Google My Business is one of the most effective ways to improve a business’ online presence and search visibility.


Claiming your GMB profile and entering your service offerings is one of the first steps when trying to boost online presence. It’s free and easy to use, so why not make the most of it?

In recent, uncertain times, safety is at the top of our list of priorities. Google have certainly picked up on this and want to make sure that businesses are able to let their potential customers know how they’re adapting to these everyday changes.

With government advice suggesting we stay home and avoid public spaces, many restaurants all over the UK have been forced to temporarily close or operate on a takeaway only basis. This makes online visibility necessary for them to thrive.

Basic attributes to include on a GMB profile are address (obviously), opening times and telephone number. Alongside this, other useful features to include are WIFI, outside seating, menu, and other desirable features that may influence the user’s decision.

So, what have Google added to help these businesses despite restrictions?


“curbside pickup”

“no contact delivery”



These attributes allow vendors to indicate whether they offer the option for drivers to collect products from outside a shop or eatery without leaving their vehicle, whether they can fetch food products from a safe distance or if they can venture into the eatery itself and eat there (though we’re still a way off this one for now).


Kennedy's Bar & Restaurant Google My Business profile

Many restaurants have picked up on the industry changes and have updated their profiles accordingly to reflect on both search results and maps. The process is simple:

Log into your Google My Business account.

  • Click the location you’d like to change.
  • Click info on the Menu.
  • Click “Add Attributes” and then Edit.
  • Find the for the attribute you want to add or select one of the available options.
  • When all attributes are updated, click Apply and you’re done!

Whether you’re the one serving or consuming the food, keeping an eye on restaurant service offerings is a simple way to stay safe. Another useful and forward-thinking approach from Google in uncertain times, and hopefully one that’s here to stay.

For more information on how to set-up a Google My Business profile, speak to one of our digital experts today.

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