Types of Social Media Advertising

Wondering where to start with social media advertising? Well, it begins with platforms – the social media network you’re going to use to advertise on!

The following social media networks offer advertising solutions for businesses;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram (owned by Facebook)
  • Whatsapp (owned by Facebook)
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

Choosing which social media platforms to advertise on doesn’t have to be tricky. You simply need to opt for the networks that your audience uses most actively.

Therefore, if you’re wanting to reach Gen-Z, TikTok could be best for you, or if you’re wanting to target professionals of a specific job title and seniority, LinkedIn and Facebook are your answer. It’s important to note that each social media channel is built differently so they all serve individual business purposes – for example, Snapchat is best for connection and community building and inclusivity, Instagram is best for retailers wanting to showcase their creativity and products visually.

Social media marketing and advertising goals

Once you’ve chosen the social media channel you’re going to advertise on, you’ll need to think about the business and marketing goal you want to achieve from your social media advertising campaign – define this before you advertise on social media.

When constructing a social media campaign, you can actually set which goal you’d like to achieve and the social platform will optimise towards it (each platform’s goals will vary slightly).

Social media advertising campaign goals include;

  • Increasing business leads
  • Driving website clicks
  • Generating follows from increased profile/page visits
  • Expanding reach, online presence, and brand awareness
  • Generating engagement to strengthen and build your online community
  • Re-converting previous clients and prospects

Additional social media advertising considerations

When planning and setting up a social media campaign, you also need to plan;

  • The duration your social media advertising campaign will run for
  • The social media budget you’ll allocate to the advertising campaign
  • The audiences you need to target to reach your goal (locations, behaviours, interests, demographics). You can create audience personas to help you determine this.
  • Which ad format will work best. Each ad format serves a different creative purpose, and each channel offers variations of them. Ad formats on Facebook include carousels, single image, and collections.
  • The creatives and content you need to create for your advertising campaign. As well as creating and managing your campaign, all reputable social media agencies will design your advertising creatives for you.

Social media advertising with LOCALiQ

At LOCALiQ, we run articulate social media advertising campaigns that are tailored to individual businesses and built to deliver defined goals. We manage, build and execute social media marketing campaigns across the world’s most used and popular social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Let’s start with Facebook and Instagram then, shall we?

Why Facebook and Instagram advertising is better with LOCALiQ

Meticulous, detailed audience targeting

LOCALiQ offers unique, methodical audience targeting to increase an advertising campaigns effectiveness.  So, not only will your campaign have Facebook’s detailed, expansive social targeting capabilities, you will also have LOCALiQ’s historical, mosaic audience profiling and proprietary data at hand to reach the very people who are going to become your customers.

Boosted social media campaign optimisation

Furthermore, alongside Facebook’s own social campaign optimisation techniques, your social media campaigns will be furtherly boosted with LOCALiQ’s very own unique campaign optimisation technologies, which adjust your budget and advertising campaign to better reach your business goal – whether that’s increased leads, traffic or engagement.

Fully managed social campaigns

LOCALiQ design all creatives for clients and when you run social media advertising campaigns with us, you can switch off knowing your campaign is in safe, skilled and fully qualified Facebook Blueprint hands. Each Facebook and Instagram campaign we run for clients has its own IRL human assigned to look after it, and our Digital Account Managers analyse your campaign’s performance daily and adjust accordingly when needed.

Full social campaign performance visibility

Our very own Client Centre offers our clients 24/7 access to their campaign results, analytics and leads, giving you full visibility on your campaign spend and performance. Within Client Centre is a functional and practical lead management suite you can use to nurture invested prospects further down your consumer journey funnel.

Unique, tailored Facebook and Instagram advertising products

We offer Facebook and Instagram advertising solutions that other social media marketing agencies, and Facebook themselves, do not provide.

Read on to see what we can offer you and your company.

Types of Facebook and Instagram advertising with LOCALiQ

  • Smart Ads - Smart Ads is a combined social media advertising solution, unique to LOCALiQ, which runs not one, not two, but THREE advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram which are each optimised to reach three different goals. The three goals are 1. Boosted website clicks 2. Increase lead volumes 3. Audience retargeting to increase conversions. audiences. It is a 3-in-1 social media advertising solution that boosts your brand awareness, drives leads, increases web clicks and retargets users who have interacted with your advert yet not converted. So, in short, it’s powerful! Find out more about our exclusive Smart Ads solution here.
  • Lead Ads - Facebook Lead Ads is an advertising solution that encourages specifically targeted Facebook users to click on an advert with a call-to-action such as ‘Learn More,’ and fill in a pre-populated form that has been customised to suit your business goals. This product increases business prospects and improves lead quality. It’s a perfect problem solver for companies that have a long customer research and consideration phase.
  • Web Clicks - Facebook Web Clicks is a social advertising product optimised to drive and increase direct website clicks for businesses. This is an ideal solution for companies wanting to increase their website traffic to convert sales.  If you have a strong website with multiple call-to-action and conversion points, this is your go-to. It literally places your website under the nose of prospects and likely-to-be-very-intrigued parties.
  • Retargeting – a retargeting social media campaign has the job of targeting the online users who have previously engaged with or were served one of your adverts on social media, yet did not take further action, in an attempt to bring them back to your business and lead them down the conversion funnel. This is a great product for businesses with a high AOV or considered purchase.

Other types of social media advertising with LOCALiQ

Alongside our simple yet extremely effective Facebook and Instagram offering, we also provide TikTok and Snapchat advertising solutions for businesses just like yours.

  • TikTok - Our TikTok advertising solutions place your brand in front of a young audience who are passionate about what they believe in. If you can leverage TikTok to build an engaged millennial and Gen-Z following your business will excel and you will generate a brand new, loyal customer base.
  • Snapchat - Our innovative Snapchat advertising solutions are curated to build a connection between your business and customers. Use Snapchat advertising to develop a deeper understanding of your audience, build a community around your business and enhance your consumer relationships.

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