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We are a TikTok marketing agency that delivers impactful video marketing for UK-based businesses. Increase your sales with social media’s fastest-growing platform.

Unlock new opportunities.

Swipe up and explore exciting ad formats for your business.

Connect with today’s generation and place your brand at the centre of innovative storytelling and creativity with LOCALiQ’s TikTok advertising services.

Launched in 2016, TikTok has soared in popularity to dominate the app charts and offers a unique audience base with more than 500 million active users every month – work with our meme-loving experts and take your brand viral on TikTok.

A rapidly evolving platform with mass potential for your business, stay ahead of the competition by tapping into our TikTok advertising services today.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing app which allows users to create and share short-form videos on any topic, think a mini-version of YouTube for your business, with videos ranging from five to sixty seconds in length.

The platform encourages your creativity and helps you inspire your audience using filters, stickers, voiceovers, sound effects and more.

A make-up artist preparing to host a tutorial on TikTok
A make-up artist preparing to host a tutorial on TikTok

Praise for our TikTok marketing services…

"Using the LOCALiQ team to run our online campaign was best for us. From the first meeting, they understood our business and how to convey us to potential customers. The campaign was professional and is now key to the growth of our business"

The Mowden

"LOCALiQ and their social media team have done an excellent job on my campaign. My company has really benefited from this"

Mal Bingham, Managing Director – Cavalier Kitchens

"We were satisfied with the campaign results and LOCALiQ's reporting - the customer service was brilliant, and we could find no fault with our account manager. I recommend LOCALiQ to anyone - brilliant service right from the start"

Debbie Benson – Flair Blinds

Our TikTok advertising services.

Our award-winning TikTok agency supports you with TikTok’s paid ads, giving you a head start on the competition while helping you to promote your products effectively. Explore our TikTok services below.

In-Feed Ads

Video designed to inspire your target audience. Displayed within the native news feed, we create In-Feed Ads alongside the organic TikTok posts, fuelling Interactions with your users.

We add clear CTAs to drive action to your site, catching those all-important leads.

Brand Takeover Ads

Generate awareness and drive sales with our Brand Takeover Ads. Like In-Feed Ads, Brand Takeovers will appear when your targeted users open the app and within their For You Page as still images, videos, or gifs with clickable links to a TikTok landing page.

Although expensive, they are great value for building brand awareness.

TopView Ads

Subtly increase brand exposure with our TopView ads. Working similarly to Brand Takeover ads, TopView Ads will occupy your users’ first in-feed post after three seconds rather than when they first sign in to TikTok.

Think of them as your Tik Tok campaign’s plan B for Brand Takeovers.

Branded Hashtag Ads

Another advert on TikTok, Branded Hashtags, is an option for boosting engagement and brand awareness. Partner with us and create a fun, engaging campaign encouraging your audience to create user-generated content to promote your business.

Start a hashtag challenge and go viral with LOCALiQ.

Branded Effects Ads

Partner with us, and we will help you design an advert with your custom filter on the app, lasting up to ten days – these ads are a great way to increase user engagement.

Stickers, AR Effects and branded lenses, the possibilities are endless for your business.

Spark Ads

Boost your popular organic posts with TikTok’s Spark Ads. We help you analyse your previous posts and build authentic engagement with your audience, promoting existing content which hits the spot.

With no advertising restrictions, we ensure your content lands with an engaged audience.

How can TikTok advertising help you?

Not only is TikTok one of the world’s most popular social media platforms – there are many more benefits too:

  • Advertising on TikTok is budget-friendly, with many payment options available
  • TikTok trends help to maximise exposure with your audience
  • TikTok offers various ads formats to help boost user engagement
  • Trending videos inspire your audience and are an effective way to make sales
  • Working with TikTok content creators will help generate brand awareness for your business
  • TikTok’s user engagement is at an all-time high providing you with more lead opportunities
A small business owner researching how TikTok advertising can help their company

Why use LOCALiQ?

We’re an award-winning full-service TikTok marketing agency, specialising in local marketing and the growth of your business.

Our team of digital marketers will provide you with expert marketing support – from PPC campaign management and professional SEO and web design services to paid social, digital display advertising and much more. Plus, we are Basildon’s local search specialists.

What sets us apart?

  • Our 35+ UK locations ensure we’re at the heart of your local community
  • Our UK-first Cross Media Optimisation platform enables you to streamline your paid advertising budget
  • Our exclusive Client Centre reporting and analytics technology puts you in control of your digital marketing campaigns
  • Enjoy exclusive support from our network of 200+ news brands
  • Enjoy a better cost-per-acquisition and a higher return-on-investment for your TikTok ads with our exclusive conversion-based optimisation system
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Social media experts with the partners to prove it.

Our team is recognised for maximising customer success and driving growth through high-performing campaigns.
Google Partner Badge
Meta Business Partner
Microsoft Advertising Partner

Social media experts with the partners to prove it.

Our team is recognised for maximising customer success and driving growth through high-performing campaigns.
Google Partner Badge
Meta Business Partner
Microsoft Advertising Partner

We're proud to be recognised

LOCALiQ digital marketing agency awards logos
LOCALiQ digital marketing agency awards logos
A business owner using their phone to review the different paid social agencies available for their business

Reach new TikTok leads with LOCALiQ.

