When it comes to the world of digital marketing, it can be hard to keep up with the updates. Thankfully, we have made it easier for you. This blog is a roundup of all the top marketing updates, from new features to algorithm changes.


Google updates


Google launched Retail Search

Retail Search, a new solution for e-commerce sites designed to give retailers Google-quality search and recommendation capabilities, has been released by Google. Online retailers can use Retail Search to implement Google-quality search that is customisable and built on Google’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), which provides a deep understanding of user intent and context to help increase conversions. By effectively matching product attributes with website content and creating highly personalised search experiences, Retail Search provides a more accurate understanding of what the searcher is looking for.


Google Multisearch

How many times have you wanted to know something about an object in front of you but found it difficult to put it into words? There is where Google Multisearch comes in. Google is introducing a new way to search the web using a combination of text and images at the same time with Multisearch, which is available as an added function in Google Lens. You can use Multisearch in Lens to look beyond the search box and ask questions about what you see.

Google Multisearch Example.Image Source 


New cookie choices on Google

Google has recently finished a complete redesign of its approach to using cookies, including changes to the infrastructure used to handle cookies. Users visiting Search while signed out or in incognito mode will now see a new cookie banner with the reject all button in addition to the usual accept all button (you can still choose to customise your choice in more detail with the more options button).


Google launches new digital marketing certificate

Google has announced the launch of a new career certificate in digital marketing and e-commerce to assist job seekers and employers in acquiring the skills needed to be successful in online business. Furthermore, Google promises to provide up to 500 Google Career Certificate scholarships to businesses to help employees upskill.


LinkedIn updates


LinkedIn introduces a new website link feature

LinkedIn is adding links to profiles that have creator mode enabled. According to LinkedIn, the goal is to increase the visibility of a creator’s business, personal website, online store, event, or other types of resource. The link will appear beneath your username and description, above your number of followers and connections, in the introduction section. If you disable creator mode, the link will disappear from your profile.


LinkedIn’s feed algorithm has been updated

LinkedIn recently updated its feed algorithm, which affects how content is ranked in users’ feeds. To begin with, LinkedIn now allows users to limit the content they don’t want to see and choose to see more from thought leaders, industry experts, and creators who aren’t in their network. The recent changes aim to prioritise posts and content that are more relevant to users’ individual interests as well as authentic engagement opportunities.


Twitter updates


Twitter Circle

Twitter is currently experimenting with a new feature called Twitter Circle, which allows users to share content with a smaller group of people. When using the feature, users will be able to select up to 150 people who will be able to see their tweets. The feature appears to be similar to Instagram’s close friend feature, which lets users choose which followers see specific content.


Two new ways to interact with tweets

According to tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is currently working on a couple of new ways for users to respond to tweets. One of them is a pin reply feature, which lets users pin specific comments to the top of their reply section. The feature, which provides creators with a chance to highlight the responses they want their audience to see, is already available on Instagram.

Twitter Pin Reply Example.Image Source

This could be used by social media marketers to pin testimonial-like responses to a brand’s tweet.


Twitter Live Space

Users will also be able to start a Twitter Live Space about a specific Tweet. Twitter Spaces are the company’s answer to Clubhouse, an audio streaming app that allows users to do live talk similar to live podcasts.

Businesses have used these audio chat rooms on Clubhouse and Twitter to share thought leadership Q&As, commentary on live events, giveaways, product releases, and more. Twitter may be developing the feature in the hopes of attracting more users to Twitter Spaces.


Twitter Live Space Example.Image Source


Twitter Create

Twitter has launched Twitter Create, a mini-site dedicated to helping creators monetise their accounts, following in the footsteps of TikTok Creator Portal and Instagram’s Creator Lab. Previously known as Twitter Media, the website offered product guides, case studies, and interviews with social media experts.

This site organises content according to goals like monetisation, engagement, and relevance, with the latter assisting users in learning how to be a powerful voice on the platform. Twitter Create has also branded its audience, with tailored information content available to people who aren’t just digital creators. Podcasters and writers, as well as those in the news sports, gaming, film and television, music, and non-profit industries, will now be able to access the content.


Facebook updates


Reels expanded by Meta

According to a press release from Meta, Instagram and Facebook creators can now experiment with new ways to make money. Social media platforms are continuing to increase monetisation opportunities in the ongoing batter for creator content. Meta has announced that they’re updating their Reels Play bonus programme and launching a challenges programme on Facebook.

