Even businesses with in-house marketing teams opt to use a social media marketing agency to accelerate their marketing, share the workload (implementing a social media strategy is a time-consuming task) and be guided by industry experts.

Some SMEs use a social media marketing agency to look after their paid, data-driven social media campaigns, whilst their in-house marketers care for their organic social content. Others use social media agencies so that their own marketing can concentrate on other marketing efforts such as outdoor and print advertising, email marketing and PR.

What are the benefits of using a social media marketing agency?

There aren’t any cons to using a social media agency. If you choose a reputable, credible marketing agency with proven success in your business niche or with other companies of a comparable size and position to your own (e-commerce, SME, large corporation, local franchise, etc) they will generate you more than enough ROI to cover your social media marketing agency fees, or will even exceed your expected ROI. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of working with a social media agency:

1. Access to technology you otherwise would not have

Some digital marketing agencies, such as LOCALiQ, own their own (or third-party) cutting-edge software and social media marketing technologies. Such as? We hear you ask.

Well, such technologies can include lead nurturing, CRM systems and conversion led CRM funnels, optimisation technology (which adjusts your digital marketing campaign in real-time with no human intervention to optimise towards a chosen goal) mosaic data and profiling (granular, detailed online targeting data and tools) and much more promotional technology than Facebook or Instagram can offer business users.

2. Experts in social media strategy

Social media account managers are experts in their field because they create and optimise a business’ social media campaigns daily. They have curated social media campaigns for an extensive list of businesses and have acquired the experience and knowledge to know what works when doing so.

They are also at the forefront of social media knowledge and social media algorithm changes meaning your social media campaigns will always be in the most adaptive and capable hands. Reputable SMM agencies (like our lovely selves!) will be partners of Facebook, Google, Bing and other industry giants.

Furthermore, social media marketing companies are paid to care for your social media campaigns, meaning they will yield the best results possible.

3. Access to historical social media campaign data

The best social media marketing agencies possess an enormous amount of data detailing what has worked for all types of companies, campaign types and verticals, and industry niches. Chances are they will have worked with businesses of a similar size, vertical and niche to you who have had the same business goals as you, and they will have seen what works on social media for them, and what doesn’t.

Any social media marketing agency worth your money will use their historical data to make data-driven decisions for your social media campaigns whilst tailoring them to your individual objectives.

4. On-the-ball efficiency

Social media marketing agencies can make instant changes to your campaigns and because it’s their primary focus, they will be able to plan, build and execute a large, powerful social media marketing campaign for you within a realistic matter of days or weeks.

5. Extra care and consideration

Social media marketing companies should not produce slap-dash campaigns or short-term solutions for your business, because it is in their interests to generate the best results for your business, as well as your own.

Not only do they have a reputation for being a good social media marketing agency to upkeep, but they also want to be able to produce impressive case studies with proven results to show their own potential prospects.

Therefore, every change they make to your social marketing campaigns, no matter how small, will be done with uttermost care and consideration.

Additionally, your social media campaigns will be under continuous observation, so if anything did go wrong it would be picked up and rectified immediately.

6. Knowledge of all best social media practices

Social media marketing specialists have their finger on the pulse across the social media marketing industry.

What was once a great social media marketing strategy won’t work anymore. Why? The approaches to achieving social media success are always shifting as technologies and marketplaces change – and you won’t need to be bothered by any of it if you use a social media marketing agency!

Social media experts are fully qualified in social media marketing and management and are kept up to date with social media best practices, including ever-adjusting approaches towards social media practices – such as correct hashtag usage, social media engagement strategies, posting frequencies and algorithm favourability.

7. Will give you invaluable advice on your other digital marketing practices

Digital marketing agencies and social media specialists can advise you on your organic social media marketing efforts as well as other digital marketing practices you undertake. They want to see you succeed, and it’s always brilliant to have an outsider’s perspective – especially when they are at the forefront of the digital marketing industry.

Marketers have experience across a broad range of marketing practices such as display advertising, search advertising, print and more – and they will be able to advise you on all of them.

8. Tried and tested social media techniques

Social media agencies know what works and what doesn’t. There may be times they advise you against doing something you want to achieve your business goals.

SMM agencies are familiar with and experts in social media strategies to accelerate brand awareness, boost your business reach, increase leads, refine lead quality, increase e-commerce sales, drive footfall and many more.

They are also incredibly knowledgeable on using the right creatives, branding and content marketing techniques to fulfil your social media goals.

9. Thinking outside the box (what box?)

If you are needing a new, creative marketing campaign or a brand refresh, a digital marketing agency will provide you with the best, avant-garde and lucrative ideas to do so to achieve your business objectives.

Any plausible social media agency will work hard to produce innovative ideas for your social media marketing campaigns to take your business to the next level.

10. You will have more time to run your business

Leave the social media stuff in the hands of a capable digital agency and you will free up a momentous amount of time to focus on the day-to-day running and managing of your business and employees, which should never be neglected.

63% of customers expect companies to offer customer service through their social media, so you may need to manage that side of things whilst your chosen marketing agency looks after your social media advertising for you.

11. Proven results you can see for your business

Your chosen social media agency has the responsibility of sharing your results with you at any given time, explaining them and then using the results to make decisions regarding your social media campaign – this is what we call data-driven decisions at LOCALiQ.

It is in any dependable social media agency’s best interest to produce results and generate strong improvements to your existing lead generation and sales figures through social media marketing.

Furthermore, a strong social media agency will be able to prove a track record of strong results and success stories for businesses they have worked with. They should be able to advise you on the social media practices that will bring the best results for your business, including choosing the right social media channels for your company.

12. The ROI covers social media agency fees

It always boils down to money – you work hard and you want to ensure you are not wasting your hard-earned pennies.

The most stand-out benefit of using a social media agency is that your social media marketing campaigns should be generating you an ROI that covers or meets your agency fee, whilst generating measurable results, bringing you new customers and more profits.

13. You’ll have your own business cheerleader!

Not only will you have a marketing mentor, but you’ll also have your own cheerleader. When you work with a social media agency, you’re going to see major improvements to your business and marketing, because your dedicated social media specialist wants you to succeed and wants to deliver you impressive and strong results. They’re also passionate about using social media and marketing to help businesses, and they want to help YOU!

Choosing the right social media agency for your business

We hope this guide has helped you and if you want further reading, our blog everything you need to consider when choosing a social media agency may be of use. If you think we would be a great fit for your business then contact us today for an informal chat.

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