Instagram are aiming to be the best place for creators to make a livelihood doing what they love, while also assisting brands in achieving business goals by tapping into new trends and audiences. They are releasing a set of new tools to let creators and brands connect and collaborate on Instagram through brand partnerships and more to help them monetise on the platform. From a dedicated partnership messages inbox to a tool for creators to compile a list of suitable partners.


What are Instagram’s new content partnership features?

Earlier this year, Facebook and Instagram revealed their plans to “help creators make a living in the long run” during an Instagram Live. A “branded content marketplace” was one of the features. It would position Instagram as a one-stop shop for influencers to discover brands to work with and vice versa.

With this latest release, creators may now add a digital storefront to their profile’s view shop button to showcase products or collections that are already part of their affiliate partnerships and earn a commission on sales. Participating brands that creators are interested in working with can now be added to their favourite brand’s list, giving them first preference when brands are looking for creators.

Here are all the new branded content partnership features we’ve heard about so far:


Partnership messages

On Instagram, creators and brands are frequently bombarded with direct messages ranging from product questions to requests to collaborate. With so many messages coming in, it’s easy to overlook a possible opportunity to collaborate with the ideal brand. In addition, Instagram is introducing a new DMs folder dedicated solely to partnership communications. The new folder is designed to guarantee that creators don’t miss out on possibilities from businesses whose messages could otherwise get lost in their inboxes. So that businesses and creators can identify and manage their content relationships, partnership messages will skip the requests folder and be prioritised.

Instagram Partnership Inbox.Image Source 

Brands can now use data and custom filters to find the right creators for their campaigns. They can then manage several campaigns and creators by organising shortlists.


Additional branded content investments

By developing a branded content Reels ad, businesses can now reach a wider audience in Reels. With additional account permissions, creators can allow trusted brand partners to create branded content advertising based on any of the creator’s tagged feeds, stories, or reels that feature the brand. Creators will be able to promote branded content placed in feeds, stories, and reels directly from the app for the first time to help enhance the reach of their content. Keep your eyes peeled: In the coming months, Instagram will be rolling out this capability to all branded content providers around the world.


Shops for affiliate creators

Through Instagram’s native affiliate network, they know that creators work with brands as well. They’re now allowing creators in their affiliate test to add a digital storefront to their Instagram profile, where they can showcase all of the things, they love in one location. Within the View Shop tab on their profile, creators can exhibit specific products or groups of products, and they’ll earn a commission for the purchases they drive.

Instagram Shops for Affiliate Creators.Image Source 

These brand-creator collaboration capabilities are a key part of Instagram’s continued commitment to helping creators make a living on Instagram, whether they’re working with brands, earning money through advertising, getting support from their audience, or earning Instagram incentives directly. Instagram are pleased to push out these features to additional creators and brands as they continue to test and refine them.


Data-Driven influencer search

Brands will be able to find and select top creators for their campaigns using data and specialised filters, according to Instagram. They can then organise shortlists to easily manage multiple campaigns. Brands will benefit greatly from this because they will be able to analyse verified data for a large pool of potential creators – all within Instagram.

Instagram Data-Driven Influencer Search.Image Source 


Preferred brand partners list

This new feature puts creators in control. They can create a favourite brands list of brands they’d like to work with. When participating brands are looking for potential collaborators, they will be given priority in this way. Consider it like putting your name at the top of the VIP list and letting a business know right away that you want to collaborate with them.Instagram Preferred Brand Partners List.Image Source 


What does this mean for influencer partnerships in the future?

Instagram is sending a message to creators, brands, and influencer marketing agencies alike with the introduction of these new capabilities. Is it possible that reliance on agencies will reduce if everything from discovery to collaboration can all be done within the app? That remains to be seen. What we do know is that Instagram intends to expand its influencer marketing capabilities. Instagram notes that it will continue to test and refine these features and make them available to more creators and brands in the future.

Instagram is one of numerous digital platforms that are attempting to make it easier for brands and creators to collaborate. TikTok, for example, provides a Creator MarketPlace where marketers may find top TikTok personalities to use in their advertising campaigns. Similarly, Pinterest has introduced tools to assist creators in forming partnerships with brands on its platform.


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