LOCALiQ has launched an exclusive study to detail the state of digital marketing in the UK. This is the second UK-wide State of Digital Marketing Survey undertaken by LOCALiQ; this time we hope to have even more businesses and digital marketers participate.

To complete the survey please visit the survey page 

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Why is LOCALiQ conducting this survey?

In 2022 LOCALiQ surveyed over 300 large and small businesses. The data revealed that almost 50% of marketers thought that marketing had changed more in the last 2 years than in the past 50.

In addition to this, 70% of respondents reported they struggled to keep up with advancements in marketing technology. Over the past 12 months, we have seen a meteoric rise in AI. In this year’s State of Digital Marketing Survey, LOCALiQ will look to uncover if and how businesses have adapted to this technological shift and the challenges and opportunities businesses will no doubt be confronted with now that AI has started to take centre stage.

The survey will dive deeper into the industry’s hottest topics such as AI and marketing technology, whilst also revealing what UK businesses deem to be the critical elements of digital marketing. From marketing channels and marketing performance to budgets and trend predictions. These answers can help form a better understanding of the current state of marketing in the UK whilst also outlining what is in store for 2024 and beyond.

The past 12 months have been some of the most turbulent yet for marketers. The constant changes combined with stretched marketing budgets mean it has never been more vital for businesses to understand exactly how their investments shape up compared to those of their competitors.

LOCALiQ believes that this year’s State of Digital Marketing Report will help many local businesses understand how they compare against similar businesses and assess their current and future marketing plans.

Nikki Broxup, LOCALiQ’s Marketing Director commented “The digital marketing industry has experienced significant developments over the past year. AI is everywhere, with businesses navigating how to balance the benefits while mitigating the potential drawbacks. As the leading digital marketing partner to local businesses across the UK, and with insights into more than 200 local communities through our Newsquest publications, we’re excited to launch our 2023 State of Digital Marketing Survey, enabling us to gain a comprehensive understanding of how local businesses have tackled and surmounted challenges, as well as pinpoint the crucial digital marketing strategies for the future.”


What questions can I expect in the survey?

This survey will explore many facets of digital marketing including email marketing, search engine marketing and social media marketing including social media platforms. The survey will also consider ad spend as well as other marketing efforts.

The survey will be open until 30th September, then we will review all feedback and responses and formulate the end report to which you will get exclusive access prior to general release.


Why should I get involved in the survey?

LOCALiQ invites all UK business owners and marketing personnel to complete the survey and contribute to this extensive research. Filling in this survey will not only help us understand what changes have affected businesses in the last year, but you can also use results from this survey to help you plan your marketing for 2024 and benchmark yourselves against other businesses in similar industries.

As a thank you for participating, all participants will get an exclusive first look at the survey later this year and will also be entered into a prize draw to win an Amazon gift card.

To complete the survey please visit the survey page 



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