The first step in using LinkedIn to recruit talent or attract clients is to develop a unique business page. Even though it isn’t the largest or most widely used network, it still has a massive global audience and is the most reputable social media platform in the game.

All of this is to argue that, in both B2B and B2C digital marketing, LinkedIn can be a great tool for brand building and lead generation. Consider your LinkedIn company page to be a digital cover letter. You want it to be informative and intriguing so that users have a positive first impression of your business. Are you ready to improve your LinkedIn profile?

LOCALiQ FREE Social Media Account Audit Template

Social Media Account Audit Template

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Why create a LinkedIn Business Page?

With over 55 million businesses competing for the attention of over 720 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most active professional networking platform. A properly-optimised LinkedIn Company Page gives a big opportunity to promote your brand as an industry thought leader, as well as a slew of other benefits, such as:

  • Lead generation: LinkedIn exposure to a brand or product can boost purchase intent by 33%. Here on LinkedIn, decision-makers congregate, and this is your chance to get in front of them.
  • Recruitment: Every minute, three new people get hired on LinkedIn. This is the place to see and be seen if you’re looking for today’s top talent.
  • Publicity: Consider LinkedIn to be another avenue for the media to reach you or for the general public to learn more about what’s new and noteworthy with the business.
  • Discoverability: Creating a LinkedIn page is simply the best practice for SEO. Having a formal presence here will aid in your visibility in search results.


How to create a LinkedIn Business Page

You’ll need to register a personal LinkedIn account first if you haven’t already. Let’s get started:

1. Click Company on the Create a LinkedIn Page page.

Creating a LinkedIn Business Page.Image Source

2. Fill in the company details: A page preview shows how the page will look as you add content. Choose a memorable URL for your company. Make it the same as your username on other social media platforms if possible.

3. Add your company logo and tagline: This step is optional, but it should not be skipped. Pages with detailed information receive more views.

4. Click Create Page.

5. Add extra detail: Your URL, a detailed description with keywords, and your location should all be included. (However, keep in mind that you’ll be able to modify these later if necessary!)

6. Continue by adding a custom button, a content post, and relevant hashtags to your page.

Build your LinkedIn Business Page.Image Source

7. Remember to include a cover image. Currently, a format of 1128PX by 191PX is recommended.

8. Invite your contacts to follow you and expand your exposure.

Of course, creating your page is only the first step toward getting involved in the LinkedIn community. Read on for some recommendations on how to improve your LinkedIn Company Page for maximum interaction and results if you want to make the most of this networking-focused platform.


Make sure your LinkedIn profile and cover photos are of good quality

Making your LinkedIn company profile attractive is one of the simplest ways to get new leads. What’s the first step? Use a high-resolution profile and cover photo. These photos, especially the cover image, serve to establish your brand, make you appear professional, and provide you with an opportunity to promote your objective uniquely. Consider Square, for example. The cover image, which also serves as the company’s tagline, informs newcomers that the company creates cutting-edge products. You want to understand more about what they do when you see it.

LinkedIn profile and cover photos.Image Source 

Remember: The photos you use on LinkedIn should match those you use on other social media networks. This will offer your company a more professional appearance and make you more clearly identifiable.


Use keywords that are relevant to improve your SEO

Completed business pages receive 30% more weekly views on LinkedIn, so it’s worth filling out every area, including your contact information and business size. The summary and overview are the most significant parts of your LinkedIn business page. On the page, your company summary displays directly beneath your name. It must be concise and to the point.

Meanwhile, the overview provides an opportunity to describe your brand’s narrative in greater depth. Here you can tell people about your company’s history, products, and values. By using relevant keywords in both the summary and overview, you can enhance your reach on LinkedIn. These keywords assist LinkedIn in recognising what your business does, allowing you to rank higher in search results. To increase your visibility, incorporate keywords directly in your company name.