Meta is changing the way pay-outs are calculated for the Reels Play bonus programme. The goal is to reward creators with a wide range of audiences who continue to produce high-quality original content that people enjoy. Meta is also introducing insights for Reels Play creators on Facebook to help them learn how well their reels perform. Within an earning period, creators will be able to see how many plays each of their eligible reels receive.


Instagram updates


Instagram tests taller photos and videos

Instagram is currently testing taller photos and videos to give mobile users a more immersive experience. “The future of photos and the future of video is mobile-first,” said Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, in a recent post. As a result, the Instagram content presentation will be full-screen, vertical images. According to Mosseri, the adjustment will advance Instagram in a way that takes into account the mobile-first habits of its users.


Instagram stories disappearing

Instagram users who interact with audiences through a variety of stories might not like the platform’s newest potential change. It’s reportedly testing out a new story layout that will hide excessive posts. Instagram will specifically only display three stories per user unless users tap to show all.


Instagram testing new features

To enhance the platform’s photo viewing capabilities, Instagram is working on several updates. Instagram is in the process of testing the ability to expand profile photos by long-tapping them, experimenting with the ability to upload 9:16 images, and testing the ability to crop posts as they appear. These changes are likely prompted by the desire to give creators more control over how others view their pages.

You can follow our blog ‘A Guide to Instagram Marketing Features’ for more Instagram updates.


Meta updates


New conversation management tools

Meta has been developing new conversation management tools for brands after realising the importance of direct messaging in business. The company added new features in May that is intended to greatly improve the efficiency of managing and keeping an eye on conversations on Facebook Business Pages.


Streamlined development of ads for WhatsApp

Businesses can create Facebook Messenger ads that, when clicked, take customers directly to their company’s WhatsApp account to start a conversation right away. Facebook is simplifying this ad category’s creation process. In the near future, it will be possible to create ads directly from the WhatsApp Business App, bypassing Facebook’s Ads Manager interface.

WhatsApp Ad Example.Image Source

The streamlined procedure is a good fit for companies unaccustomed to and intimidated by Facebook’s sophisticated advertising platform, even though many marketers will still want to use Ads Manager for more intricate campaigns.


New features coming to Meta Business Suite

WhatsApp comes to inbox: Businesses using Meta’s Inbox, a feature of the free Meta Business Suite for all page owners, can access and manage messages from Facebook Messenger and Instagram in one place. The Inbox now includes WhatsApp as well.

By centralising communications and allowing multiple people at the business to manage messages in Inbox – from the same WhatsApp number on multiple decides. Business productivity will rise thanks to Inbox.

WhatsApp Comes to Inbox Example.Image Source

Marketing messages in Meta Business Suite: Meta is testing a new feature that will let businesses send marketing messages to customers who opt-in via Messenger. Customers can choose to receive notifications about upcoming sales, for instance, enabling businesses to keep customers in the loop about upcoming sales.

SMBs have told Meta that Meta Business Suite helps them to respond to customer inquiries more quickly, but they frequently rely on other solutions for re-engaging customers. With the help of this feature, SMBs using Meta Business Suite will have a new tool to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Marketing Messages in Meta Business Suite Example.Image Source 


Increasing customer acquisition and lead generation tools

By attracting new clients and establishing and maintaining relationships with them, lead generation tools can assist small and medium-sized businesses in expanding their clientele. Meta is introducing the following to enhance their platform’s end-to-end management of lead generation:

  • Request a quote on Instagram: This free product, which is currently in testing with a small number of businesses, enables businesses to use get quote stickers in Instagram Stories and add a get quote button to their Instagram profile. Businesses can create unique questions to ask clients before a conversation begins by using this button or Stories sticker. People can then easily and quickly request a quote from a business by answering this brief questionnaire.
  • Using instant forms for lead filtering: With lead filtering in Lead Ads Instant Forms, businesses will soon be able to pursue the most promising leads. Multiple-choice answers can be used to screen out leads that might not be a good fit for your business.
  • Creative flexibility: Meta is testing a more adaptable and customisable Instant Form that enables businesses to include images and content. By doing so, they can pique people’s interest and share more visual information about their business.
  • Censored content: Businesses will soon be able to provide individuals who complete the Lead Ads Instant Form with exclusive, pertinent content. For instance, businesses will be able to offer extra resources directly from the Lead Ad Form, without sending the user to their website, such as the ability to download a brochure for a car or information on product pricing.
  • Integration of partners: To quickly follow up with potential customers, you can now download lead information directly into your own CRM.



In order to implement the most successful strategies, marketers must keep up to date with the most recent social media trends and updates. There is a lot to take in here, from the new Instagram features to Twitter introducing two new ways for you to interact with tweets. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest updates and strengthen your online presence even more.




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