Pippa’s Guardians are an exclusive guardianship service, matching international students attending private boarding schools with accommodation and reputable, excellent care, support, and services outside of school and term time.

To do this, they require a directory of suitable, reliable, and caring host families and guardians they can rely on to care for overseas students on their books, who are based within particular postcodes.


Pippa’s Guardians had many overseas students and enquiries from their parents, however, they needed more families and guardians available for hosting.

Pippa’s Guardians weren’t doing any advertising before they partnered with us, so they were eager to see the value digital advertising and marketing could bring in driving credible host family leads within their chosen geographical locations.

Our client planned to send over each incoming lead to an appropriate area manager to follow up. They strategised to check the postcode of the prospect, to begin with, to clarify they lived in an appropriate area.

The area manager would then call the lead directly to thank them for registering their interest, and find out more about them; their day-to-day life, if they have children, what their relationship status is, etc.

Our task was to provide Pippa’s Guardians with marketing and advertising solutions that could enable and support this lead generation and nurturing strategy.


Pippa’s Guardians had been struggling to generate enquiries from potential hosts and needed new, innovative marketing strategies and solutions to do so.

They wanted to be able to track inbound leads and the sources they were coming from and be able to nurture them down the conversion journey funnel to increase the number of host families they worked with.

Our client was keen to acquire hosts who fitted in certain demographics and categories – such as hosts with gardens, who lived within particular postcodes.


LOCALiQ developed a Facebook Lead Ads campaign with very specific, detailed, and granular targeting. The geo-targeting on our client’s social campaign was switched regularly to attain leads from chosen, selective postcodes, and the lead ad form was tailored to provide area managers working at Pippa’s Guardians with specific information they needed before choosing whether or not to follow up the inbound enquiry and nurture the lead. To execute specific postcode targeting, LOCALiQ utilised first-party and proprietary mosaic audience data.

To accompany and strengthen our ongoing social campaign, we ran a search campaign for Pippa’s Guardians, as our Grader result and website scoring for Pippa’s Guardians were positive. Their website is strong and we felt using certain keywords would capture potential leads at different points of the consumer journey funnel.

We tracked all leads and conversions using our own technology, Client Centre, and Pippa’s Guardians were able to utilise Client Centre to monitor and nurture their leads.


Discover the fantastic results we generated for our client and find out more information by downloading our Pippa’s Guardians case study.

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