Easter is just around the corner and, as a business, you’ll no doubt be thinking about your Easter social media campaigns. If you’re looking for inspiration for great seasonal content then read on, we’ve got some eggcellent ideas to help you create engaging content (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!).


LOCALiQ’s top tips for eggcellent Easter campaigns

  • Influencer marketing – Get your regular influencers involved in these Easter campaigns to expand your reach.
  • Scheduling your posts – This allows your social media channels to keep ticking over, allowing you time to focus on other things.
  • Stick with tradition – Modern Easter imagery often has a theme that centres around springtime and bright colours. Combine these with colourful eggs, bunnies, baby chicks (and other baby animals).
  • Consider AI – If you don’t have the time or capabilities to design your posts, why not turn to AI? AI-generated images have seen vast improvements over the years. All you need to do is enter a few descriptive prompts and the tool will generate a selection of images for you. We do suggest that you proof the image first.

The words "happy easter" against a spring background
Image Credit – Image created by Dalle using the prompt: “the words “happy easter” with a Spring season background.”

Here are a few Easter marketing campaign ideas you can use to reach your target audience.

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Easter giveaways

Any holiday is a perfect time to run a little social media competition. Everyone likes to be in with a chance to win something; oftentimes, it does not have to be something of high monetary value.


Virtual Easter egg hunt

Easter would not be complete without an Easter egg hunt. You could hide an Easter egg in a photo and ask people to find the egg to win a prize.

Belvoir vets running a virtual easter egg hunt on their social media
Image credit – Belvoir vets virtual Easter egg hunt using a video of their offices.


Naming competition

People love to name things and a naming competition can be a great part of your marketing strategy. You could run a competition to name a new product, company mascot, company vehicle or even an animal (depending on your business). You can keep your audience updated of their progress over the year providing you with plenty of fun social media comms.

4 examples of brands using naming competitions on Facebook
Image credit – Fairfields Easter Fair, The Tweed Fairy, My Dobi, and East Links Family Park running a naming competition.


Use social media to generate Easter sales

If you have some limited edition Easter-themed stock, promote it on social media. You can allow users to shop directly on most sites or provide a link to a landing page for them to purchase your product or service. Your Easter social media marketing is only for a short time, so really maximise your posts.

Image credit – Susie’s Easter baskets for sale


User-generated content (UGC)

UGC is seen as the most authentic type of content. You can have a dedicated hashtag where you ask people to submit themselves using your product or even making something. This content can then be shared on your channel as Easter social media posts.


Free downloadable resources

Free downloadable resources are a great way to attract people to your website from social media. If the resource allows a user to make something (a recipe for example), then getting them to share the results on social media allows for some fantastic UGC that you should interact with (a like, comment or share – although only share with permission from the original author).

Image credit – Hobbycraft on Facebook – giving 19 free baking ideas.

Employee Content

Why not include your employees in your social media posts? You could ask them what they like most about Easter and upload a video of their answers. You could also ask employees to showcase their favourite seasonal product. Alternatively, why not give your viewers and exclusive behind the scenes look at your business?


Opening hours

Over the holiday period, your opening hours may change. Ensure you notify those on social media of your opening hours over the period, especially as there are a few bank holidays to consider.

Quob Parl Estate

Image credit – Quob Park Estate notifying visitors of their Easter opening hours.


You should now be bursting with ideas for your Easter campaigns, here are our top tips for creating engaging social posts:

  • Write concise and engaging copy – Make sure you check for any spelling/grammatical errors before you post!
  • Include a single, clear call to action – Whether you’re directing followers to your website, or asking them to like and share, make sure the action required is clearly explained in your social post.
  • Add emojis – Make text-heavy posts more visually appealing (just don’t go too overboard with them).

We hope you have an eggcellent Easter and enjoyed this post. Have you signed up for our monthly newsletter yet? If not sign up today! Our newsletter is packed full of industry news as well as marketing tips and tricks.

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