Unsure of your paid social content? We’ll review the emerging social trends and ensure you’re ahead of your competitors. We use real-time data to identify what works for your business so your potential customers engage with up-to-date posts and topical content.

Enjoy control over your TikTok campaigns.

We believe in transparency, and to help you feel safe with your investment, we created Client Centre, a marketing analytics tool enabling you to see campaign reporting, view real-time results, and listen to phone calls from prospective clients.

  • View your leads in a single, easy-to-use inbox
  • Listen to customer and prospect calls
  • Review dashboards and concise reporting
  • Automate your marketing efforts and much more

Don’t just take our word for it.

We love sharing our customers’ success, and they love sharing their stories. See our latest paid social case studies from several businesses and discover how they generated real growth with our services.

Caramba Brazilian Restaurant

1k+ Paid social clicks.

Generating more than 200k impressions, our display advertising and paid social campaign contributed to our client receiving an uplift in customers and local brand awareness.

Heythrop Park

815+ Leads within three months.

Incorporating PPC, paid social, and remarketing, our client enjoyed an increase in ROI with our targeted paid advertising campaigns driving more bookings to their site.

Hear in Hagley

6,500+ Search & social clicks.

Our excellent PPC and paid social advertising campaign helped our client enjoy a record month of appointments and their first seven-figure turnover.

Our social media resources.

Discover our latest social media resources below – learn how to create a social media strategy, plan a campaign and effectively market your business for free with LOCALiQ.


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Gain insights into social media marketing – the benefits, how to promote your business and more.

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How to create a social media marketing strategy

Create and plan a social media strategy for your business with our helpful 9-step resource.

Read our in-depth guide to social media strategy – set your goals, identify your audience and more.

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How to plan and create a social media campaign

Creating a successful social media campaign can produce incredible results for your business.

Discover how to effectively plan your campaigns, set your goals and the benefits of paid social.

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Why use TikTok?

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media app in the world, with more than 800 million active users. If your business is tapping into the Gen Z market, this is the channel for you – 41% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24.

Central to TikTok’s success is its AI-built algorithm, making personalised recommendations for its users as soon as they open the app.

Plus, an average TikTok user spends more than 45 minutes on the app, giving your brand plenty of opportunities to engage with new customers.

What is the TikTok age limit in the UK?

To create an account on TikTok, you must verify that you are older than 13. Anyone under 18 will need parental approval before creating their account.

What is the aspect ratio for a TikTok video?

TikTok recommends the dimensions for all videos uploaded onto the platform are 1080 x 1920 pixels. This is the same as 1:1 or 9:16 aspect ratios – the default portrait size for smartphones.

What is TikTok’s ‘Post to View’ feature?

‘Post to View’ is the latest addition to TikTok’s ‘Now’ feature, where you cannot view a clip from other users until you post your own photo or video on the app.

What is the minimum spend for TikTok ads?

TikTok ads start with a minimum £50 daily budget for a ‘Campaign Budget Optimisation’ campaign and a minimum of £20 per ad set for an ‘Ad-Set’ budget campaign.

Which factors will influence the cost of my TikTok ads?

There are factors affecting the cost of your ads – these are below.

 Ad objective

Depending on your advertising funnel, this will influence your objective.

  • Awareness: Reach
  • Consideration: Traffic, App installs or Video views
  • Conversions: Conversions

Bidding method

There are five different bidding methods available on TikTok:

  • Cost per Mille/Thousand Impressions (CPM)
  • Optimised Cost Per Mille/Thousand Impressions (CPM)
  • Cost per Thousand Views (CPV)
  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • Optimised Cost per Click (oCPC)


Ad cost is also affected by the audience you are trying to target.

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Age
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Connection types
  • OS versions


The more brands competing for a particular interest, category or search term, the higher the CPC and CPM.

Ad Formats

All ads on TikTok are in a video format, but there are several display options depending on how organically you wish to come across.

What is a TikTok marketing agency?

A TikTok marketing agency specialises in developing your brand or influencer strategies for the app.

At LOCALiQ, we are TikTok ad experts and understand how important it is to create content which inspires your audience.

How does marketing work on TikTok?

There are many ways to market your business on TikTok, from the platform’s paid ads – TopView, In-Feed, Branded Hashtags, Brand Takeovers, Branded Effects and Spark Ads – to influencer marketing and organic content.

Do you create the video, or is this something I provide?

Yes – we offer three options for our clients. Firstly, we can add your own video or creatives to the platform or source a suitable video for your business from our video library. We also have an in-house video team who can help with your creatives.

Can I change the creatives during my campaign?

Yes – you can make changes during your campaign to help boost performance. We will collaborate on your branding to ensure we publish the correct copy.

What is the ideal length for a TikTok video?

Ideally, your video will be between 11-17 seconds to stay within TikTok’s best practice.

Which industries do you support with TikTok?

We deliver TikTok advertising services for many industries – the education sector proves immensely popular with the platform.

In a diverse community, 19% of TikTok’s users are students – 10 million 18-24-year olds use the app in the UK – more than 50% of the UK’s monthly active users.

Contact us today and advertise your services to this fully engaged audience.

Speak to a TikTok marketing expert.

Start simplifying your digital marketing today. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.