Share interesting and valuable content

Posting meaningful information like company success stories or milestones is one of the most effective methods to establish an engaged group on LinkedIn. Employees can also be highlighted in your LinkedIn content strategy. This form of content promotes business culture by recognising existing employees while also attracting potential job applications.

It’s critical to think about your LinkedIn objectives and tailor your content strategy accordingly. If you want to recruit people, you might tell them about your company’s perks. Sharing thought leadership content (such as articles, data reports, and opinion pieces) would be more beneficial if you’re utilising LinkedIn to attract new clients or customers.

Remember: Use LinkedIn Analytics to fine-tune your content strategy. The built-in analytics tools allow you to track the success of your LinkedIn posts and discover more about the demographics of your followers. This information will give you valuable insight into the types of content that your target audience prefers. For example, you might discover that video posts about your products or services are the most effective. You may make informed judgements about your LinkedIn marketing approach based on those insights.


Use Content Suggestions on your LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn Page super, content and curator admins can use the Content Suggestions function to find and distribute content that their member community is engaging with. Trending Articles, Employee Milestones, and Company News are among the proposed content.

Use Content Suggestions:

1. Access your Page admin view.

2. Click the Content tab.

– If the tab has a Locked icon on it, finish your Page to unlock Content Suggestions.

3. Select one of the following tabs: Trending Articles, Employee Milestones, or Company News.

Trending Articles: Displays content recommendations based on LinkedIn’s current trends.

Employee Milestones: This is a chance to welcome new employees or congratulate them on a promotion or a significant milestone in their career.

Company News: Shows content recommendations based on news mentions of your company.


Share Trending Articles

1. On the right side of the page, use the audience type (all LinkedIn users, Page followers, or Employees), industry, location, job function, and seniority filters.

Note: The anticipated audience size must not fall below 300 people.

2. Click Share when you’ve found the right article.

3. Add your supporting text.

4. To change the privacy settings, go to the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate audience. Anyone is the default setting. Find out more about the various targeting options.

5. Click the Edit icon to change the article’s image and title.

– Click the camera icon to change the image. Click Next after selecting a file from your device.

– Click Edit article title to alter the title of the article. Then click Save after you’ve entered your text.

6. Click Next.

7. Select a hashtag (optional).

8. Click Post.


Share Employee Milestones

Celebrate an employee:

1. Next to the correct employee’s name, click Welcome or Say Congratulations.

2. Choose a background image (required).

3. To change the privacy settings, go to the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate audience. Again, anyone is the default setting.

4. Make any necessary changes to the accompanying text.

5. Select Add hashtag and type in the appropriate text.

6. Press the Post button.


Share Your Company News

1. Locate the appropriate content and share it.

2. Enter your supporting text.

3. To change the privacy settings, go to the dropdown menu and choose the correct audience. Anyone is the default setting.

4. To edit the article image and title, click the Edit icon.

– Click the camera icon to change the image. Select a file from your device and click Next.

– Click Edit article title to alter the title of the article. Enter your text and click Save.

5. Click Next.

6. Select a hashtag.

7. Click Post.


Use LinkedIn’s new features to encourage engagement

Another method to make your company page more active, engaging, and visually striking, is to use LinkedIn’s new features. LinkedIn Live, one of the platform’s most recent product releases, is an excellent place to start. This function allows you to share live-streamed videos, which receive 24x more comments than videos in the feed.

You can also use LinkedIn Live to create virtual events, such as fireside talks or “ask me anything” Q&As, which stimulate participation and help you build a community. Similarly, LinkedIn Stories allow you to communicate with your network in a more casual way. Stories, which have a 24-hour duration, provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your organisation. You can also create polls if your concentration is on in-feed content.

Create polls for your LinkedIn Business Page.Image Source 

They allow you to directly ask questions of your audience and are an excellent approach to discovering more about them. Furthermore, the more people who interact with your poll, the more likely it is to appear in other users’ feeds.


