Your Business Guide To Navigating The Uncertainty That Comes With COVID-19

Many local businesses have quickly pivoted their processes, marketing, and messaging to continue safely serving customers as best they can.

We know when we’re experiencing something daunting that feels out of our control, the best course of action is to develop a plan.

Your plan may change and evolve as the nature of what we’re experiencing develops, So we have put together a helpful guide to support you in getting your business back on track and set you up for post-pandemic success.

At LOCALiQ, we understand that this is a challenging time. Reach out today to learn how we can partner for success.

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  1. Four-step checklist
  2. Adapting your business
  3. Staying front of mind
  4. Building your presence


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We’re here to help with our business guide: Navigating the uncertainty that comes with COVID-19.

As a business owner, you have likely planned for a lot of situations: cancellations, a staff member calling in sick, late payments, and more. One thing you may or may not have been prepared for; the impact of a global pandemic on your business as well as your local community, friends and family.

As we find our way through the uncertainty that comes with Coronavirus, you may find yourself asking “how can your business continue operating in the interim new world?”, and “how can you make certain you’re setting yourself up for success in the long-term?”


We’ve got you covered with this four-step checklist of things you can do now.

Step 1

Adapt your business

Now is the time to adapt your business as much as possible. Ask yourself “what can you do to continue offering your goods and services – just in different ways – while keeping your employees safe?”

Step 2

Make sure your website is update

Our current situation is shifting daily. Businesses that were open last week are now closed, and consumers will likely turn to your website for updates from your company, so it’s important to keep it up to date.

Step 3

Stay front of mind

Because of the additional time spent at home, we’re all spending a lot more time online. whether we are consuming trusted news, browsing social media or researching future purchases. Not only is now the time to stay front of mind, but now is the time for businesses to engage their customers of tomorrow.

Step 4

Build your presence

As staying at home becomes the new normal and businesses change the way they operate, It is vital that you do an audit of your top local listings sites or work with your listings management partner to update your sites.

Adapting your business and getting ready for the new normal

As our lives are disrupted by the pandemic, both businesses and consumers are developing their behaviours. Whether that is more online activity, looking to cut spending or even looking to take this time to do that much-needed home renovation. One thing is for sure, how businesses are found, perceived and engaged with online is more important than ever.

Top Tips

Is your website mobile optimised?
Make sure the whole of your website provides the best experience it can for users.

Is your website geared to cope with an e-commerce world?
You can, with relative ease, build a new website or upgrade your existing site to sell goods and services online.

If you are changing your products or services – Shout about it!
Don’t assume people will automatically know of any business developments you make.

Circular image of a couple sat in a cafe, scrolling through an app on a shared mobile phone

How can we help?

  • Provide free website audits
  • Build a new or upgrade your existing site to an optimised e-commerce site
  • Provide awareness solutions to get your business adaptation front of mind
  • Support you in developing your online presence to ensure consumers can always find you
  • Provide practical guides and support on branding and messaging for your business

Did you know?

61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site.

Junto 2019

Website Services

All websites include chat functionality and our Client Centre software to manage leads and provide email marketing automation.

  • eCommerce Website – From £499
  • Brochure Website – From £499
  • Bespoke Website – P.O.E

We can provide free and impartial website audits for your business that include:

  • eCommerce Website – From £499
  • Brochure Website – From £499
  • Bespoke Website – P.O.E

Staying front of mind is more important than ever before


Your online reputation can make or break your business

This is particularly valid more so these days because consumer-brand relationships are becoming increasingly direct. In order to foster long-term relations, transparency and responsibility should be your key focus.

“Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.”

Richard Branson


Likewise, brand reputation (good or bad) spreads fast with consumers being highly connected. Those businesses that are conscious of these changes are best positioned to adjust.

Those businesses that remain visible and front of mind with consumers through difficult times are best placed to recover and grow.

Here at LOCALiQ, we use our expertise to put our data and your response at the heart of your awareness advertising. 

Our awareness solutions provide the best reach, frequency, value and response. They combine:

Social Media – We use our trusted Facebook brands to your advantage, through targeted, co-branded messages.

Targeted Display Advertising – We reach who you want at the time you want, minimising wastage and maximising opportunities to be seen by our trusted audience.

Site Wide Display – We use un-targeted site wide display ads to boost awareness and to get the best possible reach.


Our awareness solutions come with increased value and response based on commitment.

We have varied price points to suit all business needs, which are as follow:

  • 28 Day Awareness – Month Campaign
  • 90 Day Awareness – 3 Month Campaign
  • Always On Awareness – Annual Campaign

Did you know?

LOCALiQ run over 5000 digital display campaigns each month. Our average response rate out performs industry averages and we go beyond clicks with response data that makes a difference to your brand.

LOCALiQ – Campaign Centre October 2020

Building your presence is key

Circular image of a couple sat in a cafe, scrolling through an app on a shared mobile phone

The need for online presence and awareness of what a business has to offer has never been more apparent.

Our Always On Presence packs provide SME’s at all levels with the opportunity to ensure their online presence is accurate in the right places, reaching local communities across search engines, directories and local news-sites. This approach shouts the ethos of our Love Local approach.

Love Local Business Digital Marketing

Our Always On Presence bundles combine Google My Business listings, syndication of listing information across the Central Index Directories and promotion on local news-sites. Consider it a one stop shop for online presence from just £30 per month.

Did you know?

The average complete Google My Business listing gets over 25 visits per month. On average, 16% of listings get over 100 calls per month. 10% of these leads convert within 7 days.

Statista 2019

Our Always On Presence bundles include the following:

Promoted & Syndicated Listings

Not only across the Newsquest Network, but also across the central index of directories.

Google My Business

Engage with customers across the worlds biggest search engine. Take the hassle out of set up and management.

Additional Traffic Drivers

Benefit from featured business widgets and function ads to drive passive audiences from our trusted news-sites to your listings.

eCommerce Listings

Supercharge your directory with the ability to list up to 10 products or services that users can buy direct from your listing.

So, are you ready to get started?

LOCALiQ provides local businesses the way to build their presence, drive leads & awareness, manage leads and customers, and know what marketing investments work.

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