Never underestimate the power of storytelling when marketing your business, whether you want the customer to learn more about you, or about your products, it can act as a fantastic tool to increase sales and build a repeat customer base.


Telling the story of how your business started, how your employees make your business what it is, or even a story about what your business does or the products it sells, can really help generate a personal connection with your audience.

Although your ‘About Us’ information can be produced in a very informative and highly professional way, doing it like this is more likely to separate you from your customers. Most audiences like personality, they like to feel involved and to know more about the business they’re spending money with (think of them like a nosey neighbour). Even if you don’t have the most fascinating story about how or why you began your business, there are other ways of incorporating storytelling into your content marketing.

To give customers a better understanding of your employees, creating a narrative about their background, why you hired them, and how much experience they have working in the industry can be an alternative storytelling technique to how your business started. It still gives your business that personal touch, as well as validation that you have employees that work hard and matter to your business.

There’s a LinkedIn post I’ve read quite recently about someone that conducted a bit of an experiment, in terms of using storytelling to market products. He bought a few cheap items, made up a story about each product highlighting individual uniqueness, and in the end went on to sell them for 6300% more than what he originally bought them for. Now as much as I don’t really condone making up stories to sell products (it’s much more ethical to tell the real stories), it goes to show how powerful storytelling can be when marketing your business and its products/services.

When creating your narrative, it’s important to think in depth about how you want your business represented. Discussing questions such as “what are our values?” and “what personality do we want conveyed?” will help you figure out how you want your customers to see your brand. It will suit some businesses to go all out in terms of storytelling and create a fairy-tale style narrative about the beginnings of their business, whereas others might find it would suit their brand more to go in a completely different direction and have customer testimonials speak for their products/services. Whichever way you choose, think carefully about how you articulate what you want to get across.

The way you present this content is important in order to keep engagement levels amongst your audience. Understandably, customers probably won’t enjoy reading paragraph after paragraph about your business’ story. They would however, probably like to watch a short video, read an infographic, or click through an interactive short story to learn more about your business. Again, think about how your audience would like to take in the information your providing.

If you’re not sure where to start with using storytelling content to help market your business, contact us today. Our professional writers are on-hand to deliver expert advice and services to make sure your business appeals to the audiences that matter to you.


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