Social media is free, blogging is free, websites can be free, so in terms of marketing, do you still need to spend money to make money? Yes, and here’s why:


Having social media pages, blogs, and a standard website is a great basis to work from when marketing your business. However, in order to widen your reach and grow your leads, investing in a professional website and a few social media adverts will help exceed targets and generate increased interest for your business.

It’s understandable to be hesitant when it comes to paying for marketing efforts, as you can never really predict the return on investment that it’s going to generate. Websites play a key role in attracting customer attention. They’re likely to be one of the first places a potential customer will look for more information about your business and its products/services, so investing in a website that is mobile optimised, visual, and has professional content that suits your brand, will be an extremely worthwhile endeavour.

A website is generally the destination you want people to arrive at, and what better way to drive people to that destination than through digital advertising. Don’t get me wrong, posting organic content through social channels should still be a daily task, whether you want to promote a product, blog or anything else to do with your business, existing customers will still want to see that type of content. However, to generate awareness reaching beyond your existing customer base, advertising through social media or popular sites that your potential customers are likely to use can generate a much greater following, particularly if you’re advertising using video content.

Of course these things cost money, but hopefully not as much as you’re expecting. You can get a rough idea of the return on investment you might receive from an ad campaign by creating a trial run, with a maximum budget of £25 or so. That way you can get a taster of how a campaign might help promote your business, and gauge whether the campaign content will need tweaking. Another reason to use digital adverts is because they help boost your website’s search engine optimisation, meaning your website is more likely to rank higher in Google search results compared to your competitors that don’t use paid advertising.

If you’re hesitant utilising these tools yourself, there’s always the option of going through a marketing partner. Marketing partners are there to help your business reach its potential, through using their marketing expertise and putting it into the context of your business. You don’t have much to lose with a marketing partner, as they’re working to prove themselves to you, showing you they produce the best and most effective work, and how they’re talents can generate more business for you. Of course you should always make sure to use a trusted brand, that offers the services you want.

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