the campaign that is performing best for your business daily.

This solution is unique to LOCALiQ; even Facebook themselves are unable to offer it.

Find out about more about what Smart Ads do and entail.

Sponsored content optimisation

LOCALiQ run sponsored content campaigns. Sponsored content campaigns are a clever marketing method of circulating certain news or information about your company that you may want to promote for a limited time – such as new product launches, for example.

Once LOCALiQ receive a brief from you our client, our specialist content marketing team will create a full article for you to review and approve, before circulating it across the appropriate Newsquest sites and social channels.

Once the content has run for a pre-determined duration, we will then be able to present you with a report on the level of engagement that it has driven for your business.

What goal do we optimise these campaigns for – is it engagement?

LOCALiQ campaign optimisation management

When working with LOCALiQ you will have your own dedicated Digital Account Manager, who will be working on your campaign from strategy, to set up, to set live, and beyond. Our DAMs are digital marketing experts who are trained extensively on all our technology when they join the business.

After your campaign is live, your allocated DAM will monitor its performance to ensure that the system is optimising appropriately – we do not rely solely on AI (Artificial Intelligence); we believe that there must be a human element to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

As well as constant optimisation and communication, your DAM will provide monthly reports on your digital activity so that you are able to understand the results we are driving for your business, with suggestions for any necessary changes.

LOCALiQ campaign reportage and Client Centre

Although reports are provided, all your campaign data is readily available for you 24/7 in your very own Client Centre dashboard. LOCALiQ Client Centre is a part of our exclusive technology and is free to all LOCALiQ customers.

Client Centre not only houses your campaign performance broken down by month, week, or day, but also all the leads that your campaigns have generated from various channels.

Form fills and emails are ready to read on the dashboard so that you are able to follow up with potential customers immediately, and telephone calls are tracked and recorded so that you can listen back to qualify the quality of your leads.

Needless to say, all of our technology is 100% GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, and your customer data is only accessible to you or your other authorized business representatives.

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