As the day of love approaches, compelling subject lines become the secret ingredient to capturing your audience’s attention.

Explore the most enchanting and effective Valentine’s Day email subject lines that will make your messages stand out in crowded inboxes. Whether you’re aiming to spark romance, spread joy, or simply engage your audience, this is your go-to resource for infusing your emails with the perfect touch of love and allure.

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day one to remember for your brand!

Why should your business send Valentine’s emails?
Valentine’s Day email ideas
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Ultimately, sending Valentine’s Day emails not only spreads love but also serves as an effective marketing tool to drive engagement, sales, and the overall success of a brand.

Sending Valentine’s Day emails is a brilliant strategy for businesses, offering a unique opportunity to connect with customers on an emotional level and foster brand loyalty.

This heartfelt occasion provides an opportunity for businesses to express appreciation and gratitude to their audience, whilst reinforcing a positive brand image. Beyond the emotional resonance, it’s also a strategic move for boosting sales, as consumers actively seek special gifts and experiences for their loved ones during this period.

Therefore we recommend that businesses leverage the appeal of Valentine’s Day and use it to showcase exclusive promotions, product offerings, or themed events, enticing customers to make thoughtful purchases.


Here are ten ideas to help you launch your Valentine’s Day email marketing strategy.

1. Exclusive Valentine’s Day Offers
Transform consumers into loyal customers with exclusive offers.
Email Idea: “Exclusive Valentine’s Day Deals Inside! 💌”
Strategy: Offer special discounts or limited-time promotions on popular products, encouraging customers to make Valentine’s Day purchases.

2. Share the Love Story
Foster a connection with your customers by sharing your brand story and values.
Email Idea: “Our Love Story: A Valentine’s Day Special from [Your Brand]💕”
Strategy: Share a heartfelt narrative about your brand’s journey, values, and commitment to customers. Include positive customer feedback and testimonials for added authenticity!

3. Valentine’s Day Contest or Giveaway
Engage your customers with a Valentines themed competition or giveaway.
Email Idea: “Love & Win: Participate in Our Valentine’s Day Contest!”
Strategy: Create a contest or giveaway related to Valentine’s Day. Encourage participation and engagement, with prizes that resonate with the theme.

4. Valentine’s Day Survey
Why not use Valentine’s day to gather some valuable feedback from your customers?
Email Idea: “Share the Love: Take Our Valentine’s Day Survey📝”
Strategy: Request feedback on your products or services with a Valentine’s Day-themed survey. Offer an incentive for participation to boost responses.

5. Gift Guides and Bundles
Make it easy for your customers by developing a Valentine’s themed gift guide.
Email Idea: “Love in a Bundle: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!”
Strategy: Curate gift guides or bundles that make shopping easy for customers. Suggest complementary products, increasing the likelihood of multiple purchases.

6. Virtual Valentine’s Day Event
Engage with your customers through a virtual event.
Email Idea: “Love Live: Join Our Virtual Valentine’s Day Celebration!”
Strategy: Host a virtual event, such as a webinar, live stream on social media, or interactive session. Encourage RSVPs through the email for heightened engagement.

7. Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Reminders
Give your customers a last minute reminder to increase your conversions.
Email Idea: “Final Call: Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Inside!”
Strategy: Send a reminder email close to Valentine’s Day, emphasising urgency. Include express shipping options for last-minute shoppers.



Here are some versatile Valentine’s Day email subject lines that can be used for a wide variety of businesses. Remember to personalise these subject lines based on your specific promotions or campaigns to make them more relevant to your audience.

➔ Last-minute gift ideas they’ll love 💌
➔ [Your Business Name] Valentine’s Day Specials Inside!
➔ Heartfelt Wishes and Exclusive Offers from [Your Busines] 💖
➔ Valentine’s Day Delights: Unwrap the Love with [Your Business]
➔ Sweet Surprises Await You at [Your Store] 🍬
➔ Romance-Ready: Your Guide to Valentine’s Day with [Your Business]🌹
➔ Love Notes from [Your Company]: Exclusive Deals Just for You!
➔ Share the Love: Valentine’s Day Treats from [Your Business]
➔ Heart-to-Heart Savings: Valentine’s Day Offers at [Your Business] 💕
➔ Will you be our Valentine? 💌
➔ You’re gonna love this…💝
➔ Sugar and spice and everything nice
➔ Last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas you’ll love 🥰
➔ XX Products We’re Loving This Valentine’s Day
➔ 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for everyone in your life🎁
➔ The best Valentine’s Day spots in [your city]🥂


Valentine’s Day emojis

Choosing the best Valentine’s Day emojis can add a touch of warmth and emotion to your emails. Here are some popular and widely-used Valentine’s Day emojis:

❤️ – Red Heart
💖 – Sparkling Heart
💕 – Two Hearts
💘 – Heart with Arrow
🌹 – Rose
💌 – Love Letter
💝 – Heart with Ribbon
😍 – Heart Eyes
😘 – Kissing Face
🥂 – Clinking Glasses
🎁 – Gift
🥰 – Smiling Face with Hearts
💑 – Couple with Heart

These emojis can be used strategically to enhance your Valentine’s Day email campaigns without being overly romantic. Always consider your brand tone and the preferences of your target audience when incorporating emojis into business communications.

Need some more inspiration? Feel free to use and customise these templates based on your specific business and offerings!

Template 1: Retail/Online Store
Subject Line: Love is in the Air – Exclusive Valentine’s Day Deals Inside! 💖

Dear [Customer’s Name],

This Valentine’s Day, treat your loved ones (or yourself!) to something special. Our exclusive collection awaits you with heartwarming gifts and deals that say it all. From charming jewellery to delightful surprises, find the perfect expressions of love.
Hurry, love waits for no one.

Shop now and make this Valentine’s Day extraordinary!

With love,
[Your Business Name]

Template 2: Restaurant/Café
Subject Line: A Romantic Evening Awaits! Reserve Your Table for Two. 🍽️


Dear [Customer’s Name],

Celebrate love at [Your Restaurant/Café] this Valentine’s Day.

Our chefs have crafted a special menu for the occasion, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Reserve your table for a romantic evening filled with delectable dishes and sweet moments.

Limited spots available, so book now!

Cheers to love,
[Your Restaurant/Café Name]

Template 3: Spa/Wellness Center
Subject Line: Pamper Your Valentine with Relaxation and Renewal! 💆‍♀️💕

Dear [Customer’s Name],

This Valentine’s Day, show your love with the gift of relaxation.

Our spa packages are designed to rejuvenate and renew, providing the perfect escape for you and your special someone.

Treat yourselves to a day of bliss and tranquillity. Book your spa experience now and indulge in the luxury of love.

Wishing you peace and love,
[Your Business Name]
[Your Spa/Wellness Center Name]

Template 4: Tech/Gadget Store
Subject Line: Exclusive Tech Gifts for Your Valentine! 🎁💻

Dear [Customer’s Name],

Tech meets love this Valentine’s Day!

Explore our curated collection of gadgets and gifts that are sure to steal your Valentine’s heart. From smart devices to personalised accessories, find the perfect blend of tech and romance.

Don’t miss out – shop now and make this Valentine’s Day a tech-tastic celebration!

Sending digital love,
[Your Store Name]



By incorporating these creative ideas into your email marketing strategy, you can help boost brand awareness and drive engagement. Remember to personalise your messages and ensure that the content is relevant to your specified audience. If you’d like more digital marketing advice then get in touch. Or alternatively sign up to our newsletter to receive monthly updates on all things marketing.

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