Cross-promote your online platforms

Do you have a devoted newsletter following? Or a thriving Instagram or Twitter following? If that’s the case, you can use those current channels to increase your LinkedIn company page. You can share links to your LinkedIn page on Instagram, for example, to increase traffic to your posts. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can directly add those links to your stories.


Join groups to build authority and community

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to meet individuals in your industry who share your interests, and they may also help you develop your business organically.

LinkedIn groups.Image Source 

Begin by choosing a few LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to your sector, and then start participating in discussions. Build trust and authority by offering valuable advice, insight, or even sharing your personal experience, rather than being overly salesy. Members will be more likely to check out (and follow!) your LinkedIn company profile if the stuff you share in groups is valuable.


Expand your network

According to LinkedIn, if a page has 150 followers, it has a far better chance of growing. To help your company’s page take off, urge your co-workers to like, comment on, or share the company’s most recent posts. You can also incorporate industry hashtags and tag relevant people in your posts to help people find your content.

Another effective strategy to increase your network and gain credibility is to share other people’s material (connecting with high-visibility posts helps you show up in the correct people’s feeds).

Expand your network on your LinkedIn Business Page.Image Source 

Remember: To get into existing networks, collaborate with businesses and publications that share your target audience.


Target specific demographics with sponsored content

Imagine having complete control over who sees your posts. You certainly can by using LinkedIn ads. You may target your audience by job title, function, industry, and more with sponsored content. It’s a lot easier to make sure certain individuals see your content this way.

The advantage of placing advertising on LinkedIn is that you’ll reach your target audience when they’re in a professional frame of mind. You’re also reaching your audience where they’re most engaged because advertising seems like regular posts and appears right in consumers’ feeds. You can create ad campaigns, boost your most popular posts to increase their reach and get insights into how your ads are performing with LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager.


Publish visual content

LinkedIn, like most platforms, is increasingly becoming a visual-first platform. The days of entirely text-based posts are long gone. Images and videos will now appear at the top of your LinkedIn Home Feed. Sharing photographs and videos as a company on LinkedIn is a terrific way to stand out. Plus, photos receive twice the engagement of text-only posts.

You can even use LinkedIn’s document capability to share a multi-page PDF, Word document, or presentation if you’re feeling extra creative. Because LinkedIn papers can be viewed in a scrollable style, they’re ideal for brands and businesses to distribute dynamic, engaging, and high-value content.


Build a career page

According to Glassdoor, 69% of job seekers are more inclined to apply to a company that actively promotes its culture online; LinkedIn claims that prospects who are familiar with a company are 1.8 times more likely to apply for a job. Though this is a premium tool, LinkedIn Career Pages are an excellent method to boost your recruitment efforts by showcasing your company culture in its best light.


Keep up to date on the LinkedIn algorithm

LinkedIn, like many social media platforms, is continually modifying and altering its algorithm to provide users with ever-more compelling content. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest secret formula for success so you don’t lose out on a chance for a little boost. For example, LinkedIn gives early adopters of new features an algorithmic uplift, so keep a lookout for launches and beta-testing opportunities to get ahead of the competition.


Host a virtual event

Livestream events are a great way to develop a community and attract an audience to your website. You can also create a native event landing page, quickly share virtual events with your followers, and optimise promotion with prominent call-to-action buttons and banners using LinkedIn’s virtual event promotion tools. Attendees receive a confirmation email and notifications, before the event. It’s simple to communicate with viewers via the Livestream chat during the event. After the event, you may use the video option on your Company Page to show off-stream highlights.


Ready for the next steps with your incredible new LinkedIn Business Page? Your LinkedIn page is the ideal starting point for your company’s LinkedIn engagement campaigns. You can increase brand awareness, attract a talented pool of employment candidates, and develop your business now that you know how to establish and optimise your company’s page, alongside everything else.

 Talk to our experts today if you would like more assistance optimising your LinkedIn Business Page.


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LOCALiQ FREE Social Media Account Audit Template

Social Media Account Audit Template

Audit and optimise all of your social accounts with our free, downloadable template.

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