If you’re reading this, you’ve probably encountered a problem with your Facebook page or your Meta Ads, and are frantically searching for “How to contact Facebook support” or even “How to contact Meta support.” The path to contacting Facebook/Meta can be complicated, but fear not. We’re here to help. In this article, we break down 7 ways to contact Facebook support and resolve your problems ASAP.

What is Meta Support?

Meta Support, or Facebook Support, refers to Meta’s resources and customer service, specifically designed to help users and businesses address problems and effectively use Meta platforms. The issues that you can solve via Facebook or Meta Support include troubleshooting for ad campaigns, account-related issues, general inquiries and guidance on platform and community standards.

Facebook or Meta Support is delivered through a variety of channels. The level of support each user received depends on whether they use Facebook/Meta products for personal or business reasons. It can range from how-to guides to a one-on-one chat with a customer service representative. In this article, we focus mainly on business support, but we also touch upon support options that individual users can make use of.

How to contact Facebook Support: Individual users

Facebook Help Center

If you’re an individual user, Facebook Help Center is your best bet. To access Facebook Help Center, sign in to your Facebook account, click your profile picture (upper right corner) and then click on “Help & Support.” You’re then presented with three options. Choose “Help Center.” Alternatively, visit this page.

In Facebook Help Center, you can use the search bar to look for specific topics or issues you’re encountering, or click on one of the pre-populated popular topics. Either way, it’s a great tool to use if your query isn’t too complex. It also means you can get an answer to your question and solve your problem in no time.

Report a problem

If you’re encountering a very specific issue or want to leave feedback, you can do so by reporting it directly to Meta. To report your problem, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, select “Help & Support” and then “Report A Problem.”

From there, you can choose between “Help us improve Facebook” or “Something went wrong.” If you click on “Something went wrong,” you can report broken features, such as technical glitches, and include complete logs and diagnostics in your report. After you write your report and submit it, Meta support will investigate and respond accordingly. This can take a few days, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get an immediate answer!

If you’re reporting a hacked account, go here to get more tailored help.

How to contact Meta support: For Businesses

Business Help Center

If you run a business, have a Facebook page or are an advertiser, Business Help Center is the business equivalent to Facebook Help Center. In Business Help Center, you can find useful information about:

  • How to troubleshoot a disabled ad account
  • Advertising restrictions
  • How to troubleshoot a restricted ad
  • Why some ads are approved and other rejected

and so on. Simply enter your query in the search bar to get started.

In Business Help Center, you can also access additional resources. These include the handy Facebook ads guide and Meta Blueprint, which consists of self-paced courses and tutorials to help you get started with all Meta products.

Business Help Center Support

If you still need help, click on “Get Support,” located in the upper right corner of the screen in Business Help Center. From there, you’ll be taken to https://business.facebook.com/business-support-home/?source=business_help_center_support

Here, you can view recent account issues. These are accounts and assets that need attention due to not complying with Meta’s advertising policies. From there, click on “Contact Support,” where you’ll be asked to specify what issue you’re having, and fill out a form detailing your issue. Once you’ve provided all the details, click on “Start Chat.” A customer service representative will contact you via Messenger, where they’ll try to solve your problem.

Resources from official pages

Meta has various pages within Facebook that provide information about its specific products or services. Some are pretty up to date and post recent product updates or changes. So if Meta products are your bread and butter, it’s good to keep an eye on these pages to make sure you’re up to date with the latest information. Here are a few of them:

Facebook – The main Facebook resource page

Meta for Developers – As the name suggests, this one’s specifically for developers with back-end questions

Meta For Business – Provides the latest information to companies using Meta products and services

Meta for Media – This page explores how public figures and media organisations are using Meta products

Design at Meta – Meta’s community of digital designers

Engineering at Meta – Meta’s community of engineers

Meta on Twitter/X

The Meta page on Twitter/X is a good way to know when Facebook and other Meta products are down. When this happens, there’s usually an update on Twitter/X, directly from Meta. If you have a specific issue that can’t be solved using the above methods, you might want to send a tweet to the official Meta profile, or get involved in the conversation. You’re not guaranteed a reply, but it’s worth a try!

Wrapping up

Contacting Meta can be a headache. However, the various resources available directly from Meta, as well as the live chat function, ensure businesses don’t lose steam because of their issues with Meta products, and can solve them in no time.


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