Our client is a automotive dealer in the UK specialising in performance vehicles and high-end premium cars.

  • 420

    Online conversions

  • 131%

    Uplift in conversions

  • 500K

    Audience reach


Our client wanted to be able to measure the performance of the various elements of their business while having  control over where budget was invested.

The campaigns required a significant element of reactivity, as stock levels were constantly changing. We needed to ensure that our campaign content was always relevant for potential customers and what they were looking for.

It was important to have a presence across both search engine marketing (SEM) and social media.


We formulated a detailed, granular strategy whereby we built an account for our client that was segmented as per the structure of their business. This allowed us to control spend over branded search, as well as measure the return that we were generating for each of their product sets.

Client Centre allowed our client to see all of their results in one place, which was incredibly useful for their sales team as they focused on converting leads into sales.


Our SEM strategy drove 10,000 clicks and 91 leads to the business in Q4 2019, followed by 14,000 clicks and 149 leads in Q1 2020 as our technology fully kicked in and used conversion based optimisation to generate valuable leads for our client. In just six months, our social campaign generated over 180 leads to business at a sub £20 CPL.

Overall, our campaign strategy generated a 131% uplift in leads versus their old marketing strategy.

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